Reviews for Days Passing By
barit chapter 7 . 9/17
hey! I'm still invested! I check in all the time to see if it's still alive! after all, with the comic starting up again, we're going to need some fluff to heal us from the devastation hoshino wreaks upon us!
Play the Joker Card chapter 7 . 8/19
Love this story! Hope you continue soon!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/24
Love this pairing so much thank you for this awesome story
Kyouko Hori chapter 7 . 7/12
Hey! I hope you'll continue this fiction at some point. I really, really love it! Can't wait for the next chapter!
Owl's Prayer chapter 7 . 7/11
Can't wait for more, it's seriously funny, especially when they hide each other's things and when they start kissing. Can't wait for the next chapter! 3
Latias426 chapter 7 . 6/17
Where art thou? T_T
You need to update this :((
Please update!
Argon Jaden Siberite Bluridge chapter 7 . 6/16
Well, a few of us are still here. Im personally waiting for this one to finish. X3
Argon Jaden Siberite Bluridge chapter 2 . 6/16
"Kanda's phone would shrill out a heart-attack-inducing rock guitar sound as an alarm.."

... Randomly speaking, my phone's alarm is a rock song that starts off with a very, very noisy cry from a guitar. XD Wakes the world every single time. X3
Tranquil Clouds chapter 7 . 6/7
It's great so far! Can't wait for the next chapter. I don't really mind waiting for a couple of months, so you should take your time with it :)
K chapter 7 . 5/23
You know the thing where I'll never be satisfied without knowing what happened with chihiro and haku

Yeah its the same that's why I keep coming back to this fic and rereading it

thanks also I love you r writing
NxPierrotxQ chapter 7 . 5/11
This story is really good and adorable~! I was happened to been looking for a nice fanfiction about Yullen when i spotted this.
I especially love the part where they stole and hid each other belongings when they're pissed at one another, it's hilarious! XD Reminds me of my friends and I when we're bored out of our minds or just wanted to piss each other off.
Hope that you'll update soon about the final chapter. Hopefully they work it out in the end, because i kinda feel bad for Allen here.
TheRandomGirl chapter 7 . 4/21
I'm back to finding dgm fics to read more than a year after I last did so, and I was really glad to have found this.
I often squeal when reading cute stories, but when reading some parts of this I even went omg! and did some hand-covering-eyes and peeking-out-from-between-my-fingers thing, which I probably looked stupid doing. It was just too adorable.
I like how it's told from allen's pov, and like allen I really do wonder what kanda feels when he does stuff because he's sort of mysterious, which I like.
Seriously, I find this story too too good. I loved the cookies part. And the kisses. And lenalee. And yullen. And everything.
Thanks for writing this! I will wait for the next chapter no matter how long later it'll be(I don't plan to die young, nor do I expect to), so take your time :P
K chapter 7 . 4/18
*・゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゚・*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

yeah ok so I read this from the beginning once in a while like once a year or so

and now we can convert to epub using that ficsave site

anyway I was doing my once in a while reading of this fic and expected it to end at chapter 6 right

but I scrolled down and it wasn't stopping
there was more

I danced but I was in bed so it was more of a wiggle really
Guest chapter 7 . 4/1
OHMAYGOSH! You gotta update this for the last chapter! TT please please please UPDATE this! :((
There's the revelation! Oh my gosh! I just- ugh, I need the next chapter! Which is actually the final chapter. Gooooosh, get your 'lazy ass' up and update soon! :) please!
Hehe chapter 7 . 3/18
I can't wait for the final chapter haha! I did move on from this fandom for a while but now I'm back so yes! THIS FIC IS AWESOME
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