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GameManiac chapter 115 . 17h
Personally, I've done much more reading around FanFiction than actual published books. The only important books I've read, excluding anything academically mandatory, are all of Orson Scott Card's " Ender" book. I love that series to death. And if you ever choose to read my story series, I reference that book series in almost every single one of my chapters.

Jesus, all of those novels erotica just scream bestiality to me. Makes me wonder how often stuff like that happens in the Pokémon world, if the "E" rating was out of the question.

A vacation, as I said in my last review, definitely seems necessary. Though it sounded as though Zerobi really wanted to settle down with Lucario already. They did kiss before.

...Why do I feel like you're already beginning to throw into motion the climax of this story?
GameManiac chapter 114 . 17h
I definitely feel like Rukario will return in another chapter, just so that Lucario can see how far she's come along. And I'm assuming Blue no longer owns her, as he kept true to that promise.

Surprise mothafucka! Zerobi's back. Now I feel as though the two of them are about to enjoy their time together. Which is good because some carefree relaxation between close friends seems to be vital in this story, after Lucario mourning Mew's death by drowning himself in alcohol.
GameManiac chapter 113 . 18h
Well, it's obvious that Rukario is doing well. Though I'm still a bit confused about the whole pants thing with how you choose to portray the Lucario species in general. Are you referring to a definitive article of clothing, like what Lucario wears, or are you that side of the fandom that believes Lucario (plural) wear their blue fur like a pair of pants (which fan art of whatever subject enjoys exploiting)?

...Crap. Now I can't stop picturing Rukario's shiny golden ass.

Their fight definitely made me feel as though they're still trying to get along, though I still find it doubtful if Rukario will just let her thoughts of Cyon go. Especially with how you phrased the ending of this chapter.
GameManiac chapter 112 . 4/17
I like how human and mortal you have Blue appear to be, as well as have him essentially behave like a child in heart. It actually suits his character rather well, and makes it easy to forget that he was once an "enemy" to Lucario.

I'm certain that human beings can understand Pokémon when they've been around them long enough, perhaps even all their life. In the Pokémon Universe, there are people that understand them. And Pokémon can generally understand human beings, especially the intelligent ones like Lapras and the Eon Duo.
GameManiac chapter 111 . 4/16
Honestly, I don't exactly see what the big fuss is about with Johto's Whitney and her Rollout Miltank. I had no problems whatsoever when I confronted her in the Pokémon series. Hell, I never even used any Fighting-Type Pokémon against it either. Just a mid-evolution party of six, at a level on part or greater than her own. Also, as far as I know, she is the ONLY Gym Leader that doesn't give you the badge immediately after defeat. She cries a bit first.

...That being said, Lucario's fear of Miltank is hilarious, if not hyperbolic.

Who in their right mind fears cows? It seems like one of the most illogical phobias in existence, especially if you live in India (where cows are sacrilegious), or in USA (where cows are eaten as fast food). Personally, I'd sooner fist a cow rather than fear it. And I did say "fist", because I work around animals. And I don't mean it sexually (which would mean that I'm implying bestiality...again...), because that's actually what veterinarians do to check for pregnancy in large animal medicine.

...Or do I? You don't know me! LOL. (But in all seriousness, I currently work at a dog/cat hospital).

Lucario's phobia of Miltank reminds me of two things.

The first is that PkmnMaster Rolf's "A Spirit's Journey" FanFic centers around an Absol. And this particular Absol has a fear of Chansey. And that's only because, after being captured, the Pokémon Trainer (Syoran Syke) took him to a Pokémon Center, where the Chansey were treating him, a bit too thoroughly.

The other thing is how the flying fuck do the breasts of a cow pass by as acceptable to show in the common media in general?

Anyway, moving on, Lucario really is a chick magnet (Torana highlighting this quite well). And with the Pokémon females he's met, I honestly have no idea who will settle down with him, assuming of course that you intend for that to happen.

Could it be Zerobi? Could it be Zoroark? Could it be Torana? It can't be Mew, unless he was into necrophilia, which he obviously isn't.
GameManiac chapter 110 . 4/15
Well, Lucario's "reunion" with the Piplup made Prinplup went about as well as I would've eexpected. Hurt feelings about your idol stabbing you in the back and leading to violence. And after that is where things got a but surprising for me.

Not only does Brendan not want to kill Lucario, but he wants him to become stronger, and even wants him to breed with his Torana Blaziken, which she also wants. Not gonna lie, I was already thinking dirty thoughts about how quickly this can turn pornographic, and how there's plenty of fan art of that pairing (a particular good one coming from an artist named "Mykiio").

But I know that Lucario wouldn't go that far that fast...Even though he's more of a Lady's Pokémon than he appears to let on, what with the few Pokémon women he's been around already.

I wonder how the other two Champions will behave with him.
GameManiac chapter 109 . 4/13
...Why do the three Champions remind me of the Three Stooges? Based on their particular characters, they compliment each other so well. Calm, maniacal, and proud. You can write so many chapters with the conversations a trinity can make.

It was absolutely hilarious how Lucario chose a fourth option, and how his "enemies" reacted to it before Brendan literally hoisted him onto Suicune, and how Lucario made a puppy dog face to Red.

...I knew that Piplup would come back, like a past sin that needs repentance.
GameManiac chapter 108 . 4/13
It's about time that Lucario received the closure he needed. Otherwise, he would've ended up as a drunk hermit, even more alone than he already was before, back in the first chapter.

Honestly, when Lilligant told Lucario that he had visitors, I honestly believed that she was referring to Lugia, and the potential annihilation he would receive when Lugia learned of Mew's passing (which I'm not entirely sure if Lugia is well aware of or not).

...This is SO much worse. Hopeless even. I can't see any escape from this event (that I will graciously keep spoiler free, for the sake of other readers reading my reviews to you), and it definitely seems like the worst-case scenario for him right now.
GameManiac chapter 107 . 4/12
Huh... There was much more to that Gengar than I initially thought. And it was only in this chapter that it is revealed that if Lucario doesn't yield from his current dead end, he could end up just like that Gengar.

...Emotionally, of course.
GameManiac chapter 106 . 4/12
What would the moral of this chapter be? Don't judge a book by its cover? There are many more fish in the sea? Alcohol doesn't drown out all emotional aches?

Well, regardless of that, it's finally time to see Lucario get out of the hole he's digging himself into.
GameManiac chapter 105 . 4/10
Huh... I almost expected a bar fight in this chapter. I'm not entirely sure if I should be disappointed or relieved. Though if it were to come to that, there would be no question that Lucario would win. He would make a ragdoll out of that weed, then try and smoke him for all that I know.
GameManiac chapter 104 . 4/9
I don't drink alcohol. I hate the taste of it. It's too familiar to soda, which I hate even more because it's carbonated (and just plain unhealthy). So I won't ever know what it's like to be drunk (unless I hit rock bottom or something), and find it funny when others do so and recall their warped stories over it.

Is this chapter a turning point for Lucario. Is it time for him to get his groove back?
GameManiac chapter 103 . 4/9 Lugia even aware of Mew's passing as of yet. Will he find out soon enough? I can imagine Lugia being livid at a certain Pokémon if he ever realized what became of Mew.

Giratina is indeed very old. Being around as one of the first few Pokémon ever when Arceus shaped the universe.

I can't imagine Celebi and Mew as kids, simply because it'll make them look cuter than what they already are.
GameManiac chapter 102 . 3/11
Hard to say if Lucario has indeed hit Rock Bottom. But with the vast quantities of alcohol he has ingested, his hallucinations are believable.

I don't know why, but the end of this chapter reminded me of Disney's/Pixar's "Ratatouille".


"Gusteau is your son?!"

"I have a son?!"
GameManiac chapter 101 . 3/11
A REALLY short chapter. Only took me 5 minutes to read it.

And in those 5 minutes, you get a good sense of the world Zoroark got herself back into. She's doing a lot of paperwork, maintaining No Man's Land, keeping check of inventory, etc. She also gave Zerobi a lead to the current location of Eve (which answers the question of how she knew). Also, she even said "Thank you" to Lucario, though he was too drunk to take the moment in.
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