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val313 chapter 11 . 4/25/2011
Excellent dialog! You did a great job with this chapter. I will be sad to see it end. However, I know that you will be writing more? Please? Pretty please? Can I bribe you with trek shaped cookies? :)
Snowy midnight 942 chapter 11 . 4/25/2011
awseome story! Keep up the good work. :)
Sparkiebunny chapter 11 . 4/25/2011
Spectacular chapter! I love the interaction between the characters-spot on. Can't wait for more! :)
Thomson chapter 11 . 4/25/2011
Great chapter!
Squigglytext chapter 11 . 4/25/2011
yay! *huggles* I am so happy, this really made my Monday. (Cause I really hate Mondays and all) So do my evening ritual on the computer, being 1 check my email, 2, serf fanfic, and i see my little alert thing, and i'm like, forget about homework, so yeah.

Good job on the whole awkward, heart-felt apology. You, as always, portrayed the characters as they seem like they should be, (at least to me). With Bones trying to be all serious, and Kirk trying to wave it off to avoid an awkward situation.

And we can't forget about Mr. Uncharacteristically Nice, can we? I can think of plenty of stories where Spock is no quite believe able, this is not one of those stories. It seems to me that Spock doesn't really know what he should do around Jim, so he acts the way he would view to be 'logical' around someone with that background, despite previous behavior. No matter how 'illogical' others may view this 'new' attitude.

Hope I wasn't too off target there, can't wait for updates! :)
irezel chapter 11 . 4/25/2011
oh jim, you learned something, but only just a little. :P
TipsyTippyToes chapter 11 . 4/25/2011
That was beautifully written and I absolutely loved it.

You can switch from writing the exciting action chapters to really lovely friendship moments so easily. It makes the story so... human. I don't know if that makes any sense but chapters like this make me smile so much.

The interaction between Kirk and Spock and then Kirk and McCoy was incredibly well done and so in character. I'm sad that this will all end soon but it has been brilliant following your story. Thanks for posting and well done on writing another fabulous chapter!
Hikari Urania chapter 10 . 4/24/2011
Loved the little Spock/Kirk friendship moment there..."He stepped back discreetly and let his fingers brush against Spock's for the briefest of wasn't sure how the whole Vulcan mind-meld thing worked, but if the startled glance he caught from the Vulcan out of the corner of his eye was any indication, his first officer had caught his gist." Not many could write it so well that it matches the way it was in the original series without infringing on the relationship established in the new movie. Apologies for my absense in your review box but i stopped reading in order to have more to read later on (*cough* packrat *cough*). But i loved these past couple of chapters and i can't wait for your next one. And i don't know about the rest of your readers but i LOVED Jim and Bone's argument. It was incredible and now i want to see them "kiss and make up"...though i'm not surprised that Jim got hurt so quickly after getting better.
mass.hysteria chapter 10 . 4/23/2011
Wow. Poor Jim, isn't he getting pretty banged up?

Nice job keeping him in character, even in the movie Jim was so beaten up (especially after the beating Spock gave him), but Kirk always acted fine and put the mission first. (:
Super Ultra Sexy Spockfish chapter 10 . 4/23/2011
this story is sooooo amazing; i don't know how else to put it...
mass.hysteria chapter 10 . 4/23/2011
Wow. Poor Jim, isn't he getting pretty banged up?

Nice job keeping him in character, even in the movie Jim was so beaten up (especially after the beating Spock gave him), but Kirk always acted fine and put the mission first. (:
Thelittlemonster17 chapter 10 . 4/22/2011
Awwwww why did Bones hurt his feelings! Poor guy
WHPIAR chapter 10 . 4/22/2011
Awesome! Love it! I like the friendship you've built between the three men. Very good.
Elfsong chapter 10 . 4/22/2011
Another wonderful chapter. Seriously, I just want to grab Jim, Spock, and Bones and hug them until all the bad things go away. Thank you for sharing this!

So now what happens? Looking forward to the next chapter!
Romanse chapter 10 . 4/21/2011
OMG! Another BRILLIANT chapter! I was hanging off the edge of my seat! Love the picture of an avenging Bones! Poor thing though, he had no idea he was walking into a trap. Poor Jim! LOL - Bones is just gonna kill him - if he doesn't die of his new injury first!

Thank you sooo much alot of things - mainly: a quick update, a brilliant update, putting your AN at the bottom instead of the top, and your gracious response to my earlier critigue.

The wonderful thing about being a talented writer who cares about her craft is that you can always go back and correct the Urhura/Chekov error! Just because something's been posted doesn't mean it's permanent. LOL - I'm willing to wager from the quality of your writing that you won't compromise the integrity of your future stories.

One last thing: Even though you are writing Reboot verse, don't neglect TOS as a reference for source material. It is the foundation for Reboot and can provide a wealth of info for writers.
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