Reviews for The Many Loves of SuperZack
Dino-Rogue chapter 1 . 9/10/2017
'Somewhat amusing'? This was hilarious! And all the points, the references, oh my gosh! I've thought of all the 'M's in Zack's love life before, but have never considered his similarities with Superman at all! Wow, this was just pure awesome! Too bad Zack's 'Supergirl' had to leave, too...

Such a lovely one shot! Great job with this great fic!
Thisisfunwhattooksolong chapter 1 . 6/30/2017

Ah, to be back on if not home soil then at least familiar territory.

Everyone was in character (well, London and Cody were returned to their sane personalities but I won't complain there — The Shrine to Bailey was an abomination). This started out looking like one of those random 'characters play game' fics at first, but then it used it for something.

First off, great Superman knowledge. I don't know enough about Superman (or much at all really) to know how the 'LL' thing may have come about but that's not important.

Not all of Zack's girlfriends bagan with 'M'. There was the girl from the Shakespeare episode (though that was one-sided) and... actually I can't remember what crazy golf girl was called, I only really remember that episode for London's book club. And the girl he was trying to get to 'tutor' him (Amber?).

But yes, of the girls that had staying power in his life, London (who he never tried it on with) and Bailey (who he only briefly tried it on with) were the only ones I can think of that weren't 'M's (and the other twins I suppose but they only really put up with him for Cody's sake). Still, at least Zack had slightly better luck than Superman in the romance department but I suppose they have to give him weaknesses of some description.

Anyway, you showed some interesting parallels between the two right down to Lex Luther and Marion Moseby filling their villain roles (though Lex's true Suite Life equivalent would nominally be Wilfred Tipton rather than Moseby, he and Zack never really fight). I only wish there had been a little more focus on how the Superman trivia related to Zack.

(At least they had one of the well sourced Trivial Pursuits — the Power Rangers one was infamously bad with something like 60 wrong answers. It didn't fill me with confidence for any others, however that may have been after you wrote this story)

Really Addison? Wonder Woman? Out of all the Justice League members that's who you're picking? Also, that bit felt unnecessary. I'd be all in favour of it if it was in any way relevant to the plot but just tacked onto the end it feels pointless, like it was there to fill a quota and your author's note hasn't entirely debased me of that belief..

Overall however this succeeds. I can nitpick 'til I run out of battery life but in fundamentals it completely made its point, using the life and loves of Superman to display those aspects of Zack.

kazuko59 chapter 1 . 6/9/2012
this soooooooo fun to read

i'm grinning by the end of it
The Terrible Jester chapter 1 . 12/23/2011
I like!
SGF chapter 1 . 5/6/2011
All in all, this is a pretty good one-shot. However, I have to make note of your exhibition of Addison's so-called lesbian tendencies. The only grounds you have of this assumption are one quote and a so-called symbolic fear of balls. For the quote, the exact line was "You go girl! Who needs a husband?" The context was after Bailey ranting at Cody during his injury for the marriage assignment. In other words, Addison said "Don't have your identity rely on your man!" That is basically feminist. Are you seriously propositioning that all feminists are lesbian? Out of all of the many feminists I know, actually none are lesbian. So, that claim is totally bogus. To address the "symbolic" fear of ping-pong balls, that is incredibly far-fetched. That is your own personal interpretation of something. In MANY other cases, Addison is clearly shown to be in love with Woody. So, before you do something as dramatic as changing the sexuality of a character, have a reason.

For the actual story, I liked it, but I just get pissed off when people change big things for no reason.
woundedhearts chapter 1 . 1/17/2011
Great story. It's interesting how you compared Zack with superman though. Then again out of the group he would be superman, although i guess that would make his alter-ego Cody who most resembles Clark Kent. LOL, i guess if we're comparing characters Lex Louis isnt as evil as Marion Moseby. Smiles! :)
StarLily1Dfan chapter 1 . 12/28/2010
I never would have noticed those naming patterns, being undereducated about comic books (to James' eternal disappointment), but the parallels you drew made perfect sense. Maybe the show writers are also comic book geeks and did name the twins' respective love interests on purpose.

It was nice seeing the whole gang together, and Addison's fear of balls - too funny! Great way to interpret that :P
Fan.Sea.Pants chapter 1 . 12/25/2010
This is an intelligent story! I enjoyed reading it even though it made me sad that London has less of a chance with zack now! Anyway, it's a really interesting take on the suite life series.
Waldojeffers chapter 1 . 12/25/2010
Someone's a comic book geek... especially for Superman it seems. :P I probably shouldn't say much since last weeks I've been reading many many comics myself!

Fun short story though, never thought of that coincidence with Zack's girlfriend's names and with Moseby. Then again he had plenty girls he crushed on without M in their name. But let's not spoil the fun with that, this was just a fun oneshot.

And you know what? You should write more SL-stories. ;)
DC World chapter 1 . 12/24/2010
Brillant :D

It's funny how you never think of things until somebody else brings them up. But, it is kind of delightfuly twisted and interesting that Zack's love life parallels superman's. A very unquie and entertaining one-shot.

Hope you are having a wonderful hoilday :D

James Doyle chapter 1 . 12/24/2010
I wasn't sure what to expect from the title, or what you were trying to set up with a game of trivial pursuit, but it made for a very interesting story. When we watch the show, we only see their wacky adventures, so it's refreshing that fanfic affords us the opportunity to zoom in on their casual, day-to-day activities.

Of course the boys would be full of machismo, and of course the girls would give them a run for their money. Come to think of it, with Bailey on the egghead stuff, Maya on sports, and London on pop culture, they'd be unstoppable at Trivial Pursuit.

All in all, an interesting and very natural setting in which to bring up the observation that all the great loves of Zack's life have M-names. I don't know whether the show writers intended that or not, but it's certainly an interesting observation.

Actually, with Moseby as Zack's Lex Luthor, the parallels between Zack and Superman are uncanny.

London's standards are so ridiculously high that Superman just might be the perfect guy for her. But of course Addison would prefer Wonder Woman.

Great oneshot! Merry Christmas!
SilverTurtle chapter 1 . 12/24/2010
I love it! Thank you!

I love that you picked up on the pattern of Zack's love interest's names and compared it to Superman's list of loves. That was a great idea and you executed it perfectly.

Battle of the sexes Trivial Pursuit was fun times. I liked how the teams ended up being more equal than the boys would assume.

The boys knowing all of Superman's history was great, I loved that they got to educate the girls that way. Zack getting uncomfortable about the comparisons being drawn was fun.

London running off calling for Superman was too funny. She would, too cute.

Moseby being Zack's arch enemy and chasing him around the deck until the other boys joined in was fun.


You did so many fun things here. Love it all. Great ficlet. Best present of the season.
zailey support chapter 1 . 12/24/2010
Lol! This was a fun story.
tiger002 chapter 1 . 12/24/2010
It's been a while since I've seen a Suite Life fic from you. Glad to see a story where I know the characters.

Great story too, and an interesting look at all the recurring M's with Zack's love, along with comparing them to superman. I wonder, perhaps there is more to that than we'd see. That could be a fun idea. We also have Cody with B's, Barbra and Bailey.