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Bobtrumpet chapter 32 . 5/3/2016
""Kimmie is that Ron?", seeing her daughter nod, she asked in awe, "How?"

""Because he loves me Mom, because he loves me.", Kim replied her eyes shimmering as tears began to form."

Did you guys cry when you wrote this? Because I did when I read it. Good stuff.
Bobtrumpet chapter 13 . 4/30/2016
It's going pretty well, overall. I just really don't like this type of depiction of the Stoppables. :-( About as far from canon as you can get for them without making them criminals. At least Mrs. Stoppable is tolerable.
temporaryinsanity91 chapter 14 . 4/13/2013
so... i have to say i'd forgotten how turned off i was by this... how is it that these girls are trading around boys e.g. ron like he's Kobe beef? the lack of respect is criminal... and highly unlikely, since generally most girls i know dont talk about boys that way... even the, err, less conservative ones.
on the flip side, i'm glad Barbara got chewed out in this chapter too... it wasnt just Dean that couldnt pick up the phone n call, she let him get away with it and its not like she bothered to try n contact Ron either... so kudos to Rabbi Bernie for gettin on them both instead of just Dean.
it was indeed a wild chapter.. on to the next one!
temporaryinsanity91 chapter 13 . 4/12/2013
ok this is my second time reafing this cover to cover... as i was reading about Kim's little internal argument, the creepy voice from Michael Jackson's Thriller played over my phone speakers just as i read about her freaking out over Bonnie dating Ron. i laughed for quite a while. that would be quite the horror movie for her, wouldnt it? but shes been gone eo long she doesnt see how they've all changed...

more reviews in the future,
temporary insanity
The Black Gandhi chapter 34 . 12/11/2012
Great story bro, was getting a little worried when I got 2 round chapter 25 and Kim and Ron still wasn't 2gether. Keep the stories coming if u can cause this was 1 of the best I've read. Top 5 no doubt
Soundbar chapter 18 . 8/23/2012
WTF, this IS the best story I've ever read in my entire life, you did a such a good job so far iv read, that i need a look up a freaking huge word to describe how awesome this is.
pbow chapter 33 . 9/20/2011
Hey Guys,

I've been re-reading this story and came up with a bit of a quandry about Kim and Ron's main problem, i.e. his fear of Kim forgetting him.

If Sensei was worried about Ron's control over his powers when Kim disappeared, wouldn't he also want R to be in control of his mind... getting rid of his fears and foibles? As Yori told Kim on their way up the mountain, Yamanouchi is all about the harmonizing of body, mind and soul. Sensei should have realized, since he knew of R's fear of K forgetting him, that that fear could lead to dangerous consequences and sought to totally rid R of those fears.

I know you had to write it like you did in order for the story to come out right, and the story is excellent, but did you consider that little hitch?

Just curious.

Like I said, great story and I can't wait to read the other side stories.

Live Large,

Jimmy1201 chapter 34 . 9/11/2011
The story wraps up with Tara getting her "pay back" evening at last. We hear more details about the "family prank tradition". Have to wonder about a tradition that seems to provide a motive for justifiable homicide. Also, with a tradition like that, it would seem that Anne would have started asking her male relatives questions with a baseball bat the minute James was late to the church. And what's with Sensei talking about Kim getting Ron ready for his final exam - does anyone actually ever graduate from that school :)

Thanks for the hard work all, some of the story was a bit over the top, but an enjoyable over the top none the less.
AmericanGecko chapter 34 . 9/10/2011
Whew is right. : )

I can't believe the main story is over. Now what story will I have to look forward to updates for?

But seriously, guys, incredible story here. And to be honest, I'm kind of glad you had Josh and Tara play the parts they did. So often you see Monique and Felix in those roles simply because they're best friends. But here we got to see a different take on it, and given the circumstances (Kim's crush on Josh) it played remarkably better because of it.

The only question I have left is how this Kim and Ron would handle the Lorwardians, and I'm hoping one of the one-shots to follow will cover that somewhat.

Hope to see more from this writing team soon! : )

Thorius Maximus chapter 34 . 9/9/2011
These last two chapters have had excellent content. I see that you've been able to fill in Kim's memory loss quite nicely and the subsequent consequences are well approached. Warmonga's battle was a nice bonus in this last chapter.

I assume you're going to continue where this story left off?

Best of luck!
readerjunkie chapter 34 . 9/9/2011
Amazing work guys,can't wait to see what's coming down the line.
readerjunkie chapter 34 . 9/9/2011
Amazing work guys,can't wait to see what's coming down the line.
whitem chapter 34 . 9/9/2011
Awesome ending to an awesome story you two! You've tied the main story up nicely and left a few small openings for your upcoming one-shots. Though you could probably write another full-on story to continue Kim and Ron's lives together.

I'm mostly interested in what Sensei saw in the scrolls, and where that little 'tangent' will send you.

I hated to see this end, but all things have to end sometime, I guess.

I'll be looking forward to anything you guys write together, or separately.
EnterpriseCV-6 chapter 34 . 9/8/2011
you know guys I REALLY ENJOYED THIS story but (this is my option) I think it's too short for me personally because I would have liked to see at LEAST a little bit of romance between Kim&Ron, Tara&Josh, and SSJ&Bonnie, and everybody else but I think you guys may do that in one of you up coming one shots and should you decide to do some...say we say "interesting sex stuff" please let me know (I know of a few things that I can see Kim and Ron doing ;) )

also um Larry I know of some good beer places you may want to think about visiting (unless you already have been there)
VivaNewVegas chapter 34 . 9/8/2011
And so ends a very very very very very long story all spurned from a simple what if. It was very well done. Even after I moved away from the KP fandom I still came back to read this.

Nice work people.
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