Reviews for B Shift
EdwardsGuardianAngel chapter 5 . 8/8
Looking forward to future chapters. Read a couple of your other not too angsty stories. Will your others when i'm more in the mood for angst.
Nissa-Cullen chapter 5 . 8/3
I guess we know why he doesn't stay either. Maybe she's his sister lol. Will Bella say anything? Does she even care? I'd care only because I wouldn't want to be the other woman.
Guest chapter 5 . 7/28
More please.
Cait chapter 5 . 7/26
He is clearly governed by his dick. Pity.
bonz245 chapter 5 . 7/28
Very good...thanks.
alc1002 chapter 5 . 7/27
Good chapter.
wolf-form18 chapter 5 . 7/27
love this story. I want him to be married to see how you will write this story. I am very curious!
stupidlamb2010 chapter 5 . 7/27
Azlady2003 chapter 5 . 7/27
Hmmmm i hope hes not dating tayna yet fucking bella... Butif it is itd be interesting to see how he keeps it up lol
ellaryne chapter 4 . 7/27
trishchar chapter 5 . 7/27
I can't wait to see the direction this relationship leads. Love a strong willed Bella!
Vivi H88 chapter 5 . 7/27
Wow great chapter :) can't wait till the next one XD
drbelladonna chapter 5 . 7/27
Is Bella a veteran or a veterinarian? I'm not sure what type of vet you are referring to, although you do say medical doctor implying she is a MD later...
purplethistle chapter 3 . 7/26
Would love to know who or what motivated Edward to leave Bella so quickly?
purplethistle chapter 1 . 7/26
Looks like Bella met her match in the one night stand game. Please tell me a doctor is smart enough not to end up pregnant. Looking forward to next chapter.
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