Reviews for Rising From The Ashes
ShiningDay chapter 13 . 1/29
I love your writing.

And I understand your reasoning for not finishing, as I myself have my one and only fanfiction unfinished. It's been that way for years, but lately I have been thinking about continuing it. So I think I'll keep up a hope to see this amazing story finished one day :)
Narges chapter 4 . 3/3/2014
I liked it
Narges chapter 3 . 3/3/2014
beautifully weitten :)
ilikeramen chapter 1 . 7/21/2013
You're a good writter but I notice some of your dialouge is too copy and paste from the books. I'm not trying to be rude, but you're a good enough writter to make up your own. I noticed this with your story on Jasper's perspective with Twilight.
ashtyn2188 chapter 13 . 3/18/2013
lol chapter 13 . 1/18/2013
I can't put it into words how I feel about your writing and I'm truely sad that you won't continue. I read your story twice and all your other stories too.
I can say that you are REALLY my absolutely FAVOURITE AUTHOR here.
Because most of the Alice/Jasper stories are either corny and exaggerated and ridiculous or completely out of character. But YOU just put their relationship so WELL, that I actually thought you were Stephenie Meyer! The situation in Eclipse is totally serious and you wrote it just like that!
But sadly there are just a few authors that write as serious as you (if it's no humor genre).
Hope I will find someone like you again.

lol (always with my cape)
Twilightfangurl1 chapter 13 . 9/29/2012
I am heartbroken that you will not be finishing this story. You were the best Jasper/Alice author on this site so it really depresses me that you ended your Twilight fanfiction but I understand that when you can't come up with words it's impossible to continue to write. I know this isn't very possible but maybe someday in the future I hope you will finish this story and continue on with your Twilight fanfiction. (With fingers crossed.)

I'll miss your Jasper/Alice stories nonetheless.

I know you wrote some outtakes for this story and that you had to review to get to read them but now since this story is incomplete I was wondering if you could post the outtakes? Pretty please with sugar on top?!
Louey06 chapter 12 . 7/15/2012
This story was truly awesome. You did so well capturing the emotions and everyones thoughts and fears. I am extremly disappointed you've abondoned it. I can understand losing yur inspiration. I see why you abondoned it, but i certainly don;t appreciate it. It's a shame this will never be finished.
LAB1 chapter 13 . 7/7/2012
Beautiful story! Your story is amazing and your capture of the characters and emotions so believable! Thank you for sharing this gift!
thepinktabby chapter 12 . 4/11/2012
Hi! I've read all three of Jasper's pov in one day. I'm sad that you've decided to leave the fandom. I truly have enjoyed reading his side of the saga. I think you're spot on with the characterizations. Thanks. I wouldn't mind rally slow postings in the future, lol seriously I've waited a year for an update on one story before, ;) is it too late to get that out take that was promised , perhaps even posting after your AN is a good idea. Any who thanks for the awesome read I loved it and have recd it to my friends.
sanduiche chapter 13 . 3/3/2012
thank you for this fic, really. it's absolutely amazing.

it's sad that you'll not keep writing this, but we understand.

thank you
Iva1201 chapter 13 . 2/8/2012
Finally logged in and able to tell you that you will be very missed in a more "official" way. (-: Thank you for all your Alice-Jasper works, I think you were the best author to portray the two of them out here (no kidding, I like e.g. Openhome's stories too but your Jasper is simply more corresponding to the idea of him I have on mind, as well as Alice's).

Just in case, you would change your mind at some point, I am putting you on my Author Alert - but I understand it's not very likely. )-:

Fogs of Gray chapter 13 . 2/2/2012
I'm going to miss you, dear. You are an amazing author, even when the outside world cannot see you. I love you, and although I'm sobbing my eyes out, I'm happy that you are finally giving us an end. I salute you, Nik.


rrwqueenrider chapter 12 . 1/20/2012
I read this last chapter while I was at the gym on the treadmill and I got a big stupid grin on my face at Emmett. He is such a loveable guy! I am super jealous of Bella not because she gets Edward but because she gets big brothers like Emmett and Jasper. This chapter made me appreciate Jasper's military side even more and Carlisle's compassion. This gave me more insight into how truly difficult it was for him to fight another being, especially with the idea of "Destroy them before they destroy you." That fight scene with him and Jasper was hard to read because I could understand both points of view and see how hard it was on both of them.
rrwqueenrider chapter 11 . 1/19/2012
The training was awesome! I love seeing Jasper step up and being the leader he was born to be. It's something that has always stood out about him to me. He has all this experience and charisma, but he chooses to stay in the background and follow Carlisle's guidance and allows himself to be pretty much dominated by the other personalities in the house. He has that quiet strength that you can't help but be intrigued about and then here he is demonstrating exactly why he is capable of commnding your attention like that. I love that as dangerous and battle_scarred as he is, he is a playful little kid with Alice. Great chapter again and I'd LOVE that outtake. I love to get inside Jazz's head.
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