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Flaming Phoenix chapter 2 . 5/7/2012
I am someone who likes Hetalia and Happy Tree Friend, and as I read chapter 2, the shadow said "Let's hope you're more trustworthy, no?" I was waiting for him to say "Let's hope you're more trustworthy, da?" Ah, I love Russia and Flippy. They are both similar.
bronycuddlykittehs chapter 29 . 2/20/2012
yah im back, and here to give you your last review from me, in congrats to the finnale.

Frist, I noticed right away that, like i hoped, you had a unqiue flippy child, with her "split perosna" being sad, and scared. Its more orginal and saddning then i expected.

and the other good part is the sasifting Ending, because the "epiloge" gives you a clear ending to both a start of a new life for the readers imgnation, and the granteed happiness of "fipqy" and flippy with thier child.

Nothing is lower than your normal par, though im not suprised if people BEG for a Squqal one-shot or short series for Her, but i perfer it stand alone, or a oneshot to be a simple showing as her life going normaly, and indcating noone needs to know EVERYTHING.

Besides, this entire story was based around the chartor devolpment of Sonia as a true person in the world of HTF.

With little Cannon Moments, and a great showing of instead of the normal OC story, a full story based on the later years and children, with all backround chartors changing as well, this is one of the best Flippy and Flaky OC stories.

The only one on this level is the FXF "mesasures of acceptance",

witch still hasnt placed a update in about a year, but the resluts from patiance are worth the wait. Hope you loved my last review on this story, i bid you a found fairwell!
BULLETHLE chapter 29 . 2/17/2012
Ooh, I got a special mention! I feel so loved. Yes, I'm afraid I must remain untraceable if the Government ever finds out just who committed about 1/3 of the worlds major crimes.

At long last, the ending of the one OC tale I could appreciate. A good ending; while not as sadistic as I had expected, it is a good way to end such a story nonetheless.

My dearest Flippy finally comes to terms with himself, and along the way he kicked a**. What more can I ever ask? He beat the Tiger General at his own game, and by extension he indirectly saved, at the very least, all of the Happy Tree Town children [and probably about half the adults as well]. They are all deep in his debt and probably will never complain about having Fliqpy around again.

While I mourn for both Mole and Nutty [even if one died trying to kill the other and the other died from the vengeance of his victims brother] I admit I approve of the loss of the two next-best characters. They were awesome… but they died in a place that made the story seem richer. And of course, so long as Flippy survives everyone is happy.

And yes, if Lumpy was in the story he probably would simply have been decapitated conveniently in the first chapter so as to spare us the agony of his stupidity.

Congratulations again on the completion of your fabulous fanfic, and know that I am officially stalking you to see if you ever write anything like this again.

With admiration [and grenades];

-addicted to green

p.s: Nice socks.
BULLETHLE chapter 28 . 2/4/2012
Well. Wow.

Congratulations. I can honestly say that this may be the one story that has nearly half the point of view being told from an OC that I actually enjoyed. You've managed to put depth into the most shallow characters and torture Flippy in a way that would make Mondo Media whistle.

Besides being a sadistic 'addicted to green' Flippy lover, I also am rather obsessed with forcing enemies to work together and kick total ass. Which you have done to perfection. Even if it's because of an OC, Evil and Flippy actually have to work as one person, which is pretty much all one could ever ask of him. Which, of course, is why we must put him through the stomping machine and torment him in amusing and unusually cruel ways.

All I ask is for Flippy to totally RIP THE BASTARDS FACE OFF. Because I love Flippy and he deserves his moment of victory.

Besides that, I must also thank you for including the Mole, and giving him kick-ass blind ninja skills. I don't really know WHY he's evil, but who cares? He's awesome.

Nutty's last words are going on my grave. It's official.

And above all, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for not including Lumpy in this story.

With admiration [and grenades];

-addicted to green
xXXcuddykittehsXXx chapter 27 . 12/8/2011
i have nithin to say...but i do have GREAT NEWZ! using 2 diffrent short "break" episodes, mondo media has annonced that THEY ARE MAKING A FULL EPSODE. as in a brand new, 30 minute episode! and, they said it was a chrismas gift ti fans ;)

:D welcome back HTF! we missed u!
Bronycuddlykittehs chapter 26 . 11/28/2011
guess who :D

anyhow, great new chapter, and this is scaryin me. though halfway through i got confused.

it was more so when "soina?" attacked other sonia and called HER worm? ummmmmmmmmm...

and then apolgieses?

sorry i got lost.

did i read it wrong?
thedruplin chapter 7 . 11/10/2011
Flippy, thats abuse!
xXXcuddlykittehsXXx chapter 24 . 11/10/2011
Ohhhhh HEYYYY! im home babehs... _ 8th grade is SO hard. i just got luky and was sick today, so im here for your review reading plesure... enjoy :D

on adressing plot problems, i encountered none, though in the entire story so far, there has been no real conflict asside from one chapter...well 1/4. Though the susspense is highly apprchiated and well matined throughout, can you give a simple reason for that?

thats my only problem...


as in lastest adution to my enjoy ments here, would be the way you dipicted a drugged sonia. now, even if this is a serious fanfic that mostly phycolgical, that made me laugh. its not to over board, and he coundn't contian a chuckle. and you recovred by hitting us with a torure theme.. poor sonia XD

No grammer errors, mostly because im not a nazi! thats visagoth's job _


NO COMICAL JOKES CESOR HERE! *for your enjoyment, the word brigest will replace any censorship from now on, curtsoy of my friend jordan*

AHEM! farthermore, im slighlty confused about flippy sunddly rembering he has a wife...wasnt a few chapters ago he forgot her? eh, whatever.

OH! and 'other sonia'

its kinda childish of a name for her but it means well.

at least sonia and "other sonia" arent at odds, and are currently friends...sort of.

well...maybe only becuse soina's drugged .-.

xXXcuddly kittehsXXx chapter 23 . 10/2/2011
say whut? i dont have a account! DAMN PEOPLE COPYING ME _ i own no account. i i did, id be wrighting right now.


OMGIGOD a update.

my computer gave me the blue screen of death shortly before you update. its ethier this aweomness made me' computer explode, or spolier/black ace's moment with the blue screen of death, as to him hacking my comp with black nano and making it die.

there went my secound computer. yay me.
Guest chapter 22 . 9/7/2011
here it is- todays follow up, wrightten during the read for maxium ejoyment. rember, i consider grammer mistakes normal and fun to think about. looking over the page there is no grammer mistakes i can see. smooth as allways! and now to adress it-

AN- i dont mind long delays as long as they have a reson. for example, toni fraze last updated 7 mounths ago. but because of both of your affinty for rechecking, and attending to acurate timeing and liture, it makes sense.

disclaimer-O_O did you say a project for a fan addition of HTF cause true htf died? OMFGISH! please link me when you finnish the first part. -is freaking out- a true fan does this. good idea. though im thinking about doing anime, but im still practicing. like, anime style stories, anime for the stories i'll wright. DAMN ME AND THE PLOT BUNNIES I HAVE. i even have pre-plannned 5 of them! all just varitons of the same idea but all connect.

sanders pov- looks like she snapped. but im supprised shes being so amazing!

-at this piont the review bar wont let me read it .-

escuse my grammer and spelling due to technical difcutlys.

cuddles pov.-derp! haha that was worth it.

awww it ended. all welss. at least i can return next chappie. BAH BYE FRIENDXY!
xXXcuddly kittehsXXx chapter 22 . 9/7/2011
why thank you. i hopeed i woulod be nice enough :D. your points are very clear sir~! VERYHA CLAER!

visagoth- very clear! and is your caps stuck?

._. why did i even make a grammer nazi htf?

visagoth- im asking you the same-


yay new chapter. i had a heart attack. i mean, today was day 1 of 8th grade and then you throw a chapter of this? YOUR SO NICE! -hugs-

X3 now all ocs and friendly friends hug her! -ele, awesomeadude, ami, spooky, scary, shadow, wolfine, visagoth,duddlez, todd, scay, Knikni, camrin, fleica, icelord, and the three links(not all four) hug chu- DERP! anyway, because of this accasion, i will give a nice review of the lasted chapter, and issue it on a scale of MEH TO AWESOME! this next part will adress everything so far and things i haevnt adressed. it will be in my secound review. telkl me if im annoying or fun sir. YOU BETTER RWAR!
XXflippythe-insane-soldierXX chapter 22 . 9/7/2011
Yay u uploaded good as the others :D
Pink Fantasies chapter 22 . 9/7/2011
Great chapter here...and I haven't been on a lot lately either. XD I really like how you're fitting the other characters in the story as well. It's good when it doesn't focus entirely on one or two characters.
xXXcuddly kittehsXXx chapter 21 . 9/1/2011
..a finnal comment on the last of the chappies so far, in hope of more. the segments with the past immbeded into them, sonias demon trying to convise her to give full control to it, flippy being more horribly crazy then evil, evil seeming more sane. and his own daughter running fo fear he was a dream. and you showed the point of view from everyone when tey had a breakdown, adding more fun to the story! :D. also, he tiger genral mistaking poor sonia for being evil, because he saw her with green eyes, XD that was superp. i hope i dint annoy you and that you enjoyed my heartfelt reviews which i usally dont do...maybe i'll do great reviews like ths on my own account ;). bye for now, i cant wait for the next chapter. SO TENSE DX
xXXcuddly kittehsXXx chapter 11 . 9/1/2011
ARGGHHHH stop giving me such intresting stuff to say. ok one thing at a time. this chapter was intresting, chaging the pov at a very intresting moment :P. well, the thought of having flippy laspse was really odd, but i think it added deapth. also, when evil talked about love,happiness,hope, repsontbitiy. i thought of the truth- contentment. he wanted the complete feeling, of having somthing to fill a void. not killing, not love noor hope or repsobitliy. not flaky or flippy. he wanted somthing of his blood. soaioa(sorrie i keeep misspelling the name, but flippy and flaky's daughter)
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