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CrayonsPink chapter 1 . 12/28/2010
This was so sweet! I loved it. :)
We Love Trevor And Kayla chapter 1 . 12/28/2010
Really good So sorry i didn't review your other storys i have been so busy so i didn't have time but i loved them too!
TealMoose chapter 1 . 12/28/2010
*shivers* Ryan Mitchell... The evil evil *bleeeep*!... BUT,

He was so sweet in this story! Escpecially with the little hand covering the heart thing? *dies*

I loved that part :D

I especially loved how innocent Carlos was! He's such a cutie :D And this was actually a really interesting story, since from what I've read, you don't usually make Carlos the main character, so CUTOS TO YOU :D

Great work on this story :)
Manilai chapter 1 . 12/27/2010
YOU SHOULD REALLYREALLYREALLY WRITE MORE BECAUSE WELL I LOVE YOUR STORIES AND THEY'RE SOOO EMOTIONAL but yeah, allcaps is kinda annoying... Anyway, I became incredibly bubbly and giggly when I read how Logan's father is NICE AND LOVING for once (sorry; I don't think I can do italics in reviews so allcaps will, once again, have to suffice) and not totally a cold, uncaring workaholic who seems like he should just hide in a corner. And hide in the Christmas tree during the holidays (AND A RYAN MITCHELL IN A PEAR TREE ~ ...umm, sorry; weird image, right?).

I absolutely awwwhed and yawned at the same time ('cause, you know, it's kind of dark right now and I feel sleepy for once) when Carlos read that his Christmas present was from Santa and he was ADORABLY DOUBTFUL that it was really Santa and i know that in this story I probably should felt angry at Logan for doing this to sweet innocent Carlos, but Logan is my favorite and I'm biased towards him. And instead I only imagined hugging him and making him feel better about his mother, not Carlos.


I'm so bad. D

By the way, in the end, why is there no yellow Power Ranger? Yellow is my favorite color and... Well, I know that you didn't mean to offend anyone (sorrysorrysorry, only stupid me would be offended that you didn't include yellow) and I don't mean to offend you (yeah, so please don't feel guilty even though you probably wouldn't have anyway), but yellow is so awesome that now it's like a "turn-on" for me.



P.S. I almost forgot to say: I loved your story. Again. Thank you and good night. ;)
AbbyMasrai chapter 1 . 12/27/2010
AHHHH! LoveloveLOVELOOOOVE! This was sooo sweet and cute and...aaaah. I love when you write them as little kids...there's this innocence about them that's so endearing. You're really good at capturing the thought process and mindset of children. Like seriously.

And it's SO SWEET that Logan gave Carlos his Red Power Ranger so Carlos would believe in Santa again!

I LOVE Ryan in this story! I think this could change how people view him in Little Hollow. I mean, I know I like to see him as this big ol' jerk with no heart...but really, he was just as much of a victim as Logan was. And the way he was in Little Hollow becomes less black and white for's way more grey and complex. I like that.

Keep up the amazing work! You're such an inspiration!
WyszLo chapter 1 . 12/27/2010
Lovelovelovelove :)

This was so freaking CUTE! Akdjfadfsaldjf even more adorable than I expected! Gahhh I'm so happy right now! LOVED THIS!

Carlos in the beginning? Sweetest thing EVER. That boy makes my life. Our bunny is just even more adorable when he's seven!

Ready? Bunny highlights:

"Carlos disregarded his father's words of wisdom because he had no idea what a "virtue" was. But he willingly acknowledged the compliment that one of his best friends had been given. "Logan is almost always right. He knows a whole lot." MINI BROMANCE! LOVE.

"The long wait was forgotten as Carlos thought about Logan and his other friends. "Logan wants to be a doctor." He informed his father. "Kendall wants to be a hockey player and James wants to sing." MORE MINI BROMANCE! Warms my heart :)

"A huge smile lit up Carlos' face. "I want to be a policeman just like you." His brown eyes ran up and down his father's uniform and he reached up with one hand to touch the badge, smiling even more when his dad knelt down again so he could reach easily. "I want to take care of people like you do." He added softly." Dear Bunny, get more adorable. Oh wait, you can't. Even at seven he was still so sensitive.

"Will you be proud of my friends too?" Carlos asked hopefully." BROMANCE.

"And we'll be friends forever." Carlos said confidently." BETRAYAL. I almost died. Had to take a reading break there... whoops.

And then, this happened:

"There's no such thing as magic." Logan returned. "If there was really magic then Santa would have done what I asked him to last year." His bottom lip trembled suddenly and his eyes filled with tears. "He would have brought my mommy back to me."

HE ASKED SANTA TO BRING HIS MOMMY BACK TO HIM? I cried. Luckily I hid it well, but I cried. DEAR. LORD. ALMIGHTY. LOGIE! Awww Logie-Bear! Poor little baby... can I please just cuddle him? Please? This killed me. KILLED ME.

Ok, so then, you had warned me about Ryan Mitchell right? I'm all prepared for him to super terrible, and then he's actually really wonderful with Logan! I like didn't even know what to do with that... I was so surprised, but I LOVED it! And then it made me cry again because it was so sweet and the way Logan's entire life should have been. You've always said that Ryan Mitchell used to be a great dad- this was proof. It was just so sweet. GAH. Ryan highlights:

Um... fail. I just highlighted this entire section... I'll paste it anyway. I think it proves my point :)

"Logan heard his father talk to Mr. Garcia some more and then it was just the two of them. His father lifted him up into his arms and carried him into the family room. He laid his head on the strong shoulder. "I'm sorry." He whispered.

"You're getting too big to carry." Ryan said sorrowfully. He sat on the couch keeping his son on his lap. "Don't cry, Logie. Why did you tell Carlos that Santa isn't real?" He watched Logan with a troubled expression on his face. He wasn't even aware that Logan didn't believe in Santa.

"Because," The tears in Logan's eyes overflowed and spilled down his cheeks. "Because he didn't bring Mommy back. That's all I asked for last year."

The tearful words broke Mr. Mitchell's heart and he drew the little boy into an embrace, rubbing his back soothingly when he began to cry. "I miss Mommy too, Logan. But she can't come back. She's in Heaven right now."

"I know that Heaven is a happy place," Logan sniffed and pulled away so he could see his father. "But I thought Mommy was happy here with us."

"She was." Ryan wiped tears away gently. "But she'll always be with us, Logan." He tapped his son's chest, directly over his heart. "She's in here as long as you remember her."

Logan paused in his sobs and laid one hand over his heart, letting his father cover it with his larger hand. Then he used his other hand to feel his father's heartbeat. "Is she in here too?" He whispered.

His father nodded, a sad, tired smile crossing his face. "Of course she is. And she loves you and I very much."

The sadness in Logan's eyes lifted a little and he smiled, leaning up against his father. "I love you, Daddy."

"I love you too, Logan." Ryan pressed a kiss to the top of his son's head.

Logan enjoyed the feeling of security that he had when he was in his father's arms. But the feeling only lasted a little bit because then he remembered Carlos. "Daddy, I still don't believe in Santa but I feel bad that I made Carlos cry."

Mr. Mitchell sighed and settled into deep thought. "Maybe you can tell him that you were wrong and that you believe in Santa after all."

But Logan only shook his head. "I tried too." He told his father regretfully. "But he said that I'm too smart to be wrong and that it made sense because of Mommy."

"Well then." Ryan pondered the predicament, aware that his son was watching him hopefully. He hated to let him down. "Can you think of any way that you can change things?"

1. Ryan Mitchell picked him up. That's when I was, like OH MY GOD.

2. He was sad that Logan was getting too big. BREAK MY HEART WHY DON'T YOU?

3. LOGIE. He called him Logie... and I died.

4. The way he hugged Logan when he found out about his wish for his mommy... ahhhh I LOVED EVERY BIT OF THIS TO DEATH.

5. The sadness in Logan's eyes lifted a little and he smiled, leaning up against his father. "I love you, Daddy."

"I love you too, Logan." Ryan pressed a kiss to the top of his son's head.

Logan enjoyed the feeling of security that he had when he was in his father's arms."

That got pasted again just because it was so incredible. The I love you's? AHHHH. I DIED. AGAIN. DIED. SWEETEST THING YOU'VE EVER WRITTEN EVER. (And of course I'm terrible and cried at the irony of how sweet everything is now and how much it will change, which made me love it just that much more.) He even kissed his head... congratulations, you've officially found out how to kill me. Our bunny, mini bromance, AND Ryan Mitchell in one story? Gosh. I'm in love. And then Logan felt so secure in his dad's arms... because that's what fathers are supposed to be... I'm just so thankful that Logan had some time, however short, with this side of Ryan. Wait, darn it, I'm crying again. This gets me.

6. "He hated to let him down." IRONY. As soon as I read that I freaked out. You know why. Dear Ryan... what happened? What changed?

And then of course, Logan's just freaking INCREDIBLE and gives Carlos his red power ranger... THE BROMANCE IS OVERWHELMING. I love that boy so much.

Everything about this was absolutely adorable. I LOVED it. See... I like happy things too haha :)

taystwin-14 chapter 1 . 12/27/2010
Oh man I'm sobbing and I dont even know why, but Im happy for Carlos and sad for Logan and and and ;_;
Redeeming Red chapter 1 . 12/27/2010
That was wonderful! :)

I just about cried for Logan not getting his mom back for Christmas. :'( & the talk he had with his dad was sad too, but sweet. & poor little heartbroken Carlos! :'( Wow, this was angsty. But that's alright because I love angst. :D

& that was about the sweetest ending ever. :) Logan's such a little sweetheart; I love him in this. :D

Magnificent job! I loved this. :)
BTRlover98 chapter 1 . 12/27/2010
Logan's so nice to give his power ranger to Carlos! That was so sad though when they were fighting...if that counts as fighting. And you made Carlos so cute as a little kid! I loved win he was talking to Santa! That was precious :) I loved this it was great!
Falling to Fly chapter 1 . 12/27/2010
Carlos is an angel. Legitimately. Just an impatient one. But that's completely okay because his utter adorableness makes up for it. Doesn't it? I'm pretty sure it does. -nods-

I became convinced that Carlos had the most amazing dad in the world in Big Time Break. You just further proved that. I think if Carlos grew up to be like him the world would be a better place.

Carlos could never be naughty even if he tried. Ever. I especially love how he didn't even hesitate to tell Santa all the things he'd done wrong. Most kids would have just lied and said they'd been good. But the list of bad things he'd done was SO SHORT, so he never had anything to worry about. I love him. -heart-

Aw Logie. You just have to BELIEVE. Sometimes even Santa magic can't do everything. But I love him for turning right back around and trying to convince Carlos that he'd been wrong and that Santa could be real after all. Even though Carlos didn't believe him, it was still sweet. I love him too. -heart-

Whoa. For once I didn't want to punch Ryan Mitchell in the face. It's a post-Christmas miracle! But really. I actually wanted to hug him instead. You never cease to amaze me.

Oh! Logan has a brilliant idea. And this is why Carlos thinks he's so smart. He look! Carlos got a red Power Ranger! Hmmm… Who on earth could that have come from? Logan could be the real Santa Claus. You know. If the world goes crazy and decides that singing or being a doctor won't work out. Anyway.

Oh ho ho. Logan mysteriously "lost" his red Power Ranger. But that's okay because he has his handy dandy black one! And now everything gets to be perfect in the end.

Angsty fluff. I love it. :) And I love this and you. :) Great job!
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