Reviews for The Prince's Harem
kathyjo chapter 13 . 8/7
Bravo well done! I honestly I wasnt going to read this the title kind of scared me I'm not partial on "harem" Stories but I am sure glad I opened up and read it very very well done!
veerle chapter 1 . 12/20/2016

I really hope you make this story long as there are a little stories as snape harems; neither of severus in a harem. Very sad. Even most slave fic about him is a story about getting him out of it and making his live better. I would like so much to see other stories.
thephoenixandthedragon4ever chapter 9 . 9/26/2016
Hilarious way to off the idiots.
thephoenixandthedragon4ever chapter 7 . 9/26/2016
Severus, so brilliant and quick to think on his feet.
thephoenixandthedragon4ever chapter 6 . 9/26/2016
I love your ending note.
thephoenixandthedragon4ever chapter 1 . 9/26/2016
Absolutely love rereading this.
The Seven of Us chapter 6 . 8/19/2016
*smacks forehead* "Why not?" he says. I have to agree with Prince-there really is no pleasing James Potter! XD
HPMARIE chapter 13 . 8/18/2016
Wonderful story!
HH chapter 1 . 8/9/2016
Lol I love this!
Guest chapter 13 . 5/5/2016
Hell yeah!
Guest chapter 6 . 5/5/2016
Guest chapter 6 . 5/5/2016
Guest chapter 3 . 5/5/2016
Haha Dumbledore and co sure had that coming! I think poppy should have thrown in a few threats about going to the board though
septimusromanseverus chapter 13 . 4/29/2016
I've read this story about 4 times now and I still love it. thanks for this.
Guest chapter 13 . 4/3/2016
I really enjoyed reading your story.
It was funny. Thanks for sharing.
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