Reviews for You Can't Make It FallSong Story
BandBfan chapter 1 . 4/29/2011
Where does the hate come from, sometimes your muse just has to have it's say.

I read all the time that a writer's story didn't go as planned b/c their muse just did not want to co-operate.

I think sometimes you just have to let the thoughts flow and let them take you where they may.

The outcome of the story was not what I am always hoping for.

But the story was very well written, very emotional and sad for both of them.

I get that Brennan wishes that she had the love Booth needed.

PS, loved the old women's story...makes me want to believe there is love like that out there for everyone. I for one, know I have and am very lucky to share a love similar to that with my husband.

Thank you for your beautiful words!