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Sakura-bell chapter 3 . 2/2/2011
This is freaking awesome! I've been checking this fic everyday for weeks and you just delivered the nest Groundhogs day gift ever!

I loved how Scarlett was able to get in some alone time with Snake; "wanna invent fooling around?" that was priceless! Sad about Anthony tho, but hey at least he got to see something no other viper had seen before. Lol

And Storm! OMG he went and adopted a little raptor and named it Yoshi, so cute! (I am reminded not of the videogame version but the Yoshi from the Super Mario Bros movie, was this the imagery you were going for I wonder?) Either way Duke will probably need to be fed Aspirin thru an iv if Tommy somehow manages to bring him home when they leave (can a Dino even cross timelines?)

So I can't wait for the next update and I'm intrigued by the musings of the she-Rex and can't wait to see what happens soon.
willwrite4fics chapter 3 . 2/2/2011
Bwah ha ha... "DO NOT TEACH IT TO BITE VIPERS". Storm getting bored and wanting to play with a baby raptor, why do I believe it's going to want to bite Beach with all the other dinos? Also, Viper-With-Poor-Judgement at least got to see Scarlett naked before dying. Ace will kick himself for missing out on the betting pool possibilities of "How many Vipers survive", "Worst way to die", "Deaths by biting vs deaths by clawing". Heh. Love this fic.
Totenkinder Madchen chapter 3 . 2/2/2011
Wow. Cute AND, by virtue of its nature, capable of murdering you very messily. I think Storm just found his animal soulmate.

Snake and Scarlett inventing fooling around . . . well, you know I was going to cheer that, don't you? My favorite part, though, was definitely Anthony the Ill-Fated Viper. Obviously he didn't get much screentime before being turned into troodon chow, but in an alternate universe, I wouldn't mind seeing more of him. I liked seeing GI Joe through his eyes, and the details like the payday/poker issue made him seem like more than, well, Viper #4, Squad 102.

Sonic screwdriver reference FTW, incidentally. Now I want Destro to meet the Ninth Doctor. In between trying to foil each others' plans, they could trade technology tips!
PhantomEmpress chapter 3 . 2/2/2011
YOSHI! omg yes!

and poor Anthony. In the wrong Place at the wrong time.
TinySprite chapter 3 . 2/2/2011
This is just too cute! Wonder how they're going to explain it all back at the base though...especially Yoshi.
Karama9 chapter 3 . 2/2/2011
Geek-asm. A Viper getting a knife thrown in his thigh for spying on Snake and Scarlett christening the PLANET was already gold. The same Viper being killed by a hoard of tiny dinosaurs was the cherry on top.

But then, DESTRO bemoaning the fact sonic screwdrivers don't exist, and Tommy adopting a dinosaur and naming him Yoshi (I want Billy to get to ride that thing, btw)?

I am in your debt for ultimate geekery. *bows*
Tinks231 chapter 2 . 1/31/2011
I love this! Really made me laugh, especially Beachhead. Your characters are perfect.

Very, very funny. Can't wait for more!
BlazeStryker chapter 2 . 1/22/2011
Absolutely Glorious! I remain completely impressed by this.

I doubt that G.I. Joe was responsible for the mass extinction of the dinosaurs, but it is almost certain that several headaches are going to contribute heavily to local dino fatalities.

My only question is if some wisenheimer's going to try to find fossils of the dead Vipers once they all get back..
Vierge chapter 2 . 1/12/2011
Oh my Lord. DINOSAURS. I never thought someone would try this, but here it is.

As a dinosaur nut, this pleases me on a very deep, childish level, particularly since it brought back memories of playing with G.I Joe figures while listening to my mother read me a book about dinosaurs, so this story juxtaposes two things from my childhood together in a most fascinating and pleasing way.

That meant, of course, that I did nothing but giggle for most of this story, even though I can only imagine what sort of stress they're under. Poor Storm; must be extremely hard on him being in a forest where nothing sounds familiar. And I really liked how you included the "deeply-buried mammalian instincts" which still exist in us all. Humans like to think they're at the top of the food chain, but being around dinosaurs really does knock us down a peg or ten.

I do have to agree that you need more than a standard-issue firearm to deal with the larger dinos, so it was a good idea for them to bring out the heavy artillery. I suppose the raptor they shot down was something along the lines of a Deinonychus or a Utahraptor? Velociraptors are only the size of turkeys, if I'm not mistaken, so they'll likely go down with a regular pistol - if you can actually hit them, of course.
Knives91 chapter 2 . 1/11/2011
Scarlet without coffee? World is over folks. Pack it in. Game over. I'm going home.

A most amusing story so far. More please!
Miscella chapter 2 . 1/10/2011
Ahahaha! Beachhead cursing and the others taking that as okay and "'Ah'm fine' in Beachspeak could mean 'the limb is still mostly attached and I duct taped the intestines back in'" is WONDERFUL! XD
reena01 chapter 2 . 1/10/2011
If I egg you on, cause we all know ninjas versus dinosaurs has to be better then Godzilla versus Bambi any day can I be one of those people? Please? Cause, you know, redheads get viscious without coffee so you're safe for today...
Ghanie chapter 2 . 1/8/2011
Poor Duke! :)
Lady Jaye1 chapter 2 . 1/8/2011
Great update. It looks like Scarlett isn't the only one having drug withdrawals. Poor Duke has a headache that's only going to get worse, but no aspirin for it. I liked that Tommy was on edge because the sounds and smells were different. That was good attention to detail about something that would bother him more than someone else. Being a ninja goes a long way, but a human versus a hungry T-Rex is still a human.

I'm glad to see that (almost) everyone survived the raptor attack. Destro may be immune to ninja/Scarlett/Joe retaliation at the moment, but all bets are off once they get back to their own time.
willwrite4fics chapter 2 . 1/7/2011
Tommy having issues because all the noises are wrong is a tidbit many wouldn't think of. SE with Scarlett using his thigh as a pillow, sleeping upright with a gun, very SE. No coffee scary mornings.

Nervous ninja major danger. No doubt. If an IED guy starts to sweat you get nervous, same with ninja.

BeachHead punching and cursing at the raptor awesome. Duke realizing "Ah'm fine" can "most folks would be dead right now" was great. And Dusty's calm assesment of BH's status by volume level uber-funny.

Destro's morale boosting instructions were spot-on. Loved this. Write more. More things should try to bite BeachHead.
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