Reviews for All In A Day's Work
Floris chapter 1 . 2/25/2013
Omg nice story just love it!
Only thing, fina didn't used her special attacks.. :(
Martin III chapter 1 . 10/9/2011
Another excellent tale of adventure from you, and I'm very sorry that I didn't get to this one a lot sooner. It's probably your best in recent years, and from what I've seen, one of the best SoA fics period in that same time frame.

As always, your handling of the idealistic swashbuckling atmosphere of SoA is wholly convincing, with characteristic lines like "As a true Blue Rogue, she would not stand for this." Good fun without descending into kitsch(not that there's anything wrong with kitsch).

The fight scenes are excellent; you certainly don't make the common fan fiction mistake of regarding the playable characters as immune to danger. Fina gets in genuinely tight spots here and manages to kick butt in the end. I liked the way in which she used Cupil to win the first fight.

Lots of great writing here, with Derreck's watch being a particularly striking bit. Pleasing descriptions that often add to Derreck's characterization. You can tell just by the way he talks about his handgun that he's new to this work. Derreck himself immediately fits in to the SoA, feeling like a natural part of it.

A Fina solo adventure is something of a surprise, particularly for you, but a pleasant one. Fina deserves a little more time with the spotlight to herself, and under your pen, at least, she carries the tale perfectly well on her own. That said, I like how Vyse and Aika are present here even when absent, in Fina's thoughts and reflections. And the line "Well, Aika had said that it was both impolite and also "ginourmously stupid" to not accept a gift." is classic Aika characterization.

The game of catch with Cupil is one of the more creative demonstrations of the little fella I've seen, and makes a good lead in to the warehouse adventure. I hope that something comes of this incident in your next fic.

There are a number of typos, including "Except from that time when...", "...and that were...", " find any hideout of any kind. There were none."(should be " find a hideout of any kind. There was none."), and "It was the place where your closest were..."

But really, the only serious complaint I can find with this fic - and it's a small one - is that the Vigoro subplot is introduced but not resolved or even explained. This is a very enjoyable yarn, and I hope that with time more readers/reviewers will discover it.
SPG inc chapter 1 . 7/8/2011
Whoh- Fina kicks ass!

Great story. When will here about Vigoro's evil plot?