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Ad23 chapter 20 . 7/24
really hope you haven't abandoned this great story and will update another chapter soon...
Guest chapter 13 . 7/21
So as much as I enjoy this fic, I have 1 complaint.
It's listed as Harry and hermione which it clearly is but, I've read about 125,000 words and there has been very minimal progress towards the pairing. I will continue reading because I absolutely love this fic but it is a little bit on the slow side for me.
Guest chapter 21 . 7/16
Just read this and I loved it. Please put up the next chapters. It's definitely one of the best fics I have ever read.
ellie-from-paradise chapter 21 . 7/14
Hello, dear author. I'm new here. I've read lots of stuff about Harry and Hermione, but i've never found anything like your story. You've created something very unique and realistic. Almost all the time i read fanfics i take them as alternative stories, but you've pictured the characters so well that your story seems the real and most probable continuation of the original books. I'm writing this just to say thank you for the good time i had while reading your story. Let the inspiration never leave you! P.s. I'm sorry for the probable mistakes (I'm not a native English speaker)
Cuppicake chapter 21 . 7/9
So I discovered this like yesteady and just could not stop reading it... I was even more pleased to see that u have not abandoned this story.
I would really like to see what happens next with harry and hermione. Your writing is really beautiful and I'm so glad I stumbled across this story. :) I'm looking forward to an update.
Violett M chapter 21 . 6/29
You are amazing! I hope you'll continue this story, because I really need to read the next chapter!
htg chapter 1 . 6/29
when this updates im gonna fukin scream my lungs out UAS!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/27
So, when I started reading UaS at 9 o'clock, I promised myself I would stop at 10:30, since I had school the next day. When I looked up from my Kindle at 1:30, I was shocked at how fast the time had past. I read the last 6 chapters the next day, in between breaks. It was everything I had wanted from a HHr fic( just re-started getting interested in the HP fandom). Anyway, impatiently waiting an update, and was so happy to see from your bio that the story isn't dead. Thank you so much for writing this masterpiece!
Guest chapter 21 . 6/23
Please post! This an amazing story!
holdingusback chapter 19 . 6/18
It's low-key going to be the best day of my life when you update
jennyfur88 chapter 21 . 6/15
Why didn't you finish this story? It is soooo good!
Guest chapter 21 . 6/15
I've never written a review of a fanfic before. But this unfinished work compelled me to review, to support you, to support this story - to tell you that I have never in my life discovered something that I thought needed to be finished as much as this. Based on what I've already said, it goes without saying that this is the best fanfic I've ever read. But it's also "important" in a way that no other fanfic is.

Most of Harry Potter romance fanfic is escapist and nostalgic for "young love," "first love," etc. It can be satisfying as a fantasy read to imagine (for those of us who are older) going back to those times, which can be both innocent, naive, and yet overburdened with complex emotions. I understand why most people love writing (and reading) that stuff.

You've done something different here. The few fanfics I've read trying to take on "adult" settings of 15 years after the books tend to sound like they were written by 16-year-olds who have no clue what adult life is like. Or they use a "cop out" of destroying the Rowling pairings quickly if they lean toward a Harry/Hermione pairing. But you've imbued your story with a realistic take on adult love, the complexities of marriage, the complicated dynamics of families, and the moral struggles that real people have in adult relationships.

This story is personally meaningful to me, as someone who is a little past the ages of your characters, but whose marriage self-destructed around that age after my spouse decided to leave. (Yes, I'm probably closest to Ron within this story.) I, like your wizarding world, was brought up to believe in the sanctity of marriage vows, and I was quite shocked when my spouse decided to end it one day even though there didn't seem major conflict in our marriage (and unlike this story, no infidelity).

But now that I've had a few years to process what has happened, I have come to appreciate why my ex decided what she did, how sometimes the realization of lack of happiness can be more important than a "vow" taken half a lifetime ago, and how it's probably best for both of us in the long run. I know other people who have gone through break-ups and divorces, and I know I'm not alone in struggling to understand these things.

Your story has captured a lot of these complexities of real adult life. I simply could not stop reading and stayed up all night reading only to discover it's incomplete. Frankly, your story has brought a sort of hope back into my life - after a failed marriage, and a realization that "nothing lasts forever," I think many people give up on "true" love. I certainly was cynical to believe so.

Anyhow, this story makes me want to believe in the possibility of romance again, that maybe - despite a failed history in love, and all sorts of barriers and complexities of life getting in the way - we can sometimes find hope again, perhaps even in places we never realized we might look.

I'm sorry: I know this is supposed to be a review about your story, and I've made it about my life. But good authors touch lives. This story gives a nuanced perspective I've never seen in fanfiction before. PLEASE don't abandon it. Don't leave it incomplete. This is not to pressure you: I've never written fanfic, but I do have to do some writing in real life, and I know how hard it can get. But I wanted you to know that this story means something very special to some of us. As the main Harry Potter readership ages, I think it will become even more meaningful to more people who have to confront the realities of adult life and love. You're started something more beautiful and raw (but still with an air of fantasy and whimsy!) than any other fanfic. I support you, and I look forward to the day when you're willing to share the ending with us.
amestoy chapter 21 . 6/15
Sorry about not leaving a comment every chapter, it's rather dificult if the fic is not in your mother language.
I loved the story you portrayed at first, but I kind of feel that it develops rather slowly. The vast amount of details sometimes overwelmes me, but I can only think they are there for a reason; at least to let the reader try to interpret Hermione's feelings (is dificult because she is very criptic in this fic).
I would love to know if you plan on continuing the fic.
Sorry for my display of english writing, I'm a little bit (a litte lot, xD) rusty.
Thanks for sharing.
Scynistr chapter 21 . 6/8
Two things. The last time you updated was in March of 2015, it's currently June 8th 2016, and you STILL have followers practically begging you to update this story. While I trust the update will come soon enough, I'm among those who share that sentiment.

That having been said... I stumbled across this story several years ago. I remember really enjoying it before I got disenchanted with FanFiction. I didn't realize that I had already read about 12 chapters worth of this story until it finally clicked that I'd read this before. Great story and absolutely worth the re-read.
megafanHP chapter 21 . 6/5
Hola lamento escribir en español pero el inglés no es mi fuerte. Pero gracias al traductor y a la recomendación de alguien puede tener el grato placer de leer esta historia que por cierto esta muy buena. Espero que estés bien y pronto no sorprendas otro cap. Saludos y espero leerte pronto.
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