Reviews for Naruto: A New Path
SSJ-Jolt chapter 15 . 9h
I know Choji is a big eater but I don't think even he would be eating SHIPS.

In other words; do some proofreading.
oppaihammer chapter 45 . 5/12
shouldnt naruto know that sasuke is out, as sasuke killed his clones..
lucasrosa94 chapter 50 . 4/21
muito bom.
MGStarFire chapter 34 . 4/7
I'm really getting tired of Sasuke getting a pass on everything he does.
Now he's going to leave the village and if he's not killed or at least declared a missing nin i'm done.
I've enjoyed this story so far even though it's not perfect but i just can't let this thing with Sasuke go.
Konoha is supposed to be a dictatorship the Hokage is supposed to have power over everyone you can't let some stupid civilians get a say in what happens to Konoha's ninja.
MGStarFire chapter 9 . 4/6
you have no idea how angry i was when i read that Naruto won.
In my opinion and i'm no genious here but Naruto lost conciousness so do you have any idea how easy it would have been for Garra to snap his neck or cut his head of or crush him or do whatever the fuck he wanted with him.
Croa chapter 16 . 3/30
Thank you for not over complicating but neither devaluing the transition in their relationship. You don't know how annoying uneccessary angst and drama annoys me lol
marquis.shax chapter 49 . 3/22
heh figures Danzo has Naruto just wonder what will happen when Itachi finds out lol
marquis.shax chapter 48 . 3/22
I really hate how so many authors do this either Naruto wins and Sasuke still gets away or he gets banished or Sasuke wins just like in canon and heads to his gay lovers Orochimaru and Kabuto which makes Kakashi sad because he was in love with the Uchiha bastard
Akio Desusta chapter 7 . 2/17
Cooooooooooooool chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapter
Guest chapter 1 . 2/3
I have to agree that this story has unlogical and pointlessley long fighting scenes.. I really like the pairing, but I would substitute half of the fighting part for a better character development
Akio Desusta chapter 6 . 1/31
Great chapter
Meazm chapter 50 . 1/31
Great story dudeeeee!
Kamalk900 chapter 34 . 1/25
Screamindivr145 chapter 50 . 1/20
Again, great story. I'm gonna start on the next part now.
Screamindivr145 chapter 35 . 1/15
Ok, it annoys me to no end that you have such a strong grasp on English grammar, but can't seem to figure out when to use "in" instead of "on". The Hokage cannot have a pipe ON his mouth. It's such a great story, but this one thing sticks out so damn badly. I'm going to finish this and read the sequel, but for my sake, I really hope this is something that was fixed at some point.
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