Reviews for Festive Cheer
Queerapika chapter 1 . 1/10/2011
Happy New Year! *giving hugs*

I feel so honoured that you not only recommend my stories, but you also take the time to worry about my reaction. I won't be angry that you declared Anything but Simple as complete – its just awkward, because the wedding arc is still uncompleted.

I just loved Yuuko's phone call. Although there is no hint for magic in the Horitsuba Universe (despite the Mokona's existences), she must be some kind of psychic – just like you. You know, I really thought of a DouWata scene in „December Baby“ but in the end I never wrote one – I'm just too focused on KuroFai, I guess.

I just don't get why Fai wanted to make Yuui sleepless... I rather like to believe that he brought the topic „phone call“ up just so Kurogane will get no sleep... and if the man can't sleep, he could as well spend the nights sleeping with a certain person *giggles madly*

Oh, wow, you made us into Yuuko's top-secret spies? And I just love your question. XD Personally, I think that Kurogane is a bit prude, and good god, who could be kinkier than Fai? You should ask that question to Kuro-pon-sensei, but that would be a bit suicidal, huh?

I had to laugh so hard when I read “Seishiro (the school nurse)” - I was like “yeah, he turned into a girl”.

And about Fai hugging Kuro’s leg… C’mon, Kurogane, we all know you liked it.

And where did the idea with the rabbit-shaped ear-muffs come from? How did Syaoron get them and why is he wearing them? O.o (You know, reading the story is one thing. Because if one reads the advice that Syaoron’s giving Yuui, one is fine with it but if I actually imagine him saying this with this rabbit thing… kinda makes him hard to take him serious, you know. )

But it was cute… both getting closer under a jacket. The way Yuui placed his finger under Syaoron's chin. It's such a seductive gesture (Erm, Yuui, are you sure you know what you're doing?), Syaoron can't tell me he didn't saw that kiss coming. XD

I just hope they didn't get a cold from making out in the snow... you know.

Ah, nice little story. So sweet. And yay to Clow for winning the drinking contest.

Greets, Leia.
creativegoddess chapter 1 . 1/3/2011
This is a really sweet fic 3 I really like the bit at the end with Yuui leading the kiss. I loved it, keep up the wonderful work! :)