Reviews for The Trial of River Song
Nerdlee chapter 5 . 10/18/2012
Your word rend and wrench and torure and smile like a disastrously flirty, pretty and scary woman-child. I love you.

Nerdlee chapter 2 . 10/18/2012
I didn't at first like the legal back and forth. But the last 2 messages were genius andgorgeous and you should forever be quoted and credited with them if they are yours.

slightly so chapter 9 . 3/4/2012

Thank GOD time can be rewritten in stories like this!

I liked this story, very different... Are you basing the time agents/church/doctor melonian off any actual doctor who characters? Just curious!
Rhyssia chapter 9 . 2/22/2012
Awesome story. :) chapter 9 . 10/9/2011
oooh, this is brilliant. :D although totally confusing, its creative and interesting. terrific work.

-rach :)
eriphi chapter 9 . 6/4/2011
Stunning! This is one of those fics that I read fanfiction for! Intelligent, characters perfect, plot driven and so, so smart. Well done (although that is a bit inadequate to my feelings of joy at the moment).

Right, off we go... I should have reviewed this one chapter at a time so that I didn't miss anything, but I'm going to do my best in one long super review.

I love the structure of this. Sometimes I'm a bit worried about stories that rely on an unusual format, but this worked perfectly. The messages between the judges were a very nice insight into the process of the trial, and the story and plot held together through the snippets of action really well. At no time did it feel forced or uncomfortable, and that is due to your skill. You make it look easy, but boy, I'm sure it isn't.

The first and last chapters were perfect. Love the list of charges - wilful destruction of history is such a marvellous crime. I'm so glad you didn't spoil the surprise (and I was pleasantly surprised both times - that's a warm fuzzy tingle at beginning and end). When I read who was involved... oh boy, oh boy.

The interrogation scene was nasty. In a wonderful, worrying way. And Jack! So, so good. And such a nice line in inneundo between them. As there should be. I think my favourite was one of his last lines in the chapter - very Jack - "I wanted to be kind."

Doctor Melian's torment was just heartbreaking, and I think that was the point I knew the story was cranking up a gear and wasn't just going to be something ordinary. There is something so sad about his request to die (and at the moment I was still thinking that it is mercy on River's part that makes her save them... oh dear.)

You write the politics of the different parties very well indeed. It doesn't feel forced or added on and is so critical to the understanding of both the adventure on the planet and the action in the courtroom. River's acceptance of any punishment but memory wipe was totally in character and very believable. I can see that being worse than death.

When the visual files start up, it's like the action cranks up another gear and, oh, I start to have a really, really bad feeling about this. Up until now I only have the 'feeling' that River did something really unforgivable. And when I don't know, somehow it doesn't feel as bad.

The Master and River's plan is unbearably sad and really as scary as it should be. I wasn't sure if you could manage to keep building this, and that I might be disappointed that you would 'wimp out' of the big, truly awful final act. And you didn't. And it is wonderful. So horrific, but just what it needed to be. The scientists being tortured and the two Doctors. And just so much time-wimey goodness that I can't help but be in total awe. You have held a complex plot together stunningly well.

And the last chapter - perfect. Perfect. So smilingly wonderful. Of course that would be who would fix it...

Okay, now that is me I think going over the top in review length, but I wanted to make sure you know just how brilliant this story is (and that everyone else knows too!) I'm sure I've missed out about a hundred other little gems, but hopefully you've got the idea. Brilliant.
Runt the Brave chapter 9 . 5/17/2011
Wow. This was a really fun read. Deep. Paradoxial. Very paradoxial. Love that bit. It was complicated to the point of just being understandable. And the contrasts between the Guild, Proclamation, Agency and Church were great; especially River and Jack's conversation about them. And oh, the characterization was AMAZING. I mean, seriously, River always felt like River and it was great. And the courtroom stuff was great and formal and fun and wow. I love this story. Thanks so much for writing it!
Zeorzia chapter 9 . 5/10/2011
A brilliant story with enough timey-wimey clever stuff to be a satisfactory secret of River (WITHOUT making her identity just that she is the child of one of the companions - which many fanfics do!). I loved that you could make it so emotional while keeping the POV an emotionLESS legal document.

I also loved that I began to feel like I really knew the representatives of each council, even though they were just mentioned in a few emails back and forth. The 'mercy is no sin' Church (p.s. brill line); the Shadow Proclamation's search for pure truth and justice; the Great Guild who are not really wrong, just hurt victims of River Song; the 'evile*' Time Agency, prepared to toss away the memories and lives to protect their precious little Time Secrets.

One of the best bits for me was reading the very first chapter, thinking I knew exactly what was happening, and then getting COMPLETELY thrown by the fact that this was the Master, not the Doctor! (And that 'Verified' line that is so creepy and effective.) Then in the final chapter, where finally it became what I had expected it to be... and then getting COMPLETELY thrown by the fact that this was Jack, not the Doctor!

The one thing I think you could improve is to make it clearer what happens at the end and why Jack is involved. Why was he there? Was the Time Lock was never broken? Does the Doctor still know what happened/happens/will happen? Is the Doctor still dying?

Finally, I think my favourite part of the story is this:

"Time Agency: A full psychological report of River Song will be provided.

Great Guild: Madness is no apology.

Church: Mercy is no sin."

*evile a combination of evil and vile.

~Zeorzia (wow this was a long review)
ThePhoenix'sSong chapter 9 . 4/23/2011
Ooh, that was a sneaky little ending! This fic is brilliant, entertaining and superbly written. I enjoyed reading every single word, and I liked the style of it; emotionally detatching the events through the use of legal documentation is a style I've never seen before, but it made it all the more powerful. Fantastic, I loved it. :D TPS
anemix chapter 9 . 2/5/2011
That was a really well-written story, though some of the formal documentation got boring and repetitive (I just skipped over it). How confusing, and what did Jack do at the end? I really loved trying to piece together the pieces though. Keep writing.


( . .)


starry-eyed-ocean chapter 9 . 2/5/2011
Wonderful story! I love the coclusion
TheSingingGirl chapter 9 . 2/3/2011
First thought: Jack!

Second thought: Now that's a hell of a lot of timey-wimeyness. And I'm afraid you may have lost me, just at the end there. Would you clarify what now actually happened, please?

Third: I think I'll give up numbering these.

This is an absolutely fabulous piece of writing. It's innovative, it's original, it has layers upon layers of subtext, it treats its readers intelligently, it is understated... I could go on. The confusion almost doesn't matter, because it's crafted in such a beautiful fashion.

Of course, a lot of reviews on this website are extremes, so I'll tell you now that it's not many stories that get this kind of response from me. I can only think of perhaps two others.

I look forward to reading more of you.

KendrixTermina chapter 9 . 2/3/2011

The descriptions of the "End Event"/Apocalypse were blood-chillingly epic, as was the sad little plot with the Duplicate!Delgado!Master (gotta love the Master, expecially THAT incarnation of him... poor Master. Even the original was, in a sense, made for war...), the characterization of Eleven, Amy and Rory was SPOT ON.

I love how you planned all this - it's like the actual show, it slowly puzzles itself together.

It's GREAT and contains everything that is GREAT about the show - of course, I expect the cannon version of the events to be a lil different/involve the silence(we'll find out in series ), but even if I am convinced that Moffat will gift us with yet another series of pure epic win, THIS HERE might as well be cannon, it's amazing enough.

River meeting what is presumably Immortal!Jack after having met Baby!Jack before/in her interrogations makes for some nice book ends. Heck, even including Baby!Jack was genius since he's a contemporary of River's.

Heck, you thought of the paradox machine, the Master's short lived alliance with the Daleks... so many little continuity nods.

The sort of scenes used and the way the characters talk (" exists, and yet it doesn't exist, yet it exists..."), it's all just like in the series. The Dialogue between River and the Doctor was also awesome, expecially how Twelve(?) said goodbye to her... One could really feel that he wanted to repay her for what happened in the Library Two-Parter...

And despite everything, it had a happy ending of sorts - The whole terrible events are averted, and while River still goes into jail for it, we allready know that she'll earn her pardon - which fits the 'nonlinear' way the audience used to view River's story.

Honestly, this might as well be in the actual show. It's inanely good. One of the best FFs i've ever read.

The only thing that could've made it better would've been a little more of that typical bickering between the Doctor and the Master, but nah... You're a genius. You simply are.
yolanna chapter 9 . 2/2/2011
Oooh that was awesome.

I really liked this. The ending surprised me. :)
PraiseDivineMercy chapter 9 . 2/2/2011
That was incredible! I'm hoping canon is this good.
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