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Guest chapter 1 . 9/12/2014
Good! What about MY story? (I just did this to experiment. You don't need to read it.)

Why I Hate Classic Books

Chapter 1

"Hey." said Tammy, coming into the kitchen where I was eating breakfast. Tammy is my foster mum. She keeps on nagging me to read classics books. She thinks I'd be interested in them. Ha! Come to think of it, she's got that look in her eye. Maybe she's going to nag me now.

I was right, unfortunately.

"Amy, I think you should start reading books other than those fairy books, you know." she started off lightly and casually, but I knew where she was heading to. I tried to keep my temper. I mean- there she was, insulting my special fairy books, while I was eating cereal! She's going to get some sticky hair if she doesn't watch out.

"Tammy, I am NOT going to read any classic books and you know it." I told her firmly. "My fairy books are enough to satisfy me."

Tammy sighed. "I know you like your fairy books, Amy, but you're eleven years old. What does that book say as the age, them?" she snatched up the fairy book I was reading and peered at it. "Five plus!" She exclaimed.

I felt myself flushing furiously. "Well, plus means I'm still of age, doesn't it?" I invented wildly. I knew she had a point."Maybe-Maybe they put plus for a reason! They might have meant to put an eleven after it!"

Tammy started rocking with laughter. "And that is JUST why the blank space to put it in is full, isn't it?" she gasped.

"Yeah, it is!" I shouted. "Okay, I'll read some classic books."

Tammy stopped laughing. "Really?" she whispered. Her face was amazed and hopeful, particularly when I nodded.

"Thank you, thank you, Amy!" she cried, pulling me into a bone-crushing hug.

When I finally managed to pull away from her I said colourlessly: "So I'll read the Twins of St. Clare's, uh, the Magic Faraway Tree-"

"No, no, they aren't REAL classics." Tammy said impatiently. "You can read the Secret Garden, Little Women..."

She rambled on and on about nothingness, making no sense to me.

"Amy?" she said suddenly, making me jump. "You've been awfully quiet. Are you okay?"

"Yes." I mumbled, though I regretted agreeing to read those silly classics anyway.

"Right!" Tammy clapped her hands together excitedly. So while you're at school, I'll go to Waterstones to get some classics, you agree?"

"Yeah." I muttered, though in truth I minded very much!

"So which ones might you be interested in?" Tammy asked excitedly.

"Dunno." I mumbled, my voice barely audible.

"I'm sorry?" Tammy said, leaning closer. "I didn't hear."

"I said dunno." I said loudly, startling her. "Just get a box of ten."

"Right." Tammy decided, getting up from her seat. "Off to school, then!" waving me away.

School was terrible. All the teachers were going on about classics as well. I don't give a damn about those types of books! I was almost- ALMOST, I say, glad to go home and find out what classics Tammy had got me.

She had got me ten second-hand paperbacks. A lot of them were 10p bargains, apparently! She had got me:

Little Women
Black Beauty
What Katy Did
Jane Eyre
Five Children and It
Mary Poppins
Ton Sawyer
Anne of Green Gables
The Secret Garden
Ballet Shoes

"Mary Poppins?" I cried. "As if I'm going to read THAT! No Mary Poppins, thanks! Magic powers indeed! Even my fairy books are more grown-up than THAT!"

"The book is much better than the film, Amy, so don't judge the book my the film." Tammy told me quietly.

"I-am-not-reading-Mary-Poppins. Or Tom Sawyer, for that matter. Tom Sawyer is for boys." I insisted flatly. "So, tell me about these other books."

Tammy looked at me before saying: "Well, Little Women is about this family of sisters, who like acting and reading Charles Dickens.
"Then there's Black Beauty. It's a wonderful story, and there's a very sad bit at the end about a horse called Ginger which always makes me cry, but it's lovely all the same. What Katy Did is about a big family- Katy's the eldest, and she's always in loads of trouble but then she falls off a swing and can't walk for ages. She's got an annoyingly saintly cousin Helen who will irritate you a lot, but it's an amazing story, truly.
"Five Children and It is very funny- it's about these kids who meet a sand fairy and all their wishes come true, all right, but they always go completely wrong."
"All these 'great stories!'" I laughed. We'll see if they're really great soon enough!"
"There's also Jane Eyre. You might look down on Jane a bit, seeing as she's not pretty. I loved Tom Sawyer because he's very badly behaved and always in trouble,but you refused to read it, so I an reread it. You might give Anne of Green Gables a go. It's all
about this little orphan girl who won't ever stop talking.
"I'm sure you'll like The Secret Garden because Mary meets this very sweet maid called Martha who you'll love and has to live in a ginormous house with a hundred rooms in Yorkshire. And Ballet Shoes is a perfect book for you, because three sisters go to a stage school and perform in lots of plays, and I know that you love acting in the school plays."

"Ok, ok, I might give, um, Little Woman, Black Beauty, What Katy Did, The Secret Garden and Ballet Shoes a go." I told her. "I won't read Five Children and It because it sounds to wet, or Anne of Green Gables because it sounds too boring, or Jane Eyre because I probably won't like it. Mind you, I'm only reading What Katy Did with Cousin Helen because I want to know what it's like!"

"Oh,well, they can be mine to reread again, then." Tammy sighed.

"Yeah, you can read them again." I told her a little harshly. "Because they sound like stupid, boring books that idiots read."

Tammy gasped. What I had said had clearly shocked her. But when she spoke, her voice was steady. "Are you implying that I'm an idiot?" she whispered.

I swallowed. Inside myself, I honestly didn't know. But unfortunately, I am quite rude at the best of times. I'm the idiot now, I know, but instead of running to hug her and say no no, I wasn't implying that she was and idiot, in fact I did not even know where those words came from, I said: "Yeah, well, you are kind of an idiot for thinking that I would ever, EVER, be interested in these-" I kicked the classics away from me "-stupid classic books."

Tammy looked at me tearfully before she burst into tears and ran upstairs to her room. I suppose I was a bit sorry for saying so many horrible things to her, but in my opinion, it was true. I mean, how COULD she think that I would be interested in classics? They're so bo-ring! I mean, my best friends Yvonne and Marie told me about Heidi and it sounded so DULL. It's a classic and it's something to do with a girl called Heidi who's in a wheelchair and she's magically cured by some fresh air. Ha! At least write things to reality! Well, maybe I shouldn't be saying that, since fairies don't exist, neither does magic, for that matter, but still! Honestly. Anyway, back to Tammy.

Ever since I she decided to foster me she's been nagging me to read classics. I can still hear her crying now, all because of me. Honestly! Even I wouldn't cry just because somebody called me an idiot. Well. I would. Especially if that somebody was my foster daughter that I had tried so hard to please and be kind to. She's spent most of her money on me. Every time she goes shopping she'll always buy me an extra treat. Even today when she was buying the classics she bought me another very slim book. I wonder what it is? She's wrapped it. I very, very carefully unwrap it, holding my breath. I so hope it's the new fairy book, A Joy in the Heaven of Fairyland. 'A ridiculous hope.' a voice told me. 'She's just been criticising it this morning. Do you really think she'd buy something that she wants you to stop reading?'

"Shut up." I told the voice, though I knew it was right. I didn't think that Tammy would buy me a fairy book. She probably bought me something like Why to Read Classic Books or something like that. But when I slip out the book with shaking hands, I find that it is A Joy in the Heaven of Fairyland. I open the front cover, trembling. It's signed! It says, not in Tammy's handwriting, Dear Amy, I'm glad you like for my books! With all my love, Gerry.

The author is Gerry Lam. Oh, I can't believe my luck! And it says: With all my love! That's my favourite bit of the message. It's really embarrassing, but I have a crush on Gerry. He's so handsome, for a start, and he wrote the fairy books. God, I just want to kiss him and marry him. I wouldn't even mind proposing to him.

But right now it's Tammy we have to worry about. She's been so kind to me, getting me a signed copy of A Joy in the Heaven of Fairyland, even though she wants me to stop reading it. I'll have to go to her and apologise.

Climbing up the stairs, I whispered: "Tammy?"

No answer. Then I heard a hardly muffled sob. "Tammy!" I cried, rushing into her room.

"Don't waste your time on me, I'm an idiot." Tammy snapped at me.

"No, no!" I cried, running toward her, only to get pushed away. "I didn't mean it!"

"Yes you did." Tammy sobbed despairingly. "After all I've done for you, after all I've given to you, you call me an idiot."

"You got me a signed copy of A Joy in the Heaven of Fairyland." I told her. "THAT is how I realised how great you've been to me. Please forgive me."

"No." Tammy insisted flatly. "You're going back to the Children's Home."

Chapter 2

There was a silence. A silence that shouldn't be broken. Especially by me, the powerless one.



"Yes." Tammy told me, quite literally slapping me (Only once!) into silence. "You can go to the same school. You can keep your presents. You can keep anything- apart from li
Zoe123 chapter 1 . 9/9/2014
Oh dear I feel sorry for Narcissa.
MusicLover333 chapter 1 . 7/16/2011
I like it, it kind of shows that Bellatrix was a bit crazy even when she was younger. (:
Smayz chapter 1 . 6/14/2011
Hahaha, I love Cissy's reaction.
Tani Smiles chapter 1 . 1/28/2011
I think this was really good. Both Bellatrix and Narcissa were very in character so that was good and the idea here was a very creative one. There were a few mistakes (spelling/grammar) although I think a few may have been typos.

Oh, this is a bit off topic, but ignore that reviewer Lilliana, she's been flaming a whole slew of stories and I don't think she's read even one of them.

So, anyways... good story, I really enjoyed reading it. Keep writing D
Lilliana Gabriella chapter 1 . 1/16/2011
Omfg this is the worst story I ever read. I am in hysterics over it. Pls tell me you are kidding. If you are serious you must be a retard or I am concerned for any future generations.
dex lucas chapter 1 . 12/27/2010

bellatrix was in-character. but there were some grammar errors and sentence fragments. besides that, this was good. keep writing! :D