Reviews for Tarkin's Fist Episode II Dirtside
Georgia Jackdaw chapter 69 . 3/14
This was a difficult story to finish. Not because it wasn't good-on the contrary, it was an excellent read, but because the subject matter was so dark. Given the atrocities covered, it would be easy to write the imperials off as monsters, but the reader is attached to characters on both sides of the conflict. That the characters are humanized so well is a testament to how well-crafted this story is.

I loved this book. It made me laugh. It made me uneasy. It unsettled me greatly at points. But that's what makes it damned fine literature.

D72 chapter 69 . 6/10/2014
The movie references were a little... thick. The references to the crawl were fine, but the

resevoir dogs one, and a few others were less than great. Flat notes, essentially.

Neyo with the Yayo made me laugh, but it made me worry about brakatak
Jawas against slavery, and the spread of christianity are some neat infections from


Mahan and SF-4738 are an interesting contrast to Cortez and Mallory.

I like pretty much any of the action you write in China, even though Loi was constantly

crapped on by fate. He got one bright note, a freaking can of red bull, and then came

the battle near the xbox factory.

Dude was hard core though, just kept on his quest.

A couple names stand out. Kartarn, Porkins, Celhu.

Are these the Core worlds characters? or cousins? Katarn seemed like a fairly nasty


I dug Ashla's head yoda near the end.

Still don't particularly care for Phasma. I am glad she wasn't the force sensitive.
Bobbish chapter 10 . 5/10/2014
... A modern MBT would absolutely Wipe the floor with an AT-ST. Their armor can be defeated by stone age teddy bears for god's sake!
Darth Marrs chapter 69 . 5/8/2014
Another great installment in the series. Your depictions of the various consequences of the invasion from both sides is very well thought out and make the frame of a thoroughly enjoyable plot progression. I especially enjoyed the Jedi and Trekkie subplot. I look forward to reading the conclusion of this!
maria.chu.96 chapter 1 . 12/21/2013
Sweet there is a Second STORY! I found this story on StarDestroyer website and read that one in two days! So happy there is more. It reminds me of Band of Brothers and Battle For Los Angeles Mixed with Star Wars. Unless Earth has a Hidden BattleMechs or GunDam suits Earth is in big Trouble. Maybe they can infect The Stardestroyer Fleet with massive spam and malware, Call it a pornsite assault! Well great story and now i have something to read over the weekend Thank you AshlaTi for making my drive over the holidays a bit better.
Abelextera chapter 8 . 11/29/2013
i have received a PM from Ahsla ti and the first chapter of tarkins fist three should be released tomorrow
Spiz101 chapter 68 . 11/28/2013
I am not sure I can survive much longer without TF3 :(
sneaky breeze chapter 69 . 11/8/2013
Oh my god where is episode 3? I feel like I'm loosing my mind anxiously waiting for the next part. I want to see the people of Earth come back swinging hard and furiously for the nearly uncountable numbers of crimes against humanity the empire perpetrated.

It is high time for the wolves to protect the sheep and the Empire to learn that might does not mean right and that justice is as good as revenge, served with righteous fury.
kalani.gapido chapter 37 . 10/27/2013
First of all IM still dying for Episode 3. Second Is it my imagination but i Kind of picture Jason and Ashla Like Fry and Leela from Futurama. I pretty much was watching Futurama and was like that is totally Fry and Leela
Jepsie chapter 69 . 10/26/2013
Wow. It's been months since I've last reviewed this story. I've had many stuff distracting me from getting to a review but I thought I might as well pay my respects by posting one since the story ended. Let me just say that I'm by no means an avid fan browser. The only story-writers I go on this site for are for you and RKB. Before I found this story back in 2010, I didn't have much interest in fanfiction because most of it is sloppily written, dull, cliche, repetitive, and eye-rolling. When I first found your story, it was out of boredom because I didn't know what else to occupy myself with at the time. However, when I started reading your story, I couldn't help but get embroiled in it, which is why I reviewed it and pointed out what I thought and still think are flaws such as the Star Wars slang. I know that the slang term "wizard" appears in The Phantom Menace, but it's still a ridiculous word. I mean, come on! "That's so wizard, Anakin!" Seriously? It sucked in 1999 and it sucks now, especially when the word is used throughout the whole story. But that wasn't enough to sink the story. I only mention it because in such an expertly written story, the flaws, at least as I perceive to be(obviously opinions are subjective) stick out like a sore thumb in such an expertly written story.

What I liked most about your story was that, despite involving Earth, it had that "Star Warsy" feeling to it. Like the two previous trilogies, your story included historical parallels to WWI, WWII, the Vietnam War, and the Iraq War. The whole youth movement pressuring for reform in the Martian Empire is reminiscent of 1960s America. Furthermore, it's even reminiscent of the British Empire's wars in the Caribbean during the 1790s. Like in the war between Earth and Mars, British commanders began to feel sympathy for the rebel ex-slaves, like Moff Cutler, Cody, and Roblin. I could definitely see this helping the cause of abolition in the Martian Empire, the same way the British wars in the Caribbean helped abolitionists in England in the long run. Perhaps you've read "Bury the Chains" by Adam Hochschild. Good book. If you haven't read it, I recommend doing so. Anyway, I understand that historical parallels can be imagined. If not intentional, it does at least show that the story is grounded in reality, at least in the sense that many of the things that happened the Empire-Earth War happened in Earth's previous wars. That just makes the story all the more engaging. Hell, it's partly what made Star Wars so engaging for me because I'm such a huge history buff.

I suppose another way Tarkin's Fist has been "Star Warsy" so far is because there are a lot of mood changes. There's humor and then there's gut-wrenching warfare and character drama. Although, I think the humor/drama dichotomy is different from the one in the two currently only trilogies. The humor in this series is more like the type you'd find in a Quentin Tarantino movie, which is alright by me. Although I've seen only one movie of his so far(Django: Unchained), I'm already a fan of his. I hope to see Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Basterds. But getting back on topic, the change to from dark themes to humor is quiet well-done.

Speaking of the dramatic moments(in which there were many), how do you do it? The level of darkness in the story went beyond ROTS and ESRB. You know, it's funny: I know this may sound juvenile, but it's like the darker a Star Wars movie is, the better it is. Now, I don't mean to say that your story is good simply because it's "dark and edgy," but I will say that it definitely helps. I mean, obviously, if you put too much GRIMDARKness in your story, it gets pretentious. Your story didn't have any pretentiousness that can come when a story is made dark for the sake of being dark. The drama felt suitable because it took place during a war on Earth and every war on Earth has been pretty gruesome and destructive. So it made sense that even though this was technically still a Star Wars story, the war on Earth was suitably grim like a war movie such as Platoon. Now Star Wars has it's share of dark moments. There are many in the EU as well as Star Wars: The Clone Wars. But in a way, they never really do get to the nitty-gritty of war like the war movies here on Earth or your own story. So, you've combined the realistic gory detail of war movies with Star Wars movies. That's how I view this tale. It actually makes me wish all the more that that live-action Star Wars series, which was suppose to be dark and show us the "seedy side of Star Wars", had come out by now but it's probably been canned or it's stuck in development hell and that usually means it's dead anyway.

Now, what I really liked was how you portrayed the Empire and how frustrating you made them as characters, even if I do like Roblin, Dusel, SF-4738, Kuat, Cutler, and yes, even Eritech. I'm not adverse to liking bad guys in the story(of course, only as characters). There are many characters in A Song of Ice and Fire that are morally reprehensible objectively that I still like as characters. I even liked Calvin Kandie in Django: Unchained. I like any bad guy in a story as a character if they have interesting qualities that you can admire such as perseverance, hard work, determination, charisma, intellect, etc. There's no main villain in the story. It's very grey-ish so far. I do think there are villains in the story. Not main villains, but still villains. Villains as in morally bad people that just fuck things over for everyone else. Seco and Eritech count as villains. But the story isn't just driven by the villains, it's driven by all the characters. The rest of the characters may be seen as villains. They've certainly participated in some pretty bad things, like Loi Cas burying that Stormtrooper alive. I think what makes this story work is it's shades of grey with the Imperial cast(and Loi Cas). The Earthicans got a lot of blood in their hands with the genocide they caused on the Martian colony. With all fairness, they didn't know that they were destroying two races at once. I actually think it was justified though it was definitely bloody. It was bad, but it was necessary. That's how I view right now, though I think my opinion on it may change. Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if the Earthicans did more morally questionable things in the future or stuff that are outright bad. I guess we'll all see, won't we?

By the way, it's funny. Have you been keeping up with the news on the new Star Wars: Rebels series that's coming out next year? They revealed that there's no Imperial draft and that all the Stormtroopers are volunteers. That's actually amazing and makes the Empire all the more formidable. It speaks volumes about how skilled at brainwashing the propagandists are. Massive volumes. I wonder: perhaps in Tarkin's Fist III you can actually reference this. Maybe some of the Imperial military draftees such as Jason might comment on how Palpatine's Empire didn't draft their Stormtroopers but Yos's Empire does? Now I'm not saying Palpatine's Empire is better than Yos's Empire, but it's pretty interesting that while Yos likes to harp about how his Empire much more freer and better than the old Empire, his Empire lacks one particular freedom that his Empire and countries on Earth lack, and that's freedom from military drafting. I'm not saying that a military draft is a bad thing but it's an interesting paradox about Palpatine's empire and probably one that Yos has pondered about himself. It just goes to show that Yos's propagandists have nothing Palpatine's propagandists.

You know, it's funny how much has changed from the beginning of this series to now. Back when this story started, Star Wars: The Clone Wars was starting it's third season, the canonicity of the post-ROTJ EU wasn't up in the air, there was no such thing as Star Wars: Rebels, LucasArts was still a company that made Star Wars games, Lucas was head of his company, LucasFilm, and there wasn't ever going to be a third Star Wars trilogy. Now Star Wars: The Clone Wars is done, Darth Maul didn't die on Naboo, we now know more about Darth Plagueis, Lucas isn't head of LucasFilm, Star Wars Episode VII is a REAL THING, Star Wars: 1313(which was suppose to be a Boba Fett game) has been cancelled, LucasArts doesn't make games anymore, Star Wars Battlefront III is being made(finally!), Star Wars: The Old Republic is out(though not very successful), Star Wars spinoff films are being made, and of course, Star Wars Episode VII is a REAL THING!

Things fucking change, don't they? I'm almost tempted to make a list of all the non-Star Wars-related things that have happened since the story began such as the release of George Martin's fifth book, the releases of other Neil Gaiman books, the 2012 election, the end of DOMA, the ending of Breaking Bad, etc.(and there are a lot of etcs).

In conclusion, thanks for the story. I don't usually like fan fiction. Like I said, most of it is crap. But your's is the glaring exception to the rule. So thank you.
Spiz101 chapter 19 . 10/13/2013
You said it would be 'Fall'... October is 'Fall'...

I can't last much longer!
*starts banging on his computer screen*

"Don't HOLD OUT ON ME MANNNNNNNN" *starts crying and collapses in a heap*
kalani.gapido chapter 1 . 9/15/2013
Not to Nerd out too much but, since I am waiting for the 3rd act I have been reading alot of stories. One that is similar to this is Stargate vs Star Wars and Halo Vs Star Wars. And in both crossovers most of the time alot of people have Gauss Guns that shoot Tungestein Rounds. And after some research i Realized alot of people use Gause Guns and lots of research in caseless rounds, and a rail gun systems called METAL STORM. I would think that there would be more availabitly of gauss guns and rail guns at least within the next 50 years.
Damirgraffiti chapter 2 . 8/20/2013
Nice use of upgraded vehicles and weapons! Even some old weapons by the empire! Nice! )
kalani.gapido chapter 26 . 8/16/2013
IM starting to feel like Yutu and Imperial Command are a bit out of touch. Yutu is really sad over 42 dead troopers? Has he not read any of the war stats yet? Does he not realize that the Coroscanti woman in labor was near human and that if someone from Coroscant is near human then they all are. If 42 was a touching number for him i feel like he is completely out of touch with what is going on. Which is why I guess he never had a clue about the Coup that took him.
grayangle chapter 69 . 8/16/2013
The tide of fate has changed it seems. The Invaders are now on the run the Americans will push with all their savage fury. Hopefully the Chinese will get their act together and press the attack. But I am not holding out hope for that. And you used that speech! It is such a wonderful speech. I just had to listen to it after I finished the chapter. Those Stealth Suits! And talk of reflective armor gave me a manic grin. It wont do that much against blaster fire but it will be a lot better no doubt then what they got now.

Again you have left us at the cross roads of fortune for the characters. Now the down trodden will rise up, as much as they can, and reap vengeance. I have a feeling there will be almost no, prisoners since they all died to the last of course. If they can reach the staging areas and get their hands on a few working ships I have a feeling that things will change far to fast for the Imperial's liking.

I will of course be waiting for the next installment of this wonderful story. More please when you can, skilled wordsmith.
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