Reviews for Dark Room
MadHattess chapter 1 . 4/22/2011
You're right that a person could have nightmares about that room and complexes about the Lillets who'd been trapped there. Perhaps it's a bit of survivors guilt mixed along with the esoteric identity crisis.

Anyway, good job exploring it. I also really enjoyed how you portrayed the interaction between Lillet and Amoretta. I particularly enjoyed the cuteness of Lillet holding back from telling Amoretta to stop sneaking up behind her for fear of losing out on surprise hugs. Very cute.
DezoPenguin chapter 1 . 2/12/2011
...It's about time I got around to properly reviewing this story (I can only excuse myself on the grounds that, as you noted in your author's note, I did already comment extensively on the draft! *sweatdrop* ).

This fic presents a much more angsty Lillet than I'm used to envisioning, one with more lasting, negative repercussions from her experiences at the end of the game. It also gives considerably more thought to it than I'd ever bothered to give, so it's nice to see a GrimGrimoire subject explored from a different direction: how she feels about her alternate selves and their fates, and what is the nature of reality (and, indeed, the nature of her own existence in the wake of being caught in the loops of time and how they intersected with that one room which appeared to be progressing "outside" the loops in linear fashion even while the world "inside" remained trapped).

The change of mood in the second scene still seems a bit fast, but I think the new material you added, extending the scenes of comfort between Lillet and Amoretta (it's nice seeing her come to Lillet's support, and I also enjoyed the tenderly sweet moments between them), help to smooth it out, the transition from "alone facing her nightmare" to "having someone to share it with and in the act of sharing, confront it openly and consciously" working to show how she could find the courage to take it on.

The conclusion, meanwhile, works nicely in almost the sense of how a child, frightened by something in his or her room at night, can see in daylight that it's nothing to be scared of; in returning to the room and finding just an empty room, she can see it as a symbol not of the bad things that happened, but of the fact that she overcame those bad things and that they've been dispelled. Which allows the story to meld with the upbeat, hopeful mood the game concludes with.
Sunder the Gold chapter 1 . 2/10/2011
Small fandom, few reviews, so I must be sure to do my part in commenting on excellent stories. Still, if there must be so little quantity, at least the fandom more than makes up in quality.


Hmm. Not the interpretation I came to, or would have thought. (Nor possibly quite as happy as imagined, for transdimensional Lillets who end up in worlds without Amoretta. Especially since at least one previous Lillet - the one before the one we saw - was an old granny. Further, some may not have left sane.)

Personally, I assume that after the end of times, when all things are made new and imperishable, a person's mind will be engraved with all memories that things such as time-travel might have erased.

All Lillets are thus one Lillet, who merely cannot remember until the last and first day comes. Nothing anything any of them did is truly forgotten or lost, merely tucked away.

One will always face a reckoning with what they've done, even if the very world cannot remember that they did it. Everyone will remember, and regret or be glad.

This is not to say that Bartido Ballentine will be damned to Hell, but rather that he's going to remember being stupid enough to sell his soul, and the eternity before him will put that foolishness into stark perspective, one way or another.
Logan not here chapter 1 . 12/27/2010
This is very nice! As great as the game's ending was, it's almost a little impossible to believe that someone who met another version of herself and was told by that self that she's been spending maybe a thousand years going through lopes, wouldn't come away from it without being a little traumatized.