Reviews for A Strange Saturday
barber477 chapter 1 . 1/28/2014
Awesome story, we must have more! Hey btw, to anyone who actually reads this, you know who I think would make great characters if they made a Poker Night 3? Either Eleanor Lamb, Subject Delta, or Booker (from Bioshock Infinite).
Boris Yeltsin chapter 1 . 4/24/2013
Very cool stuff. Well written.
RLYoshi chapter 1 . 8/13/2011
Poker Night is my second-favourite computer game, so this was a real treat. And it was awesome!
DI Richeson chapter 1 . 3/11/2011
Good job, your use of detail is staggering go Brits go!
Ignika Kaita chapter 1 . 2/12/2011
XD, nice. I was actully thinking about 4 different X-Overs for NaTI, each aiming for each prize.
fient chapter 1 . 2/6/2011
i have some questions, they're in the parenthesis brackets

"You could. But I think Skye would be more accurate." I eyed my cards; a Eight of Clubs and Nine of Spades. "It's just Skye."

Strong Bad was flexing his boxing-glove-esque hands in barely concealed anger. I smirked, calling the bet. (okay, your connected thats a start for a standard small ball style player, but you're not suited, you call raise from early position with non-suited connectors? really bro?)

Max met the bet as well, and the flop showed a Four of Diamonds, King of Diamonds, and Nine of Clubs.

Strong Bad checked (there is no way any pro in there right mind would raise preflop and not continuation bet with a king on board, they would be trying to represent AK or KQ.) Heavy checked. I checked. Max checked. The turn revealed a King of Spades.

Strong Bad snorted. "That's pretty much what a loser would do." (again with your small ball strategy you aren't connecting a lot of the time, and any other pro that plays high stakes would recognize this so there would be no need to insult you he should actually be happy you're gone because that means youre not on a monster draw, and again make sure you're suited plz)

Max folded, and the hand ended with Heavy holding a Three-Of-A-Kind as opposed to Strong Bad's Pair of Kings. (wait there were two kings on the board, so everyone had a pair of kings, YOU had a pair of kings, I had a pair of kings and im not in this story, this is why he should have continuation bet so this type of thing didn't happen, and you said he had 3 of a kind? umm so did he have a pocket pair cause that would have been a full house say he had pocket 9's (9,9) (4,9,K,K, then the river 3 9's and 2 kings, full house)

A few hands and things remained relatively even. Heavy had managed to intimidate some money out of everyone (myself included) (since this guy is trying to intimidate you you should play back at him, that is the only way to beat aggressive players value you bet top pair, and hold on with second pair and a good kicker) and both me and Tycho were gradually dwindling chips from the blinds. Max chipped in a relatively small raise (so a min raise?) as I guarded my Jack and Queen from prying eyes. "You know, the music in this joint reminds me of the time a bunch of hippos escaped the zoo, fell into league with a criminal blues band, and started transporting illicit goods across the East River!"

A few hands and things remained relatively even. Heavy had managed to intimidate some money out of everyone (myself included) and both me and Tycho were gradually dwindling chips from the blinds. (okay is this a cash game or a tournament? because if this is a cash game there is NO WAY you should even consider the blinds a lot of money, because if the character was good they would have bought in for the max amount which is 100 big blinds, but if its a tournament they cant intimidate money out of you, just chips)

Max had won a good deal of money with a good deal of luck. Most of it was mine. I seethed with irritation; I was one Heart away from a Flush. (you know there is only a 20% chance of making your draw right? there is no way he could have won a good amount of money from you if you had stayed with in the pot odds, if you are on a flush draw from the turn you should only call 40-50% bet and on the turn 20-25%)

I raised, content with my Pair of Threes (wait you said you were short stacked earlier and now you're playing a crap hand like pocket 3's? maybe if you didn't waste it on the 89 off suit you wouldn't be in this problem).

The Heavy Weapons Guy growled. "Hm, beat me once? Shame on me. Beat me twice?" He looked away. "Also shame on me." Tycho shook his head, before Heavy straightened up and glared with pure rage. "Beat me three times?" Suddenly, his face fell. "I am sent to my death."(okay so, basic bankroll management says you should buy into a cash game or tournament unless you have 25 re-buys, this loss here should not be that significant to this guy)

"Strong Bad has been eliminated from play." (okay so all the time im thinking this is a cash game but its really a tournament? you should clarify)

"Tycho has been eliminated from play." I barely contained a thankful sigh – it had taken a lot of time to whittle Tycho down with wild guesses and bets that I should never have made. Thankfully, he had been forced to go All In on a Two Pair, while I had a Three-Of-A-Kind. Gotta love the Jacks (actually jacks are not really that loved by most pros and aren't treated that special because you're pretty much drawing dead after a raise if a Q, K, or A hits the board cause those are the only types of hands someone could call a raise with, so you are drawing dead a good portion of the time)

My cards. King of Diamonds and Ten of Diamonds.

"Check." I tapped the table.

His cards. Apparently good (Ace 8 off suit is good now? when did this happen? I did not get the memo). He didn't seem to hesitate.

"Raise." (you cant raise after a check you bet) My eyes widened with surprise, (raises, they happen)

"...Call." I wasn't going to back down now.

Time to do what I do best. Lie. (okay, bluffing isn't lying it is applying pressure when you know your opponent is weak)

"All in!" I tried to sound as confident as possible,(are you joking me? this guy raises you, so you have to put him on a hand, like say an ace? which he ended up having, or a pocket pair, which you are drasticly behind to, or a bigger king than K10)

"Ooooooh!" Max seemed in awe at my manoeuvre.

After Winslow offered me a briefcase to keep my winnings (casinos don't give you cash, they transfer the money to a bank account)
tytoon chapter 1 . 1/21/2011
MOAR! I just love the humor of this the absolutly sublime awkwardness following the geraffe story is even better written not to mension all the lampshading. tropers always write the best fics
ColinatorGX chapter 1 . 1/16/2011
And now I suddenly want a fanfiction based off that episode of "WTF is" that Total Biscuit did of Poker Night At The Inventory.

This was an awesome story, by the way. )
Dispentry chapter 1 . 1/8/2011
ok i love this story and it takes no.1 in all the inventory poker stories i have read i give is 5/5
Micromyni chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
I think I love you. Incredibly detailed, a fellow Troper, can keep them in-character without a HINT of Foe-yay, and win without making it sound like it was easy...I even loved the furry comment. Favorited, and I'll be checking out your other fics as well. Congratulations, you have a new fan.
Dr. Denial chapter 1 . 12/30/2010
This was a real treat. Most often, it is hard to find a fanfic that doesn’t need a pint to make it readable. The detail and description in the beginning is what got me hooked, and I adore your style because of it. Also, you did a fantastic job keeping the characters well, in character. Quite believable and splendid, you nailed them to a tee. Keep writing.