Reviews for lisztomania
Lunaira chapter 1 . 5/6/2011

I-It-It's-s c-cu-u-te. *-*
aestheticisms chapter 1 . 12/26/2010

It's beautiful, well-crafted, dear heavens, the words are moving poetry. You can see everything, and the musical references, the fact that music plays a large role here and oh my gosh, I can go on forever about the musical aspect here.

I seriously can. Starting now; the title, lisztomania. I haven't heard the song. /failure. I should listen to it now, but I've heard of the condition and I've done research, because I'm a nerd.

The first part: N/Touko's story. It's beautiful the way you can write envy in such a way that you feel sorry. Ahh...

*ahem* I watched Across the Universe yesterday. Don't mind my random breaks into song. Seriously.

"That was the first time Bel felt some hatred for Touko, because the way he held her in his eyes, in his voice— that was where she was supposed to be.

She realizes that Touko is something akin to an identity thief."

This was my favorite part from part one. It shows us the emotions that Bel feels; she's naive, but she's envious. An explosive combination.

Moving on to Touya's story: Touya. Just Touya; there's a reason he's one of my favorite people in Gen 5. You'll hear all about that in my voice post on LJ.

The last couple of lines about Bel being a lady. YES. THIS IS IT. It's obvious that most people disregard Bel as a crutch character, somebody that really no one cares about because unlike Touko, she's prim and proper and a bit of an airhead. She waits on the sidelines, while everyone else goes and kicks butt.

"She's beautiful, you realize, you know. But she's so beautiful, and just too fragile for you to break. She's the porcelain to Touko's glass. Not a blemish on her face, not the hazy, drunken eyes of lust. Just pure desperation of wanting to become something darker— and you can't let that happen."

Favorite lines of Part Two. I love the comparisons and the imagery.

On to Part Three, Cheren's Story.

"And you pull away, and he smiles, "Maybe you've grown out of your lisztomania and into something better, Bel."

"I've grown into what," you— the silly girl asked.

"Love," he answered."

This was I don't know how to explain it. I can see it happening, the imagery is vivid here. It's like...the sunrise, or something. You've gone through all this crap but, in the end, you know there's hope, as soon as the sun rises...

I just woke up, just so I could check if you wrote this and stuff. I loved it. And thank you, ten million times thank you. I don't think I deserve awesome/amazing friends like you sometimes.


(I need to write you something. Like now. Not even joking. NAME A SHIP.)