Reviews for Cheaters Never Prosper, and Neither Do Idiots
melina.elise13 chapter 1 . 1/21/2016
This is a good story, but I feel like Shaun isn't enough of a smart aleck.
cosette141 chapter 17 . 7/6/2015
It's like 2am and I wanted to go to bed like hours ago but had to keep reading. God that ending was flipping adorable and you are flipping hysterical. I loved this!
cosette141 chapter 1 . 7/6/2015
Ohhhhhhhhhh my god I love it when authors capture the characters so freaking perfectly! This is fantastic! I literally just finished chapter one and I'm hooked. Gah I can't wait to read the rest :D :D
becca chapter 3 . 6/7/2015
are you sure you're not actually lassiter? it sounded just like him! wow! you're so talented!
i really loved the "i'm thinking about getting it printed onto mugs and handing them out as christmas presents' bit because that is something lassiter would probably do lol! brilliant. can't wait to read the rest of it. who need sleep anyway? pfft.
BooksPsych chapter 1 . 4/29/2015
So I just finished reading, it's like super late at night and I couldn't stop reading this fic! I really felt like I should compliment you on it. I apologize for any timing inconvenience. Excellent story and plot. You did a fantastic job portraying the characters. It was nice to see some from Gus' POV, I don't see that much. Also, Lassie's character was awesome. It fit him just right. Same goes for Shawn and Juliet. It was easy to read thanks to your nice grammar and spelling (also something I don't see often). The overall plot was fairly complex and quite suspenseful. I was very glad that I had found this now as opposed to before and having to wait for each chapter! The last two or three chapters were spectacular. I was touched by Lassie's kindness towards Shawn. The last bit with Shawn/Juliet was so emotional and sweet. I loved it so much that I read the last chapter twice in a row. This story blew me away. It's not just Shules fluff, but some really deep and thoughtful ideas and feelings.
I really enjoy the TV series as well as books/reading, so FanFiction is the perfect combination for me. I was amazed at your commitment to this story. Three years! That takes work. I will be sure to check out your other works as well. This is the best FanFiction I have read yet so far. Congratulations on this achievement, and best of luck to you!
boxofpandora16 chapter 17 . 6/20/2014
Okay Olivia,
It's what two in the morning and I decided 'what the heck, its officially summer and I fell like reading a fic and giving an extremely detailed review'. So Miss Olivia you are the lucky one who will be recieving my very detailed review. Now bear with me I actually made a list and took notes! So to start the point of view. Oh my gosh best part about this story. I loved how you made it like we were actually in their heads or they were talking to us as readers like they were telling us the story but weren't at the same time. Now as a reader I do have a favorite pov and that would be Lassiter's . He was so raw and funny in my opinion. His description of the events were so true and raw. I loved it because this is how we think and see things. We see things like how you described Lassiter but with more emotion because well Lassie is the lowest on the range of emotion. Next, "This was getting way too Oprah for me." By now your probally thinking to yourself, 'who is this nutjob that is quoting my own work?!" Well Olivia, I am a fan and as I said before I made a list. This quote made the list because well it made me laugh. I remember my mom watching Oprah and I always remember her sitting on a couch and often enough there were tears. So it just made me laugh. Following your quote is the Declan-Juliet scene. I liked how you wrote this scene because of the emotions Juliet was feeling and how you portrayed them. When you have Declan say that it'll be okay and Juliet gets angry by that, it seemed real. People actually feel these emotions of anger and sadness at the same time while they're grieving and I found that scene very well done. Now, next on my list of notes is that I was confused about your 'fake Jules' character because at one point I thought it was Ellie but as I neared the end that confusion was cleared up so we can scratch that off of the list. Now, I have a question for you Olivia, did you actually look up the information on being buried alive because it did seem pretty legit but one can nevr know. "Stereotypically terrible coffee" made me laugh and that is why it made the ever so famed list. The thing is it is true. Hospital coffee is pretty bad so I'm making a happy laughing face. Finally the end of my short kind of long sloppily written list. The Lassie/Carebear thing. OMG! That made me laugh so hard. All I could think about was the Yang episode when McNabb asked Lassiter how he felt and then he called him a robot. I was also thinking about how my dog's favorite stuffed animal is a purple carebear that says "I love you" when you squeeze its hand but that is irrealevant at this point. So it it the time where I must complete my long review to you Olivia and actually go to sleep because it is now like two thirty. So anyway I'm sticking my two thumbs and my pinkie toes in the air for your story!

danceofshadows chapter 17 . 1/19/2014
Loved this!
Joana Smith chapter 17 . 12/5/2013
Nice one!
Sherlockian- Psycho chapter 17 . 5/25/2013
wow that was really great. I must have read it all in half an hour, my compliments a really great psych (and Shules) fan fiction loved it XD
tomcruisers chapter 6 . 5/18/2013
R u sure u aren't a real author in disguise?
tomcruisers chapter 6 . 5/17/2013
R u sure u aren't a real author in disguise?
detectiveconanfreak01 chapter 17 . 4/5/2013
you should write and extra chapter. :)
thestubb chapter 17 . 4/4/2013
You are amazing. Like, legitly amazing. Your stories are great. Your whump is great. Akdhsks.

Because you are so amazing, you have earned thyself a follow. And I look forward to what you will write soon(:
maya2 chapter 17 . 3/21/2013
I have no idea if I have reviewed this chapter already or not so I guess I'll find out when I press submit. If not, I truly enjoyed this final chapter. Juliet was pretty emotional but in light of the circumstances she had a sound reason to be, so it worked. I liked that you gave us a little of both their POVs for this one. Most of all, I appreciate your willingness to finish what you started (even if it was three years later). A story is still fresh to it's reader each time they read it and without a conclusion it can be very frustrating. There are so many great but unfinished works on here that I simply started looking for the ones that were complete. Brava, and thanks for sharing. _
Belle97 chapter 17 . 3/19/2013
Epic story!
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