Reviews for Fee Fye Foe Fum
TabithaHallows chapter 1 . 5/29
No I'm not reading this fic again. What are YOU doing here? Hmm?
Crystal Dragon chapter 75 . 1/15
I really enjoyed this. Thank you
Crystal Blood chapter 57 . 1/15
Crystal Blood chapter 47 . 1/15
This has been an amazing story so far. Last chapter is the reason I always demand to know what I'm consuming. My stomach churned at the thought of her eating ciel.
Nevermorea chapter 10 . 10/8/2019
I feel like there is some text missing from these first few chapters? It was boom she’s his soul mate then boom they are kinda at each others throats? Like there was no realization (for lack of a better term) for sebby that she’s his? I don’t know just feels a bit jarring. Not that your writing is bad! It’s impeccable, I just think there is some dialogue missing?
TabithaHallows chapter 1 . 9/5/2019
yo so imma make a fee fye foe fum as vines vid cause I love this fic that fucking much
TabithaHallows chapter 75 . 8/13/2019
why did it have to end T-T I've been crying since 2015
Guest chapter 4 . 6/22/2019
Sebastian's eye colour should be of a red wine colour not golden brown or something like. But the story is great.
Aservis Roturier chapter 10 . 6/2/2019
Doubtless someone has set you to rights by now, but in case not, while a regular waltz might be slow a Viennese waltz is, in your own words, 'crazy fast and uber twirly' so I don't doubt it served your purpose excellently. It roughly equates to a 17th century Disney teacup ride. The movement is essentially the same and at the same speed.

However I happen to think any dance would only be improved by the addition of cats. Preferably lots of cats, salmon platters notwithstanding-but then I am prejudiced.

Well done so far. I look forward to the rest.
Betta186 chapter 75 . 12/12/2018
I love this
I love this
I love this
It's just so beautiful. Thank you.
UnflinchingResolve chapter 75 . 10/29/2018
I loved it, thank you.
UnflinchingResolve chapter 11 . 10/24/2018
Claude... That made me reread that a few times. Hot dam
RazerDragonNightshade13 chapter 75 . 7/29/2018
I really enjoyed this story. It was fun and very engaging. Thanks for sharing it with us.
HappyDog23006007341647 chapter 7 . 7/18/2018
Just remembered, it may be a hole in your story or to early to say but sam didnt comment on how impossible it was to.. 'train' pluto, nevermind him being something how the thingz he did was inhuman, or how the others didnt find anything wrong about it. Shes to..trusting? No, its just that when sam first met them, after the dog part, she was gonna leave, but ceil asked her to stay to get her wound cleaned up. My point is that after it was cleaned up she just stayed with them-literally with them and not at her hotel-, never once trying to 'get away' from the craziness...I personally dont mind too much but id be nice for you to show a more... resisting nature? On her part? Like questioning " ones to freaked out by this deamon dog?" Or, if she finds out, finni's strength?...
Sorry for rambling, its just been the same dull comments pulsing at the back of my head. On the other hand, though, i really like your story so far( shout out to my fav character avalon! Im lovin him!) and really appreciate that you understand the meaning of slow burn, and i feel that everyone is in-character! I cant wait to tear into this lovely gem! But ill be gentle...or as brutal as...( did you see what i did there?).
-Dog..but cat for this story
Hi chapter 52 . 4/15/2018
Sadly, this has turned out to be one of my least favourites now...

Up until chap 45 it was a solid 9/10 now it's slowly becoming worse and worse as I read.
I'mma just pretend this story ended at 45 and move on to a different story.
Bye. :)
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