Reviews for That bag of Jello
TolkienScholar chapter 1 . 6/2/2016
This is a sweet story, and it makes about as much sense as any of the Marx Brothers movies does. ;) Which is not a lot, but that's okay. It's sweet, and you've done a good job mixing characteristic humor with poignancy. I would have preferred a few original jokes in addition to the ones simply adapted from the movies, but I guess that's your choice. The narrative style is clever; I especially like the three description paragraphs with parallel structure, including something that they each carry around with them wherever they go.
One grammatical note: When you put something in inverted commas, that punctuation is quite sufficient to set it off from the rest of the sentence; you don't need regular commas as well. You did this when referring to her "issue" and the "Padme Taco" (which is a cute expression, by the way :) ).
Nicely done! :)
LADYMALLARD chapter 1 . 1/22/2011
Kind of a sweet but sad story about the little girls's problem. It's handled with fiennes by the father and the humor behind the Marx Brothers. I know love is a powerful emotion and this story shows that anyone can handle anything which comes along because of it. Great story.
Foxcat93 chapter 1 . 12/31/2010
Terrific story! The humor is very good and you have the characters down perfectly. And the sadness about the little girl added a perfect touch. This story left me wanting more...maybe a sequel?

I believe you sent me an review some time ago telling me you were interested in writing stories about some of the silent and early talkie comedy stars and you noticed my Tramp stories. I tried at that time to reply to you but you were not on Fan Fiction. I don't like to write personal things in story reviews, but I see that you still don't have email on FF. If you ever want to talk about stories or the old comedy stars, email me on my profile. I checked out your profile and you seem to love many of the same people I do and heavens knows, there are not many people around who have that interest.

Good stories...hope to see more of them on FF! Good luck!