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Guest chapter 17 . 3/27/2016
Will there be more chapters?
Lulu chapter 17 . 2/27/2016
I remember really loving this story when I read it years ago - any chance you'll pick it back up? I would love to know where it goes from here, whether he's sick, how he adapts... It's so sweet and fun and sad, and I definitely vote for more!
Agent Duck O'Rico chapter 17 . 12/29/2015
If it's not Amy/ it Amy/Tron?

Hell it could be Tronzler/Ruggers for all I know
Piko Blaster chapter 17 . 7/31/2015
This story is absolutely amazing! As much as new updates would be great, don't stress yourself out over them. School and real life come first. Keep up the great work/story!
guest chapter 17 . 3/29/2015
ravens.and.herons chapter 17 . 3/29/2015
Doctor poo and the TURDIS chapter 3 . 2/1/2015
"Next we get to see inside of Amy's computer. It's not a pretty sight." Because it's filled with porn.
EllieNoble chapter 17 . 1/2/2015
This story is amazing! It satisfies ALLLLLLL my Tronzler angst/fluff needs. Thank you so much. :') Are you planning on updating soon…if ever?
tanithlipsky chapter 17 . 10/8/2014
Maiyosoyomi chapter 17 . 5/28/2014
Please more! This is great and so in-depth that it amazes me. Please continue this fiction. I can't wate for the next chapter and for there to be more action between tronzler and Sam. My mind keeps making a scenario that there's a breakthrough because rinzler mentions something about the sea that clicks with sam and in his excitement he sead " oh my god why didn't I think of that! It would work! No, it does work ! I could kiss you! " while furiously typing, not aware of the look Qurra is giving him, and the confused look tronzler is giving him. Tom dose kiss amy in the excitement and rinzler whitnesses it and is further confused as to why sam would like to do the same with him.
Later when the others are out of the room for errands and other dooties to help further there goals rinzler asks about Sam's exclamation earlier. Sam is dumbfounded by the question and pauses in his typing to think on an explanation. Sam fidgets and slowly turns to the progrman and finds him much closer than he was when he stood against the wall. "I... I sead that as an expression of ... of excitement and enthusiasm. I didn't mean that I would actually kiss you. ..." sam looked at rinzler to see if he understood.
Rinzler staired at sam with a frown and narrowed eyes. "User lies" he said with a growle.
Sam understood that if he didn't fix this then rinzler would never trust him and would see him as a lier. He could not have that if he was to fix the grid, fix the virus in tron. "Look I'm sorry I sead something that I didn't mean. I forgot that you take my word for everything. ... ill refrain from using metaphors and expression to prevent further confusion. Ok?"
"You will keep your word?"
"Yes, I promise. " he sead with a smile.
Rinzler raised a brow , and Sam took that as a challenge. Standing from his chair sam took the few steps to stand before rinzler. "Don't. .. Don't bite me ok?" Sam slowly lifted his hand to the back of rinzler head, studying them both , took a breath and leanded in to him. Placing a chaste kiss on the progrman before him.
Rinzler recalled what he saw tom and Amy did while kissing, and pursed his lips as sam made contact.
Unexpected jolt of static shocked them both, making them gasp and brake contact. Sam was confused but curious. Rinzler on the other hand growled and mimicked the hold sam had on him and dove in for another electrifying kiss. Sam was surprised by the second and could not find the space nor the want to stop. The growling didn't help him want to stop. It was arousing to hear and feel going through him. Wanting to deepen the kiss but not knowing how, rinzler tightened his hold on sam and wowned his left arm around Sam's lower back. Sam understood his need and licked the others bottom lip while looking into rinzlers eyes to open his mouth.
Rinzler was surprised by the user. His pupils blown wide, the heavier breathing, the warmth of him. He craved more. More of the static, heat, and the feeling he couldn't describe besides the need for more contact and gasps the user would give him. A deep groan came from sam as he slid his toung in to taste him. Grinding there hips together and drinking each others growels and gasps. Sam didn't expect to be enjoying this so much but couldn't stop , nor could he stop himself from thrusting and grinding against rinzler. They stumbled back to the wall for support. The need to come was getting overbearing for sam and rinzler, though the later didn't understand what he was overwhelmed with. Sam fumbled with his hands trying to get them to operate his pants. In doing so he rubbed rinzlers hardened shaft and the other thew his head back with a gasp and a shudder. Sam groaned at the sight and worked faster to undo both there pants now. Sam leaned forward and licked the exposed throut making rinzler shudder and thrust. Once both there pants were open and pursed down to mid thigh, sam grasped rinzlers hips and ground there needs together. They moaned loudly, panting and growling. They battled with toungs while sam drug there shirts up and over there heads to increase the contact of skin and to prevent unwanted stains in the future.
rinzler could not believe the passion the user had, nor the overwhelming sensations he was making him feel.
They broke for breth and rested there heads on each other's shoulders and gazed at there combined need.
Rinzler was amazed by the flesh he saw. So much pleasure from one part of them. He was further amazed by sensation when Sam wet his hand and raped it around there heated twitching shafts and pumped and twisted. They moaned and thrust into the hot wet grip of Sam's hand while rinzler shook with the over load of sensation. Sam could see he was close, so he adder mose spit and a few extra twisting squeezes, looked him in the eye and sead "come for me , Tron." The progrman gasped, his eyes rolling to the back of his head that hit the wall and came hard with shudder and strangled "Sam, User."
Sam could not hold back even if he wanted to, seeing his hero so recked and hearing his name from those lips , seeing and feeling the release from him drove him into oblivion. "Tr. . Tron" Sam gasped as he came all over there twitching shafts and trons chest.
When Sam called his true name the flood gates opened and he was swept away by the power of the release and by his users panted request. Then again as his name was was called and he felt Sam's sead warm him. He would forever be aroused when sam would call his name or mention the word kiss.
my brain just vomited this on here... hope you don't mind the mess... :-) tell me what you think and I can't wate for your next captors!
MapleMischief chapter 17 . 5/21/2014
Ehmagerd this story...
Guest chapter 17 . 2/17/2014
Hey, I'm a huge fan of this fic. It's so well written and explores possiblities that are never touched upon in the tron universe. I was curious if this was a dropped project, because I check in every couple months to see if it's updated. It'd be a shame to see it go, I love the quality writing and looked forward to the surprise pairing (I'm getting the vibe it might be rinzler/Quorra, but I honestly have no idea.) But for what it's worth, I rate this as one of the top tron fanfics by far.
Cyberbutterfly chapter 17 . 7/23/2013
Okay- so first I'm just going to apologize for how long this took me to review... Yeah... Your not the only one people may have believed dropped off the planet.

But I AM still reading, and I'm enjoying every line of it. Rinzler is heartbreaking in how broken and sick he is- but I'm glad to see Amy has warmed up to living with him (even if it CAN be a pain for them)... I'm curious to learn exactly how the virus has changed from the grid world to the real world, because it's obviously doing SOMETHING to him.

And then there's Sam and Quorra, and I feel for them to. Not as much as Rinzler, but I definitely feel for them. Quorra is the ultimate refugee in a strange land, and Sam has so much on his plate, I keep waiting for him to simply drop from exhaustion.

anyway... Again, know that I'm still here and happily reading your story- even if it does take me forever and a day to review. :)
FlynnLivesndIwilbuildtheGrid chapter 1 . 7/2/2013
Very brilliant idea to use the hand of god it seemed to roll it perfectly to the story.
nobody chapter 17 . 6/11/2013
Yay update! And I am feeling so much love for Amy right now
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