Reviews for Knowing the Family
sotfreakazoid chapter 2 . 12/22/2010
Haha...I agree that otou otou does sound cuter :) and you're welcome :D

I think it's Ryuuzaki sensei though not Ryuusaki (again no sure about the 'U's) That's how her name was said/written in the anime and manga. And I believe Fuji's name is Shuusuke/Syuusuke with an extra 'U'? cos you ended his name with 'ske' hehehe

However, I can really imagine Ryuuzaki-sensei lazing around XD Hahas she cannot trick Tezuka~

Though sensei is rather insightful right? Maybe she uses insight in her tennis (she plays right?) like...Atobe!

I wonder what she teaches at school...

Wahhhh Yoshiko-san likes shonen ai and yaoi? _

I'm sure a female Shuusuke/Syuusuke will be extremely adorable and will have lots of suitors! Kyaaaaaaa!

C-cobra? T-tatantula! O_o where did they get that? Though I;m sure the Fuji's have their ways

Yoshiko-san has Yagyuu's laser beams!

0_o did Horio and Tezuka almost say corpses? Poor regulars...If Arai becomes a regular, I hink he will have to drink lots and lots Inui Juice/that substance(haha) during every practice...even though Inui will have graduated already~~~

So, I'm guessing that the non-regulars also have to drink Inui juice too?

Inui, ganbatte in making a juice that can actually be consumed!

Ne~ Even though the Fuji household seems to be a nice place, I don't think that I would like to be in that family,no offense, but I'm a cowardly person who only reads fanfic...I don't think that I would be able to survive anything they might do...So I guess Yuuta is resilient in a way? _;;
sotfreakazoid chapter 1 . 12/21/2010
Firstly, I think it is otouto (Not sure about the 'U's)

And secondly, I loved this fic! it was so funny though I pity the other regulars sans Tezuka and Fuji for having to drink the famous Inui juice after running 200 laps...I do not think that the regulars or anyone who drinks the mix of Aozu and Penal Tea to be able to turn up for practice anytime soon though...

Oh, and I loved how you wrote the way Fuji thinks :