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Snowpoint Cafe chapter 1 . 8/18/2013
It is summer as I am writing this review, and after reading this spectacular little fic, I almost wish Christmas would come tomorrow, even though I'm sitting in New England eating a bunch of frozen yogurt while typing this review on my laptop. :P

In my book, you've placed yourself as the most unique (and hilarious) writer I've ever read on . This one-shot certainly proves why I think so.

For starters, the author in Follywood is simply wonderful. (Side note: I've encountered Follywood in a bunch of your other fics as well, and anyone who doesn't like it has no sense of humor whatsoever.) The author in Follywood is just awesome, and you certainly know how to create characters that readers can laugh and enjoy about. I would say it's similar taking a stereotypical humorous-villain-like archetype, and then remixing it to something totally fresh and new, yet familiar and not-too-foreign so that anyone with a brain who's reading this will enjoy it. It is this quote that makes me say so: "Excellent," the author muttered, peering at her visitors over her steepled fingers. "For a while I feared that this would be a terribly bland season filled with cheesy, plotless one-shots that all had to do with unexpected reunions and mistletoe and hot chocolate and misplaced alcohol and 'Christmas presents', if you know what I mean. Luckily—" She gestured towards the figure standing beside her desk. "—this one has informed me that Gira decided to open her mouth and cause dissension. So this holiday season, we will plot to form a plot!" - In this quote, it's more of what she says that makes me say that makes me feel like she's hilarious. She's poking fun at Christmas in general, and I'd imagine most humorous-villain-like characters to act this way.

Second. Gira. Is. Badass. There, I said it! :D Everything she does is straightforward, blunt, so loveable that I feel like she's a freakin' Mr. Darcy packed inside a female Gardevoir! (Goodness, I can't believe I just wrote that.) She's cold, mean, and arguably pretty (though that's another discussion because apparently, all Gardevoir are pretty with that long white gown of theirs that makes Rule 34 go crazy mad with all of their sad and depressing and terrible pictures of Gardevoir in general). Mr. Darcy is cold, mean, and handsome (at least for all the ladies in Austen's world). The only difference they don't share as characters are wealth, but that's not so major when comparing the two characters. Anyways, the point I really want to get to is that when they do show their soft sides to other people, it's never all "hugs and smiles and cheeriness and xoxos" kind of thing, it's more reserved and refined, more self-controlled, and yet, you can sense that ever-so-soft warm emotion emanating from their voices, from the way they move their body. Here's the quote to prove it: "Ugh …" She groaned, pushing herself out of bed. "What the hell. Fine, I'm coming." It's these kinds of characters who seem to be so badass in their own way simply because they don't gush out their emotions like those moms who are overly-worried about every little detail of their Christmas party outfit. Instead, they stubbornly agree, and just force themselves into that overly-bright, sickly-happy world for the benefit of others. These characters usually happen to be my favorite kind of characters, and for those people out in the real world who are like these characters in terms of personality, they also happen to be my favorite people. :D

Third, the plot. This is the most magnificent spin on Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" I've ever seen. I've watched all these mediocre renditions of "A Christmas Carol" in versions like the Looney Toons, Mickey's Magical Christmas, Muppets, etc. on TV and while they did help time pass by with their awesome artwork, the story... just... fell... up to the point where I could enjoy the ending because the ending was just boringly predictable. But this, this was different. I mean, the last line ("Bugger!") must've been the moment where I laughed the most from this fic. It wasn't just something heart-warming and cuddly and cozy, it was downright hilarious and a bold move, if I do say so myself. It wasn't just the ending though. I mean, Ghostbusters and Scooby-Doo was genius. There are ghosts in Dickens' original story, so of course there must be ghosts in this rendition as well! But that's not all, you also throw in a Ghostbusters and a Scooby-Doo mock-up who purposely catches ghosts (or expose them as phonies) and get rid of the ghosts in the most hilarious of ways I've ever seen in any ghost-catching gang.

Four, as for all the other characters in the story, both major and minor, they've all got their own individual-ness that definitely clashes with other characters. Keba is happy and cheerful where Gira is not. Gira hates Christmas and is cold towards everyone, especially in the Christmas season. Yet despite their obvious difference, they resolve their tension by the end of the story in the best way possible, proving that people in general with completely opposite personalities can get along together. Chia is adorable ("Kwoya dai?" was. just. cute.) while Dragonair was somehow pitiful, yet hilarious and enjoyable. I could go on and on, but I'm not planning on breaking the 's longest review record, and I don't plan onto anytime soon.

All in all, every little motif and actions of these characters and the setting all made me think of ornaments topped perfectly on a grand, healthy-looking evergreen tree. Keba and Gira certainly get their own ornaments on the tree. :D

Oh, and my favorite quote in the story is this: "The snow sparkled magically in the car's blinding headlights, even as it hit a patch of ice just a little too fast and smashed ungracefully into an inconveniently placed lamppost." - I did not think that "inconveniently placed lamppost" would ever be encountered in all of the stories I've read in my life, including books and fanfiction. It was only funnier when you added "ungracefully."

Welp, another long review. Yeah, I just have no life but to write reviews for others.

In any case, happy reading/writing!
Midori12 chapter 1 . 9/5/2011
I loved this story so much! XD

I absolutely love your characters, and I love the Pokemon versions of the Scooby Doo cast and Ghostbusters! So amazing!

I love Follywood. :3

This story is just so epic! Love it all!

(Did I say 'love' enough? Lol)

Tamah chapter 1 . 12/29/2010
Ahh, a Christmas classic, fo sho.

Funny as hell though, I don't know why no one else has anything to say.