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Keira90 chapter 21 . 7/21
wow. I love this fic. I'm almost crying because there's nothing more. Hope one day you come back and update it.
glimmerpearl chapter 1 . 7/20
Felt like I really have to say all these:

I would like to thank you for such a wonderful story for how it could have been and should have been for Harry and Hermione. I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of Harry and Hermione but I definitely felt it was right for the two of them to be together. And your story portrayed it in the most real way ever. I really love your story so much and I have been having back once in a while hoping to see that it's finally updated. And today I'm back there again finally deciding that I should write these to you. I really really do wish you will continue this story. I can safely say thousands of readers are waiting for your come back as well. So please, if you could, come back and give this story a closure just like how we all wished that Harry and Hermione had the closure they deserved. Thank you once again and I really hope you are able to see this.
iAmInGreatNeed chapter 21 . 7/8
Hey there. This isn't a review meant for critiquing your writing so much as desperately pleading with you, so it likely won't serve to be helpful towards improving your work or anything like that. However, I feel I must say something after reading the entire story quite nearly non-stop for the last forty-eight hours and then discovering with great anguish that it's been left unfinished as of yet, with no word in a very long time.

I see in your bio that the last time us readers heard from you (aside from PM's that may exist) was the 19th of June 2016 - fucking twenty-sixteen. It's been just over a year now since that last contact, and I predict with reasonable confidence that, since then, hundreds if not thousands of people have stumbled across this exquisite masterpiece in it's current state and all reached the same climactic teaser with agonizing anticipation from being so absorbed it's perfection... But only to feel all their hopes and emotional investments come crashing down in one awful moment when they realize it's incomplete. I dare say it's like the Sistine Chapel missing some giant chunk of the ceiling containing The Creation of Adam; the utmost, the absolute magnum opus without it's glorious capstone. In short, this is devastating. If the situation is as bad as we're all terrified it is, and you've all but forgotten about this... I can only hope and pray you'll come back someday even decades from now and feel compelled to complete the process.

Our beloved Harry and Hermione need closure only you can provide; this little world you've so skillfully developed deserves the respect and devotion of it's creator so that it's characters can have peace at long last. As a person who believes this story is how it's meant to be for the Harry Potter universe, I implore you - if you're still alive and able - to one day finish this the way you truly think it ought to be done. If you see fit, give Harry and Hermione a pure, unadulterated moment of transcendence together like they were destined to have from the very beginning, and for which I know as a matter of fact everyone in this community of readers has been waiting for so damn patiently for almost seven enthralling, legendary years. I can only imagine how extraordinary the experience would have been to be one of the original few who anticipated each and every one of your updates as I now await the consummation of it all.

Please come back.

We love you.
Guest chapter 21 . 7/5
I don't really know how I feel about this story. In my opinion, the characters aren't behaving like they usually would. I don't really like how indecisive Hermione was, how very controlling Ginny was (I'm aware she actually is very controlling, but she really only thinks for herself), how Harry reacted to different things.
uncoconut chapter 9 . 7/5
Guest chapter 21 . 7/4
This is the same anonymous reader whom you mentioned in your last author's update about a year ago. Yes, I still find this story to be one of the best fics I've ever read, and every few months I check in (even though I'm not actually an active fanfic reader) to see whether it's been updated. It's one of the few fanfics over the years that I can recall so many scenes from, even after a year later after a single reading. The H/Hr moments stand out the most: the first kiss in the forest, the dinner party and the chiming clock, the run by the lake at Oxford (and the swim), the opera (so well choreographed, and a scene so much more "Hermione-like" than fics that throw in random pop lyrics all over the place), the huge angsty reveal while dancing during cleaning, and ultimately the fiery New Year's encounter. All of these moments were so well written, detailed, and beautiful that they stick with you, even months after reading.

I read the story again recently, and so many other wondrous moments come back too, like little moments of sunshine sprinkled among the cloudy, tempestuous world you've created. In general, your story reminds me of one of my favorite words: apricity - the warmth of the sun in winter. (You used the word "apricitic" in one chapter, which I'm not sure is a real form, but I got the idea, and it is a metaphor for your tale.) The world of mystery and Magic/Muggle politics surrounding the characters is often cold, and the flames in the marriages have dwindled. Yet scattered beams of sunlight permeate this land, mostly in the H/Hr moments, whether friendly, loving, and simply "warm" (as early on) or ferocious and hot (in the final delirious frenzy).

If nothing else, I hope that you'll at least "consummate" this story. I don't know how many more chapters it would take to round out all the details you wished, but this fic is the ultimate "slow burn." Delirium is hot not just because of your writing, but because it takes nearly 200,000 words to get there. Harry and Hermione deserve at least one perfect moment of bliss here: I hope they get it from you someday. We know, as well as they do, that it will be messy and complicated. Is that why you haven't finished? It'd be easy to have the "fireworks go off" (not the New Year's ones - the ones that *matter*) finally with a glorious chapter of smutty candy. But then what? I can't blame you for shying away from those hard questions, but I hope your characters find some answers.

Even if not, thank you for sharing as much as you have.
AuroraBlueH chapter 21 . 7/3
You are such an amazing writer. I had never been able to inmerse myself into a fic as much and with such intensity until your story. Your way of voicing the characters gives them such a realism that you forget it's not canon. We don't get this level of maturity in the FF community everyday. You really get under Harry's skin and are able to understand his psychology really well. Besides, the plot is so well thought... I have no words! I suppose you are in a long hiatus after your last chapter, but I just want you to know that finishing this would mean a great contribution to the HP fanbase, and a real joy to your readers
Still, whatever you are doing, I hope you keep writing in your life because you are exceptionally good :)
Warm hug!
Vanessa chapter 21 . 6/30
This last chapter always makes me cry I so want to know how this story will unfolds. I hope you're doing okay. Can we have an update? Pretty please!
Nymue chapter 21 . 6/21
We are all missing you soooo much
so much

Hope you are having a lovely life

Hope you are happy

(please come back)
crusincloud chapter 21 . 6/15
I really hope you update soon. And damn i just want to say how I love this story. Its amazing really. The characterization and that damn sexual tension! Like all i want to know is how Harry and Hermione will be together now that they both have their families. Its like you're building this story up for that amazing climax. Like the chapters are foreplay made so the climax will be intense and like a bomb exploding on our faces. I love how we could see the difference of Ginny and Hermione too. And I always love how Harry and hermione have that connection. They're soulmates. Always have always will.

Just please update soon!
mkras chapter 21 . 6/14
I remember reading this fic about 3 years ago. I used to read a lot of different fan fictions back then (when I was still in University and had the time), but this is the only one that has stuck with me. Actually I do remember another one about Lily/James that was quite popular at the time... but I digress...

I was randomly reminded of it the other night when some of my friends were talking about the Harry Potter musical and someone mentioned that Harry and Hermione should've had an affair. Ha ha. I was tempted to send them all links to this story ;-)

It did prompt me to re-read this story, though - which was just as captivating as the first time. And this latest chapter was one I hadn't actually read yet - so yay for that.

With the entire story fresh in my mind, I do want share a few thoughts and heap a whole lot of praise on you...

One of the most interesting things I found that I'm not sure I really picked up on so much a few years ago, was really trying to track Hermione's emotional turmoil through this entire thing. I was taken aback by how surprised she seemed when Harry wanted to kiss her in the empty ballroom. Then I have to remind myself that she isn't privy to Harry's near obsessive thoughts like we are - or the inner turmoil he was dealing with as well.

You write their relationship with a real finesse. I always thought there was a real intensity about them together that even they were unaware of, which you have captured imperceptibly in this story.

Harry going back into his memories this chapter was a neat twist. I like that you weren't heavy handed with anything - or tried to re-write history in any way. I think Hermione would've been genuinely lonely during that time and Harry and Ron would've been completely oblivious. I also think this ties into the recurring theme of unmet expectations that you had Hermione mention earlier in this story in reference to moments in her life. I'm sure she envisioned all 3 of them graduating together - maybe even herself and Harry as Head Girl and Boy.

I know they are just characters, but I always wonder if JKR looks back and regrets her decisions to put Ron/Hermione together - which really felt like she was doing out of spite towards the end (and just a general stubbornness). I'm sure they feel like real people to her, having lived inside her head for so long - and she forced them all into the most cookie cutter ending she could think of. It's almost painful to think about.

In any case, this story has given me a much better ending to think of - even if you haven't finished yet. I look forward to reading your next update whenever it may come as I'm hopeful you still love these characters as much as I do. You have also created a wonderful world that I would love to see continue and eventually, get closure with.

Hope all is well with you, Michelle! I will be back to check in another few years... ;-)
Maddie chapter 21 . 6/14
I am loving these flashbacks. I really want to see the ramifications of this when Harry returns present day. This fic is too good for you not to continue! You have written them together so beautifully. I also like that Hermione feels like a fleshed out character despite this being mainly from Harry's POV.
Jelibean323 chapter 21 . 6/4
Where's the rest? This is amazing! Love the development, the tension, the everything! I need more please!
harryloveshermione-16 chapter 21 . 6/1
I stumbled upon your story this past week and was so excited to find a H/Hr story I hadn't read. It was great and I am hoping that you have the rest of this story posted somewhere because I would love to see how this finishes.
holdingusback chapter 17 . 5/27
lol i'm like 99.9% sure you could update this story in like 20 years, and I'd still freak out and read every single word. Just so you know... :)
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