Reviews for Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Truth or Dare
DanieldervUniverse chapter 6 . 10/22/2015
Sephiroth: Fall in love with Aerith and rule the world together
Aerith: Fall in love with Sephiroth and rule the world together
Squall/Leon & Cloud: Turn into girls and try NOT to make out.
Kain: Kill Cecil and be the hero.

See you next. Ciao.
Midnighticycreep chapter 6 . 11/9/2014
HI AND HERE ARE MEH DAARREEESSS(if you still do dis)
cloud-when you get married to zack , YOU CANNOT DIVORCE WITH HIM.
Sephiroth-let my pokemon gjinka friend liu the Banette burn you in the pits of hell CUZ he hates you..
Axel-get rid of autocorrect it pisses me off.
AANNDDD dat all
sure , knock yourself out
Liu::D(throws sephiroth into the pits off hell)BURN YOU PEDO ASSHOLE , BBBUUUURRRRNNNNN
Sunny Lighter chapter 6 . 6/20/2013
Hey if you're still doing this I have some.

Truth 1) Cloud, you're hot, just saying, but stop acting emo. My question is were you upset that even though Squall is younger than you in Dissidia, he was still taller (and the hair doesn't count)?

Truth 2) Aqua, do you like Terra (and I mean like like, not friend like)?

Truth 3) I made pie, who wants some? (Cloud gets a big piece cause I like him, unless he doesn't like it)

Truth 4) Marluxia, are you gay? if not name at all the girls you've ever had a crush on or dated.

Truth 5) Sephiroth, you're a glorified Momma's boy. How did you get such an epic theme song? and how can you fly with only one wing?

Dare 1) Whisper this to Ventus and Roxas, I dare them to switch clothes for a chapter and not tell anyone, see if anyone notices the difference.

Dare 2) have Kingdom Hearts Terra meet Final Fantasy VI Terra, and see if they have anything in common besides their names and being here, if not have her kick his butt.

Dare 3) Demyx plant false evidence on the person who stole Larxene's diary on the person of your choosing.

Dare 4) bring in the cast of The World Ends With You, they were in Dream Drop Distance, so they count. but handcuff them to someone they resemble from the Kingdom Hearts franchise for 3 chapters

Dare 5) Vexen, build a gender shift ray gun and turn all the men who look like women into actual women and have it last for a day (be sure to hit Sephiroth, and Riku I like messing with Riku)
IamMe2525 chapter 6 . 10/25/2012
hahahah LOVE this! I'm inspired to do a ToD for Kingdom Hearts and FF Crisis Core (sorry, haven't played any others) so if anyone wants to send me anything, feel free :D
Simple Shimmers chapter 6 . 6/28/2011
Yay! My dares (Sort of) were done. Poor Roxas the pressure got to him...


Sephiroth: I dare you to die your hair any color except your natural color or ANY colors similar.

Roxas: (Rubs head) Um...sorry about the panic attack and all...but anyway I want you to sing The Roxas Song. (If you haven't heard it look it up on YouTube)

Sora: I wonder what kind of person you'd be if you didn't act like a selfless and caring idiot... SWITCH PERSONALITES WITH VANITAS!

Larxene: I want you to be nice to everyone. No shocking, blowing up, beheading no matter what the person says or does. Axel, you better thank me for this.

Xemnas: My cousin finally read your denial of your heritage as a pretty pink pixie. Though your not very pretty... But none the less your still a pixie. For three chapters...yeah your in for a helluva teasing.

Zack: I'm sorry but it been decided by Alexa (My cousin) that you be tied up and forced to watch all the Saw and Final Destination movies. Alone. God have mercy on your soul.

Reno: I (Alexa) dare you to dress up as Strawberry ShortCake and prance around. ( Smirks) Don't you feel manly...

Cloud: (Alexa) Cloud go, go to your Chocobo ancestors! By that I mean dress up as a Chocobo and give people free piggyback rides.

Riku: Finally Alexa's satisfied! Riku, I'm sort of mad at you for injuring Roxas in 365/2 days so yeah you have to be dangled from whatever you wear under your pants. In front of everyone until whatever you wear breaks. Hopefully the fall isn't damaging. (Alexa: Please let it be!)

Update soon Ya hear!

GingerSnapsBack chapter 6 . 5/6/2011
Hello! I wanna say that I have this wierd power of everything like fire, wishes, tessering, all kinds of imagination, martial arts, ect. Anyways here are some thi-*three girls show up*

Mika: hey! I wanna take off my helmet to show my face to Riku

Neveah: no! I am your good soul so you have to show the person who is destined to be with you!


me: SHUT THE FUCK UP! Anyways, Mika is technically a person who knows ALL of the worlds. Mika, if you go to the ToD, I will give you motorcycles and weapons, even all your keyblades!

Mika: OK! here are the dares:

Sora: I dare you to confess your love for Kairi! No passing this one out!

Sephiroth: I dare you to adopt an evil little girl who is more evil than anyone in the world. She has no family

Ienzo: Hmmm... You get a never ending supply of... SEA SALT ICECREAM!

Axel: can you burn Adolf Hitler and the Nazis? I hate people who hurts the Jewish cause I respect every culture( I will give you matches, lighters, ect.

KH characters: have you ever met the moon spirit, Yue? I wonder if you have any questions for her like if she is Kingdom Hearts?

Everyone: have you ever heard of a flower called bleeding heart? You have to check it out cause it looks awesome!

Kadaj: I feel sorry for you not knowing your mom. I wanna be your adopted sister but Neveah said that one silver head(Neveah) is enough but I don't care!*hugs him as if a child misses her mommy*

Aerith: do you like Zack?

Aqua: do you looooooove Terra?*shows child like eyes*

Terra: do you loooooooooooove Aqua? If so, here's a bleeding heart flower to give to her cause it's legend is known in my world

Zexion, Riku, and Vanitas: I dare you three to duel each other for Mika's love! She reeeeaaaaaalllllllly is pretty for every guy

Kairi, Namine, and Xion: are you jealous that Mika has guys fighting for her love?

There. Now I am handing Mika over to you, AngieLikeKH.

Mika: yay!*Rides motorcycle and goes through portal

Onyx,Neveah, Me: O.O

* Mika has brown hair, warm soft eyes, pale skin and is wearing a short skirt purple kimono 3 inches above the knees, black and white thigh high stockings and black combat boots. She looks like Xion but with perfect curves -.-', long curling locks of hair and love fighting. Keep description of face a secret!*

Oh and one thing:

Xemnas: do the caramell dansen dance while singing motteke! Sailor Fuku in a shower wearing a girl's school uniform in a house that is taken away by a tornado and it's on fire and then make love to Larxene after you change into a fireman's uniform! Sorry but I was bored:( *gives a hug like a daughter would give to a father cause mine is never seen since this September*
organization13girl chapter 6 . 4/12/2011
You've been gone for so long!But now your back!

Hmm...I think those two are lying Kadaj.

Reno: Moose are everywhere, even in your mind. *poofs in picture of moose into Reno's mind* Cuz you were being a big meanie in the movie. XD

Zexion: Hmm...did I already take your book from you? Cuz if not*Reaches for book slowly* Im just gonna take this, kill a few people,nothing much.

Sephy: You bore me. Do something crazy and entertaining. Or pay the price of fangirls attacking you.

Not much cuz I have to go to school, see ya guys!

P.S. I am now obsessed with Noba from Bleach, so I poof him in your story, even htough he doesn't belong cuz he's from Bleach!
Simple Shimmers chapter 5 . 4/9/2011
Yay a fellow 12 year on this site! I hate how most of the people here are older than me it makes me mad! In one of my older stories someone rudely called me an stupid kid who didn't know a shit about writing! I hope no one has told you that! Great I sound like a mother hen! Well let's get started!

Vanitas: Don't worry Sora's not that much of an...well actually he is a spaz...

Sora: No one hates you... (inner me: YES PEOPLE DO!)

Roxas: Whats up! Im going to give you sea salt ice cream but you have to answer this question...JOIN THE DARKSIDE wait the organization 13 is bad...

Xemnas: Well no offense (total offense) but when me and my cousin were on a sugar high we played you and Saix in KH 365/2 days...and we giggled about how you floated instead of walked and my cousin yelled out "I'm Mansex the pretty pink pixie!"...(Grins stupidly) Uh Sorry but the ethereal blades you had were pinkish red...

Cloud: I feel your pain brother, but I shall torture you stupidly! No not really but I hear from some of my friends they want to see what kind of drunk you better be a happy one I bet 10 dollars on it!

Zack: Hello puppy but I'm wondering what kind of puppy are you? It doesn't matter, You have to wear puppy ears and a tail...permanently for three chapters! Sorry but no ones tortured you yet!

Reno: Same bet as Cloud. I bet 10 dollars that your a angry drink that curses every few minutes or something

Axel: I got a mission for you...BURN YOUR CHAKRAMS! (cackles evilly)

Zexion: You aren't's my card call me at Suicide101 hehe yeah your not emo either but still with everyone in my school acting emo...better safe than sorry I was even tempted to cut myself! Emoness is very contagious!

Sephiroth: O.o I'm convinced you dyed your hair...I've found hair dye under your I know is a secret (smirks)

Angie: Yo other fellow 12 year old! Do you like Justin Beiber? Im not sure I don't hate or love him like those crazy pyscopaths

Ventus: I'm convinced you use you? If you don't...I dare you to change your hairstyle

Xhenort: (screams and hides) You remind me of that creepy pedophile on my street who stalks my friends and me at the bus stop! DON'T MOLEST ME! Okay my dare is to get a make over and not look so scary! (whispers) He's not going to find me ever!

Well that's all! Bye my moms taking me out for ice cream! I hope you put my dares and stuff up on your story!

Jayshock chapter 5 . 1/8/2011

anyways i have some dares

Aqua: Did u rite the Barbie girl song? Cause the singer is Aqua. oh and i wanna see u when ur drunk.

Xaldin: dont worry about getting pwned by sora because he had Roxas inside of him which is why sora beat u because Roxas pwns Everyone except for Xion who tecnacly is Roxas.

Sephiroth: ill give u the Black Materia if u can mess up Marluxias hair

Riku: I hate u for eing rlly bad at the final boss on Kh2 go jump off a cliff
RaegyStorm chapter 5 . 1/7/2011
Did you guys miss me? :D here are some dares!

Ienzo: I have to for you. How old are you? I know you're young I'm just not sure how young. And do you read the same stuff as Zexion? I so, you are too young, I'm sure, so I'll be creeped out.

Saix: You're friends with Mansex? Hehehe...

Cloud and Kadaj: Sing the F.U.N. Song. I didn't come up with this, I saw a video on YouTube so blame the person who made it.

Luxord: Blah you! Sing Pokeface! :)

Demyx: Hutala hutala hutala, HEY!

I can't think of anything else right now so... Later! I'll be back!
organization13girl chapter 5 . 1/7/2011
Kadaj,Loz,and Yazoo:Thanks guys,your the best!Oh and maybe Cloud or Reno know where Mother should use their weakness to find out!

Rufus:Please tell me?

Reno:a few !I saw a flock of moosen!Outside!

Vanitas:I can't give you your evil laugh!

Zexion:The book..nice...just ...why don't you pwn Sora into oblivion?

That's all and this time hot fudge sundaes!
organization13girl chapter 4 . 12/31/2010
Your welcome Angie!

Kadaj,loz,and Yazoo:Thank you.I'll do my best. Now..Kadaj I dare you to hurt Rufus, Loz why does everyone think you cry, and Yazoo no, I just wanted to see you own Reno AGAIN.

Rufus:Where have you been most frequently in oh..the last 3 monthes?

Sephiroth:My mind is more superior than yours!HA!I understood the point of the question!

Cloud and Reno:What are your weaknesses?

Vincent:I have to agree speaking that we have never met,and might friend wanted to ask why your so mysterious. of my favorite characters is overpowered by a hilarious!I dare you to go to an anime con,dressed up like an emo(don't worry I know your not)and pretend to cut yourself in front of "Zexy"fans.

Vanitas:Don't forget my twin loves I like is the one thing you want the most?

Axel:Defenasized.*throws out window*Man that will never get old.

Gracias to all and who wants cookies?
Jayshock chapter 4 . 12/30/2010
Ok i have some stuff

Axel:How dare u take away Demyx's inoccentece! TOSS HIM IN THE POOL

Demyx: go play gutair hero

Marluxia: again why does your hair look like mansex and saix's combine?

Roxas:What kind of power is light anyways?

Zexion: Whats in ur book anyways? Is it porn?

Aqua: why did u send your armour with terra?

Larxene:go splash this chemical on Marluxia's hair so it turns black. be careful because it is very painful if caught in someones eyes.

Sora: why was your voice so annoying in Kingdom Hearts 1

RaegyStorm chapter 4 . 12/30/2010
Hi I'm back! I'm running out of dares and whatnot so this time it's mainly questions. Also, I don't want you guys to think I hate all of you, just a few so remember that.

Braig: Are you a ninja? I'm just wondering because in BBS you could hang upside down and poof away then shoot me and stuff which started to get on my nerves. I understand Xigbar doing that 'cause he controls space but when you did it I got really confused. And ticked.

Saix/Isa/Axel/Lea: Lea and Isa are best friends but Axel and Saix pretty much hate each other. Can any of you tell me why that is?

Axel, Roxas, and Xion: You guys eat sea-salt ice cream pretty much every day. How are you not sick of it?

Luxord and everyone else: I'M SORRY! It was so tempting...

Xaldin: How does it feel to get p'wned by Belle then get your butt kicked by SORA?

Xemnas/Xehanort: Xehanort was a keblade master, and then he took over Terra who was also a keyblade master (sorta), but when he became a nobody, Xemnas, his weapons were these weird ethreal blades that look strangely like lightsabers. How come Xemnas doesn't have a keyblade? Or two like Roxas since Xehanort and Terra had one? That would have saved you a lot of trouble and you wouldn't have had to use Roxas, Xion, and Sora.

Demyx: Have you heard of The Sitar Song by Dr. Bombay? If not I'm going to be suprised.

Well this ended up being all questions. Consider this a break from me. Be happy. One more question, did you guys like the vids I told you to watch? I love them but I wasn't sure if you guys would. Especially some of you... Also, I am a year younger than Angie. Just wanted you to know that you are being tortured by an 11 and 12 year old. Bye-bee!
organization13girl chapter 3 . 12/30/2010
Angie,I just want to say your awesome!Your a year older than me and just as evil!I won't torture that much and this is mainly for Final Fantasy Advent Children since I saw it on the 28th.

Kadaj:If I may ask,may I help you find Mother?

Reno:Your pretty cool dude.I dare you to fight Yazoo again!

Rufus:I'll admit I think your cool as to Kadaj for hiding Mother!

Vincent:You are also very cool.A lot of my friends think we would be good off this review,what do you think about that?

Cloud:Why didn't you try to help your brothers?All they wanted was to be with Mother.

Sephiroth:When Kadaj became you,did you only obtain some of your powers,speaking you were still missing Yazoo and Loz.

Zexion:You and Kadaj might become good to find something in common with him.

Axel:Sing the Bed Intruder song!

Vanitas"I love you!My twin likes Sora,but I like you better because your dark and evil...what do you think about that?

Kadaj,Loz,and Yazoo:Sing the Backing Up song!

Everyone:Try to get Kadaj,Loz,and Yazoo to laugh because they don't laugh inless fighting Big Brother!

Well that's all and I hope I didn't torture you guys that much...
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