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RaeRurounifan chapter 43 . 5/15
Hello there! I'm trying to do better about reviewing stories I read this year, and I just finished this one yesterday after making my way through it for the past week or so as I had time. So here I am to review it!

This story, while older at this point, has the feel of the newer cozy fantasy genre that I adore. There's no "big bad," no complex plot, no danger or mission to complete. There's just the lilting movement of the day-to-day as Hermione and Severus navigate simple changes to their world, which, of course, includes the changes that draw them together in the workplace. I appreciate so much that there's no big plot, no mystery, and the story is just a rolling jaunt through the hills and vales of a post-war era peacetime.

Their relationship evolved in a way I really appreciated. I loved the pacing, although I will admit I much prefer a slow-building, slow-burning type of story over the quicker paced ones. And at times the pacing on this was *almost* too slow even for me, so bravo to you for that! I think the only thing I disliked besides Ron's chlidish and churlish behavior and response was Minerva's pettiness. I can certainly see why you wrote her that way, though, so aside from that, I have no complaints.

Thank you for a lovely story, and I look forward to checking out Chasing the Sun sometime soon.
tash403 chapter 43 . 5/3
Wonderful story.. Absolutely beautifully written, crafted and executed. One of the best I have ever read. Thank you for sharing your story.
Guest chapter 4 . 4/18
Snape's a tsundere
maluciole chapter 43 . 4/13
Another re-read, with CTS, this story is one of my comfort tale, the one I need when real life becomes unsettling and I need a dose of hope.
Thank you for them.
67186 chapter 1 . 4/5
Cannot tell yoy how many tiems i’ve re read this. I got a FF account again just to find this story. Adore this
Bookwormkat1 chapter 7 . 3/27
I'm back again! Wanted some comfort reading.
I have missed this.
siloorjaswita chapter 43 . 3/21
wow okay. i never thought i will like severus with someone so much younger like hermoine but thiis story turned it around . i found this story recommended on reddit and so i gave it a chance and so thankful.
its really great story writing . you brought up a lot of well starkly straightforward problems and i had to agree like ministry and house divisions and partial treatments.
i have never thought of minerva like this . how you brought uo her character but its very believable. and its a very nirmal reaction of simeone who went through somany wars in her lifetime.
and i have never cried mind you it was,difficult as i cought a nasty cold while i started reading this 3 days ago. i loved it and i already kept it downloaded so i can read it whenever
Guest chapter 1 . 3/11
The Epilogue is the worst part of the seven Harry Potter books. It allowed the abomination of a fanfic that is the Cursed Child. I am all for any fanfic that erases the Epilogue from canon completely.
josefa453 chapter 42 . 2/20
don't know how many times I've read this, it's still my favorite ff ever. Will come back to it in a few months and re read it. Good job, I adore this story
Jess chapter 1 . 2/17
Idk if I have ever commented on this before but it is truly one of my favorite reads, this will be my third time. Thank you. It’s so great.
josefa453 chapter 1 . 2/13
This is by far the best ff I've ever read. Out of all the books,movies,TV shows ff
Guest chapter 18 . 2/13
I love how you write. Your style and word choice puts me in the moment. I think that is why small errors are so jarring. Snape was still talking to Lily after the Werewolf Incident. Lily said: "I heard what happened the other night. You went sneaking down that tunnel by the Whomping Willow, and James Potter saved you from whatever’s down there." SWM happened AFTER the Shrieking Shack-Werewolf Incident, but you make that incident the reason he decided.
maluciole chapter 43 . 2/12
While this is my umpteenth read of this story, I never left a comment, rather simply because being new to FFN, I did not know how to. I confess that AO3 is much easier.
Still, I read first Chasing The Sun and it was the beginning of my love for this pairing. They make so much sense.
So after rereading Chasing The Sun, I went for another reread of this story too.
It is fun to see in some ways the premises of which or what elements you used and adapted in CTS.

I love so much these two stories, I have typeseted them both, I did contact you about CTS (BTW, I need to share the links of the arts I commissioned for them).

I am curious to see what kind of new adventures you might have in store for them if you ever write again about them.

Whatever, thank you for these two moving stories.
marellie chapter 1 . 1/26
Still the best Snape/Hermione story. Read this of the large age gab student/teacher relationship bothers you in other fics. Fantastic storytelling from the beginning to the end. Even the smutty scenes are well written which is feat on itself, imo.
Guest chapter 43 . 1/23
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this fic! I found it on a recommendation post for great SSHG fics on Reddit and boy did it deliver! Absolutely LOVED your characterization and backstory for Severus. I don't think I've ever read anything that in depth, or that made so much sense. I felt like the school history, McGonagall etc not supporting him, the moment he decided to join, etc. was inspired. GREAT job!
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