Reviews for Lest We Forget
dream-lira chapter 1 . 4/2/2014
This made me cry T.T I really love it! It was so beatiful. It really touched my heart.
hope for eternity chapter 1 . 1/18/2012
That was beautiful *heart*
Fish Stick Friday chapter 1 . 3/22/2011
Julie! I haven't read a story with her in it for awhile. Of course, you uploaded this in December...I'm just reviewing it now because I'm LAME...I'm pretty sure I've read it before though...

"Keep your shirt on, Logie." Haha, I bet a lot of the reviewers are hoping for the exact OPPOSITE! ;)

"typical Logan rant" huh? Hehe.

Stephanie! Wow! All these people I haven't seen in stories for awhile! Lol.

Aww! Camille and Logan are the only married couple! *sighs blissfully* know...a less creepy adverb...

Haha, I loved how James was the first one to hug Logan, but then Kendall and Carlos, were like, "It's my turn!" Except, not really... ;)

Haha. James wanted Logan to name the baby James. Hehe. That's awesome!

Aw Logan! You're going to be a MUCH better dad than Ryan! I loved how he was worried about that though.

Ugh! I hate it when you remind me of Ryan and what an epic FAIL of a father he was to Logan.

I liked the little crack about waiting room magazines. Hehe.

If James is a worry wart, I wonder where he got it from. *cough, cough* Logan! *cough, cough*

Haha, yeah if four guys discussed baby names, I'd be somewhat concerned because you're totally right; it's more of a girl thing.

No! The cancer can't be back! Poor Logan!

I liked how James was trying to stay strong for Logan.

Wow! Logan sure does apologize a lot, doesn't he?

I swear. Sometimes I think the guys are psychic. They finish each other's sentences. They know what the other is thinking without them even saying anything. The list goes on...

Yep. Logan's a pessimist and Carlos is an optimist. They balance each other out. Lol.

Did I vent to you about Jo and Camille's lack of friendship in recent episodes? I mean I thought the two were best friends! But lately, she just seems to have scenes with Kendall.

I liked how James was so affected that he didn't even realize he had been speaking.

I liked the bit about them being seventeen again.

This is so hard to read. Your Logan cancer stories are always so sad. "He Lives On" was really sad too. I know that one was written by One Man Writing Games, but that was based off Little Hollow, so yeah...

Ooh! Kendall has a potty mouth! Shame!

I hate how Logan's giving up.

When Logan said "Tell him that I'm sorry I couldn't be a better dad." That really got to me. :(

That's horrible, James; lying to your dying best friend!

I liked the bit about talking about Logan in the past tense. It reminded me of Final Fantasy VIII ( a video game; yep, I'm comparing it to a video game, lol).

Are you kidding me? I have some leather boots that could use a good cutting. Lol. Okay, not really. I don't own any leather boots... :)

NOOOOO! Logan can't be gone! Why? Not Logan! :(

I don't blame James one bit. That kind of news isn't something you share in a voicemail.

I liked how vividly you described how Logan looked in the morgue.

I loved how Camille stroked Logan's face. That was so sweet!

That was so sweet how James was trying to get Logan to wake up by shaking him gently. Then trying to concentrate hard enough so that he could swap places with Logan. Jagan FTW!

I like how Carlos has no problem with crying. James is like, "I'm too old to cry." Kendall is all, "I'm the leader. Must be strong." Lol.

Aww! The baby's name is Logan!

I loved how James whispered "I'll take care of you. I promise." to Baby Logan. :)

See James? Then you wonder how I could think you were the drug addict in "How To Save a Life."

Wow! The bit about it being Camille and Logan now was really sad!

Aww! Julie broke up with James! That's so sad. I don't blame Julie though...

I agree. Logan isn't capable of hating anyone.

Aww! I love how Baby Logan has Logan's eyes. And the hair! How precious!

I liked how James still used Logan' nickname for Baby Logan.

Aww! Baby Logan has dimples too!

Baby Logan's favorite toy is the one Kendall gave him. Seriously, what is with you and Kogan in your stories? I'm...confuzzled...

Then Baby Logan called James "Jamie." Aww!

This was realy sad! But really good! Like REALLY good! Like I said before, your Logan cancer stories are among the saddest stories you have written. Bravo!
permanthiatus chapter 1 . 2/26/2011
I screamed. I cried. And I aww'd. What powerful emotions your stories make me feel, oh great one *bows down*

Seriously. This was just. Wow. Indescribable. Happy. Sad. Cute. AMAZING!

I'm totally speechless. You knocked the words right out of me. I have no idea how to tell you how great this story was. I'm blank.

But. Mr. Mitchell. That man irks me. He needed to grieve after his wife died. I get it. But Logan needed him too. Why am I explaining this to you when you already know? Good question.

Sorry for the choppy review, forgive me? I do love the story though, as always.

~Colorful Soul
TurnUpTheBassAndTreble chapter 1 . 2/9/2011
Oh my lord I am a crying mess right now. Even through all of the angst and sadness, I'm glad that there was at least a semi-happy ending.

Excellent job.
Manilai chapter 1 . 12/31/2010
I loved so much of this story, but I'll just mention the part that got to me most. Toddler Logan. Hiding his face in Camille's shoulder because he was so shy, squirming in James's arm before stopping and observing him then looking back at his mom, instantly holding up the hockey stick that Kendall gave him... Adorable. He almost made me forget the angst, but when I realized that I loved it because little Logan was just like his "daddy" (for some reason, I just love how Camille can talk to him about his daddy completely normally), the angst came rushing back. And I cried.

This is perfect. ;(
LIV3xLAUGHxL0V3 chapter 1 . 12/24/2010
I refuse to believe logan dies in any story of yours :) I don't think I've ever cried this much for any of the Little Hollow stories, even in He Lives On. Beautifully written and very touching, but please don't qwrite about Logan dying again, please? :D
Fang lover23 chapter 1 . 12/23/2010
I really hate you right now. I had to take an 8 hour break from this story. I was about halfway through it, and then they were at the morgue and I just LOST it. This is pretty much the same situation I was in in July, with my grandpa. Almost to a tee. :(

It just kinda freaked me out how similar the situations were to each other. /

I loved it, of course. And Little Logan is back once again! :D You just can't let this story go...oh dear.

But it's still been tough for me. Thanks for making me bawl my eyes out during the holiday season. T.T -dies-

Can I join you in your weeping corner? Or do I need to make my own next to yours? XP
BeastBoyfangirl chapter 1 . 12/23/2010
This story was good! Oh I knew it came back I just knew! Really cool thing you and OMWG are this close and just like the boys frienship!1

Great story!

EpicInTheLibrary chapter 1 . 12/23/2010
Hurr hurr well I didn't cry or anything. Plus for me? PLUS FOR ME? Idk. It was just so angsty. I'm a little bit done with cancer fics right now THIS WAS THE LAST ONE RIGHT? Oh wait no I still have to read Three... and some of that other stuff. AGH. I'll do it. For you. Eventually...

Okie dokie so everything I said when you first sent me the bits of pieces of this still stands TODAY and I loved it all and I still do. It's just. GH. Poor James. He shouldn't have to become a druggie just cuz Logan died. GET OVER IT HE WANTED TO DIE HIS MOMMIE IS IN HEAVEN OH THE NERVE OF YOU, MR. JAMES. Oho. Julieeee man you just made it worse. Why would you even do that? I LOVED you. I DID! Now I don't really like you. Even though you were justified. And WHY were you guys dating for EIGHT YEARS? And not married? That is a long, LONG time, my friend. YOU NEVER LOVED HIM. NEVER. AND I WAS /KIDDING/ ABOUT THE "MY FRIEND" PART. YOU'RE NOT MY FRIEND. Backstab buddy lolol.

Agh, it was still sad. I tried to read it fast 'cuz I didn't wanna get all depressed again 'cuz I just fixed it AND DEPRESSION SUCKS JUST MAKE LIFE FUN AND YOU FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. I don't even know what I'm doing here. NOT WRITING CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, THAT'S WHAT. Um. You. I have a Christmas present for you. That I have to write. And it's like, the day before Christmas Eve. And mi madre is making me work on a project starting Monday. So. Is it okay if yours is late? Like I already told you but now because of my mom it's final so. Official. So. Is it okay? I SERIOUSLY DON'T FEEL LIKE GETTING PRESENTS WHEN I'M SUCH A JERK IN RESPONSE. So hows about we wait for me to finish yours. And then you can gimme mine. Alright? Alright. We can all figure out a day we'll do presents like that and it'll be called Procrastinator's Christmas. Righto? Righto.

Wonderful, wonderful. Wow, this was reallyreallyreally long. You and Alex one-upped me this year. WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT NEXT YEAR. I WILL WRITE YOU MULTICHAPTERED STORIES AND ALL THE CHAPTERS WILL BE AS LONG AS THIS AND THEY WILL BE THIRTY CHAPTERS LONG. Just kidding I would have to start on that now if I were to do that. which i don't have time. Woop.

Falling to Fly chapter 1 . 12/22/2010
Please just kill me. Because it took me this long to get here and I really should have read this yesterday and now I feel really stupid because I didn't/couldn't and that just makes me really upset. -dead

Aw. Camille and Logan get to have a kid. -heart- I love how excited they were. So. Sweet. :) James was completely right when he said they deserved all the happiness in the world.

Oh my goodness. Silly Logan and his silly questions. He would have been the most amazing dad in the world. I love how James got angry at that. And how he thought that Logan's kid should be named James. James Mitchell. I love those two. :)

Okay. As soon as James started getting really worried even though he thought that he didn't need to I had to look away from the screen. Because... foreboding. I just KNEW. My pessimistic side is right more often then not. -sob-

When I found out that I was right I had to look away again and control myself, because I'm in my car with my family and I can't break down or it would just... Not be good. But it was hard because I was right and I can't even say what I was right about because it would kill me. And then James and Logan had to tell the others... I looked away again.

Logan... broke my heart again. He just... always gets the boys to make the hardest promises and he GAVE UP. For some reason when Carlos made his promise I just got hit. I'd been struggling to control myself the whole time, obviously, but that part was the hardest. I looked away for a full minute and had to take deep breaths. I don't know why, that part just really got to me.

And then while I was trying to recover from that, Logan died. And this time I couldn't even look away. I just kind of stared at the screen for a little while so that my brain could process it. Yeah. That never happened. I'm still in denial.

Little Logan. A perfect name. I melted a little when James picked him up and held him. That was just... Perfect.

James and drugs. -sigh- Although I don't necessarily blame Julie for breaking up with him, I still feel really bad for him. He doesn't handle these kinds of things well. :( But Kendall and Carlos' little intervention was wonderful. James can always count on them. :)

Again, little Logan. He's just so adorable that words can't even begin to describe it. So much like big Logan. -sniff- But at least they have something to remember him by, right? So like Camille said, it's almost like he's still there. The part where he called James "Jamie" was amazing, and the ending was perfect. Perfect end to a perfect story. :)

He Lives On was genius, and this was genius and they go together perfectly. I love them both. :)
TinyHandz chapter 1 . 12/22/2010
see every time and i mean EVERY TIME you make me cry! i cried during the whole story :'( but it was great!
Bella chapter 1 . 12/21/2010
omigosh,another amazing story! Thanks for writting your amazing stories.. :)
mIsS-vIcToRy96 chapter 1 . 12/21/2010
First of all, I would like to announce that this is the first FanFic to make me cry. Right now I just want to curl up in a little ball and cry myself to sleep. But sadly, if I do, my dad will walk in and interrogate me on why I am sobbing. *sigh*

Anyways, enough of my random tear-induced rambling!

This was absolutely amazing! I love your writing SO much! Every time I see anything written by you, my day gets a little better (or angstier, I should say ;) ) Thank you for such a beautiful and heart-wrenching story! :D
InLoveWithLogan chapter 1 . 12/21/2010

I'm not even kidding you. This was...ohmygod. I don't even know what to say anymore when I review your stories cuz they leave me so speechless. But Lil' Logie's been written about twice and he's already my favoritest character in the whole wide fanfiction world. I want to see a story about home SO. BAD.

This was beautiful, though (and unexpected. I was all like Wah? When I saw this xD). I LOVED LOVED LOVED 'He Lives On' and the whole LH Franchise (that's what it deserves to be :D) and this is no exception. I totally died at the scene with the morgue, and the happy pills reminded me of...that one thing (I know you feel sick when someone mentions it, so I didn't say it's name for your sake. But let me remind you that IT WAS SO FREAKING EPIC. CHAPTERS 10 & 16 FTW BABY). And Lil' Logie is full of awesomesauce. I hope his kids turn out like that in real life, cuz those children would be beau-ti-ful!

(Oh! I almost forgot! When James and Logan were driving I originally though you were gonna pull a Head on Collision on me haha)

Oh, well, this review was sucky rambling, as always. That's what you get when you're in angst rehab. I bumbling, Lil' Logie obsessed idiot who can't write a decent or at least a sane review. I leave you with the usual: Keep being awezome! ;)

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