Reviews for Aurelian
spacepi chapter 43 . 9/13
Oh, this was such an amazing read.
I came upon the story a little late, but I'm so glad I got to read this.

The plot of this story is sooo good, some aspects I haven't ever read in any Dramione stories.

I took my time and properly read through this one.

Thank you for this beautiful piece!
Its absolutely one of my favorites!
JamesChiron chapter 1 . 9/3
I want you to know that this is probably my dozenth time reading this story. It's literally a gorgeous piece of art. The complexity, the mystery, the emotion... the fact that there's new things that stand out in every rereading... you really, REALLY should be proud of what you've done here. I have two HP fanfictions that I will always go back to, and this is one of them. Thank you for being amazing and giving us this story!
Beauty Eclipsed chapter 43 . 8/30
Loved the plot!
Jocelyn Blair chapter 43 . 8/24
Wow. This is probably the best fanfiction I’ve ever read. The plot is quite original and intricate. The characters are spot on. The quality of your writing is amazing. The only thing that I wasn’t a big fan of was that it was Hermione’s mistake that kicked everything off. But to be fair, she is human and it makes sense that she isn’t always perfect. Anyway, thank you so much for writing this story!
TheSlayer96 chapter 8 . 8/21
This was so sad! Ahhhhh!
enajaimmalfoy chapter 38 . 8/21
Haha I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie The Room (if you haven’t, WATCH IT) But when Draco says “it’s tearing me apart” all I can think is “YOU’RE TEARING ME APART LISA”
TheSlayer96 chapter 4 . 8/20
Really intriguing and good so far! Can’t wait to read the rest! This is gonna be so good, haha!
AnimalLover3.0 chapter 26 . 8/20
enajaimmalfoy chapter 14 . 8/19
The part where Aurelian is asking Draco to play with him makes me heart smile, it’s something my toddler says multiple times a day “you wanna pway with me Mummy and Daddy”. Honestly the best age.
enajaimmalfoy chapter 5 . 8/18
I’m reading this for probably the third time but the first time since having my son. He’s currently 3 months shy of turning 3 and you have absolutely nailed the speech pattern. The first time I read this I thought it was unrealistic but now, absolutely spot on. I’ve also read a lot of fan fics that do the baby speak in the most annoying way but reading this feels like a true depiction of a toddler.
AnimalLover3.0 chapter 12 . 8/18
Malfoy should be able to see Aurelian! I mean, Aury is his son too!
Lady Meropa chapter 25 . 8/12
I'm so glad that Hermione and Draco didn't cave to Blaise's demands. It's understandable that he's upset, but at this point one of the major advantages that Team Good Guys has is that Bellatrix and the Lestrange brothers don't think that they are being watched.
Blaise doesn't work for the ministry or have any law enforcement training and telling Pansy or anyone else about Bellatrix's return could cause a domino effect.

I'm surprised that there hasn't been more discussion of the resuscitation ritual. They looked into the giant cauldron, but not into who provided "blood of the enemy".
bennyrelic chapter 43 . 8/10
Wonderful story! Thank you for sharing!
mvk12 chapter 12 . 8/5
Loving the story so far! Aurelian is so adorable and innocent, I love him so much. I am really curious to see what will happen with him in the future.
Guest chapter 43 . 8/5
Loved it from the beginning until the end!
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