Reviews for Lay Your Head Down, I'm Your Shield
Breeluv chapter 1 . 4/15/2011
i wish there was one story that had ahiru and aotoa together cuz i think they would be a cute couple
PenAndInkPrincess chapter 1 . 1/15/2011
I've read and reread this one-shot, and I absolutely love it! So cute I almost can't stand it! :)
Moon Shadow Magic chapter 1 . 12/23/2010
Cute and Christmasy! (But cold.) I bet Autor sings well enough, but is embarrassed because he isn't extensively trained. Very hard on himself. And her enthusiasm, as always, leaves one exhausted...
Use A Kat chapter 1 . 12/22/2010
A Princess Tutu story set in winter…it's too bad that it wasn't covered in the canon anime…(maybe with the end of the story seasons could pass normally?)

I'm not sure Lilie would have suggested they go out if the storm was THAT bad… (in a naïve (Ahiru) POV, Lilie's not that bad and that they're friends(well…mostly b/c who else is gonna be friends with Lilie otherwise; ), in a practical POV, how in the world could Lilie know how bad the weather would become, in a(maybe)really bad POV, if Ahiru isn't around who else would Lilie pick on OTL )

Autor singing! With all the Fine Arts that the academy had to offer-singing wasn't one that appeared within the series (I wish it had)

Scientifically speaking, anyone who has the ability to talk CAN sing(how WELL the singing is done-that's up to the individual)

In another story you wrote, Autor's particular spinning style is done through music-usually with a piano-but at some point had him humming…wonder if he could spin with singing as well…(pianos are not exactly…portable-so that would be a major factor in the adventures that they go on…)

I would have expected Autor to sing a German song…and maybe something with a "peppy" feel to it if the point was to stay alert in the blizzard(maybe something like "O Christmas Tree" that would eventually lead to talking about decorating and stuff…) but the memory attached to the carol is touching and very sentimental-so it means a lot if he let Ahiru hear it…

"O Holy Night" is a French carol…not German…a minor detail…but as we've seen in Princess Tutu-minor details can become major plot points later…

Is there a chance that Autor's mother was French or Swiss? Switzerland's official languages are French, German, Italian, and Romansh…A Swiss might be logical…

Autor actually has some traits of being Austrian though…(musical penchant, is picky about details (esp. numbers), seems to prioritize "hobbies" over "work", proud, ambitious, gets angry in a "quiet" way…)

Austria's official language is German also…

Germans and Swiss tend to be more…"explosive" when angry… (that does show up sometimes actually…)

When it comes to love Austrians are more direct about expressing it whereas Swiss are more "I like you I guess" (but it really does mean "love")

Austrians tend to be mix blooded (according to marriage statistics, they tend to marry someone NOT of their own nationality)

Switzerland has been known to take in people of various backgrounds throughout history…

That would explain Autor's "weaker" bloodline powers…

Nördlingen (the town Kinkan is based on) is close to the Bavaria/Baden-Württemberg border…those States of Germany are north of the countries Austria and Switzerland respectively...

Still doesn't explain how Fakir who is clearly part Arabic has "stronger" powers…but…uh…yeah…I'm gonna stop now… (sorry if this rant is as random as one of Ahiru's…; )

Anyway, although the story is set during a blizzard, it has the feeling of warmth in it, and close familial togetherness…many people have trouble saying the "L" word (at least Ahiru/Princess Tutu had an excuse) and sometimes forget that it isn't just about romantic love…that it can be a casual and everyday type of love as well…

The ending was REALLY well done! Autor finding out someone (other than Ahiru) actually HEARD him singing…Ahiru and Fakir bickering(as usual)…and Ahiru being hyper and excited about doing and celebrating Christmas festivities together! (and Autor NOT telling her to calm down XD )

I enjoyed reading this very much!

Merry Christmas and Good Luck for the New Year!
Chu-Chu chapter 1 . 12/20/2010
dawwwww... that was so cute. Your writing is some of my favorite. Ever since I spotted "It's Probably Me", I've been looking around at your stories. All of them capture the characters properly, and the Biblical spin is always very nice too. So yes, I can't wait for your next story. Great job & Merry Christmas! :D
James Birdsong chapter 1 . 12/20/2010
Quite good.
NortheasternWind chapter 1 . 12/20/2010
More fun with blizzards! ...Or, not fun, but squee. Ugh, Lilie... She seems to think that no matter how horrible an experience might be for someone, that they're some sort of invincible and therefor it's alright to put them in those situations. fff.

*wants to hear Autor sing now* I love that he'd do it for Ahiru, even though I cna't for the life of me imagine him singing. LOL.

"What's a lyric?" LOLOLOL. Oh gosh.

Yep, decorating Christmas trees together is half the fun! (Although, Mom did it while we were at school this year. Aw.) Nostalgic!Autor is... not fun, I wouldn't say, but I love reading his reminiscence about past Christmases. And yay for Ahiru suggesting they decorate the tree together!

...Aw... Imagining them sitting there, in the snow, with Autor singing... Those two must be freezing. I sorta love Ahiru's single-word request for Autor to sing, and the fact that he doesn't argue .

Joyful reunions are joyful~! And LOL, Ahiru and Fakir arguing /would/ be the first thing Autor hears when he wakes up. Ha. Poor Autor, not wanting an audience XD And not wanting to tell Ahiru to calm down XD

So much squee and joy~! Much enjoyed!
rhapsody14 chapter 1 . 12/20/2010
believe it or not, but when I came to the part where Autor was singing for Ahiru I had to thinm of a german song XD

I'll try to remember to send it to you

anyway, this is sooooooo adorable

especially when Autor said that he loves Ahiru

people tend to forget that doesn't necessarily needs to be said in the romantic way (I think there's something wrong in my sentence but I don't care XD)

I've never heard that only the mothers decorate the tree :S

I think that at least the children would help the mother

my father doesn't do it because he's always so annoyed at how much work he has with the tree, like transportation and the dirt XD

PS: I might be able to get the amv done until the 24th, did a lot of progress today :)
Nuit Songeur chapter 1 . 12/20/2010
EEE! _ This is cute and perfect in its own way! I absolutely love the closeness and the way they're talking to each other. As if they only havem minutes left... **wants to bash Lilie for sending them out into the cold like this**

Just a note- Surival 101- to stay warm in weather such as this, the best thing for both parties to do is to... erm, *snuggle* without clothing. I'm not even sure if that's true but I heard it somewhere. :P

What's a lyric? bahaha, I cracked up at that part. And Autor singing! Pure joy! _ **wonders how that piano guy would sound like if he sang...**

Poor Autor, relating his familial past to Ahiru. I feel for him. His mother sounds like my passed grandmother, trying to make Christmas perfect. And yes, we Americans all decorate the tree! _ Pff, where did Ahiru hear something like that? LOL.

I'm actually interested in the idea of Autor having a servant... And in the idea of Autor and religious convictions. And, I'm not sure what it is but I just absolutely love/adore the way you portray Autor, someone who lives alone but does well alone. I'm not sure how to explain.

"We can't let ourselves be separated," he said - Awww! _ For some reason, I really love that line. Even though it's not necessarily meant to be anything particular squeeable. :P And I definitely love Ahiru's enthusiasm for wanting to keep going.

"Ahiru, I love you." **dies!** *_* I always feel some sort of embarrassment/shyness when reading/writing those words. Even though I know Autor means them in a platonic sense. And, awww! _ I can't help but squee in Autor's happiness! :D

Oh no... Autor's partially delirious! D: Reminds me somewhat of how I was last night (something I'll explain on LiveJournal, another unfortunate migraine) But, all the same I admire his determination to keep singing. **GASP** Someone found them! :D

**is probably getting too invested in this...**

You should probably know, at the mention of Fakir's presense (the "idiot" reference), I was cracking up, despite the serious setting. Fakir's presense always seems reassuring in times of trouble and here, it appears likewise.. Like a beacon of light. I am also interested in Autor feebly thinking that they're going to Heaven.

Oh, I'm tearing up. At Autor's mental thoughts when Ahiru speaks to him.

Oh geez, they heard him singing. I can definitely understand Autor's mixed feelings on having an audience.

"I believe I would feel better if I could see," Oh, Autor! LOL That made me laugh! _

Ahiru's terrible grammar XD And her remark of keeping each other warm. It makes me wonder how much of a jealous person Fakir would be. Bahahahaha.

"You decorate?" Hahahahahahha. **hugs Fakir and Autor** And I LOVE the last line!

This was SUCH a wonderful Christmas present! :D Thank you, thank you, thank you! I apologize for this somewhat lengthy review but I had to comment on as much as I could because I LOVED it! _

Thank you again!