Reviews for Playing Hide and Seek With the Truth
Guest chapter 36 . 8/17
I know it's been three years, but please come back!
bjq chapter 36 . 8/11
Guest chapter 1 . 8/3
Re-reading again. I seem to always come back to the Truth Series. I hope you finished one day. And as much as I love the future short, I wanna know how the your school bus mystery ends!
Guest chapter 36 . 7/23
Hope one day we can find out how this ends
Sarcastic girl chapter 36 . 7/12
Your stories are really good. I like how you write all the characters! I also love how you changed the plot. I almost forget your stories aren't canon. Plus LoVe staying together and there being no DuVe is great.
ForgeK chapter 1 . 7/5
I just found your Veronica Mars storiesLOVE them!
I really like how you reworked the series and maintain LoVe. I can't imagine how much timeenergy you have put into your Truth series but thank you for doing such a fabulous job.
Nichole chapter 36 . 6/24
I know it's almost been 3 years but this is still my favorite stories. I just read them again and still love them. I still have hope you will be inspired and finish them.
MargaritaS chapter 35 . 6/21
fantastic story, i just reread the whole series again... literally all i have done for the last 3 days... i have developed a theory about nash (feel free to laugh if im way off base) i think he undercover at the high school and has something to do with the drug busts, making him older and working thus weird with meg. im hoping veronica deals with her survivors guilt in a healthy manor :)
loveisloveislove chapter 36 . 6/12
Consider this my 5 years later review after being drawn back to this story. Wow. I just binged through the entire series and I forgot how effortlessly you worked your story with VM dialogue. I often don't like script reading, but your writing is so incredible and fluid, I don't even notice the names. I hope you do decide to continue this story (or let me know how it ends if it's too much to write ;)). But regardless, thank you for writing this and leaving it up here to be enjoyed time and again!
Hilde chapter 36 . 6/11
Thank you so much for writing these amazing stories! You write with amazing detail and great depth of characters! Thank you!
Reds86 chapter 36 . 5/7
Hey i was wondering if you were going to finish this story? I have have read all three and love them.
forevermagic chapter 36 . 5/4
Just finished re-reading this series and honestly, I think I like out more than canon! This is how I wish VM had gone I love everything about this story and I hope one day you get around to finishing. You definitely still have devoted fans who would be thrilled to see an update email land in their inbox xx
Jass1 chapter 36 . 5/3
So... I just finish reading the entire Truth serie.
I hope you'll finish it one day.
Just wanted to let you know that there's still people reading your stories even if it's been years since your last updates.
I'll probably read it again in the futur.
Paty S chapter 33 . 5/3
I feel really bad for Jake and everyone who lost there son/daughter.
Great chapter
Paty S chapter 31 . 5/3
Shiloh is so cute and demanding lol Veronica feels awful having to be there for her but forced to spend time with the Kane's.
Veronica is investigating the fire..not good, especially if Cassidy founds out. I do wonder if he will do something to the bus or someone else will.
Great chapter
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