Reviews for Last Duty
twstrekfan chapter 1 . 1/18/2016
Hi Ms Anderson,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading "Last Duty" and how creatively you spun off a great side story behind one of my favorite Star Trek episodes. Third season TOS episode "That Which Survives" leaves behind so many unanswered questions and possibilities, and, thanks to your story, it's fitting that senior geologist D'Amato should play such a pivotal role in ensuring the survival of his captain and his shipmates.

With the Losira hologram being the first example of holographic/photonic technology encountered in Star Trek, I can logically see Starfleet scientists & engineers reverse-engineering Kalandan technology as a means of paving the way to the holodeck and EMH technologies seen in later Star Trek series such as TNG, DS9, and Voyager. Curious, how Lt. D'Amato and the Voyager EMH happen to look similar in appearance.

Additionally, I would love to read future stories by you concerning Losira and her people, the amazingly powerful and technologically-advanced Kalandans. Are they really all dead? Or did they find a means to save themselves? And with Commander Losira, who valiantly defended her outpost to the end, if anyone who is capable of keeping the intrepid Captain James T. Kirk at bay, surely Losira deserves a backstory of her very own, wouldn't you agree?

Thank you for sharing, and thank you for your time, Ms Anderson.