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InsaneKAT chapter 1 . 1/10/2011
awesome! keep up the good work!


Shadowgin 917
Kittychan H chapter 5 . 1/10/2011
Awesome chapter! The story is getting better and better! **munches cookie!**

I forgot to include in my chapter 4 review that I was getting concerned about that head wound of Conan’s. For it still to be oozing blood after a couple(?) of hours is very serious. Most likely is that there is still glass or shrapnel in the wound (it may have fallen out when Irish slapped him around) and it’s very likely to become infected. Even without a fever, the blood loss over time would be nasty for such a little guy. His loss of consciousness at the start of chapter 5, may be a symptom of blood loss as well as a beating.

I was curious about whether Conan *could* pick a handcuff lock with a hair pin so I looked it up… Color me astonished, not only is it likely but it’s more than possible! Especially for Shinichi who would be familiar with handcuffs! There are several methods to do so, he can use the pin to trip the simple tumbler in the lock (the universal key has a VERY simple shape) or, if the lock is not facing his hand, he can use the pin to pry the pawl (the little lever that stops the cuff arm from backing up) over each bump until his hand can slip out. He should have lots of slack to do it too, handcuffs are made for adults so they literally cannot ratchet closed small enough to hold a child’s wrists tightly and prevent him turning his hand to reach the lock. (Wiki has lovely pictures of different kinds too…)

I believe that Irish is still greatly underestimating Conan. Even though he knows that Conan is Kudo Shinichi, he is still influenced by his ‘impression’ of what Conan appears to be, a child. Or he may even think that some high-school kid who thinks he’s a detective should be no-problem for a highly trained adult like himself.

I don’t think that Kaito would actually take Heiji to his Father’s ‘hideout’, he won't 'spill' everything till his father is avenged. I think it’s likely that he has a spare location with supplies (something that can’t be traced back to him) that he’s willing to sacrifice if Heiji turns out to be too ‘law abiding’. I bet it looks really convincing though; it may even be trapped just in case ‘Snake’ and his friends could be lured there someday. But I love that he picked up Heiji up at the airport/which I expect you will change to train station soon… (Hmmm... Heiji could have been delayed by trying to rent a motorcycle if they didn’t have one available…) I like the Vermouth back story. (Looking forward to that ficcy now too.) And, poor Ran, if he does not tell her, eventually she will believe she has gone nuts. (Conan, I mean Shinichi, *could* explain the phone thing with call forwarding… ‘But, Ran, I was going to be unavailable and I thought Conan could help you with almost anything. I didn’t know he was going to be kidnapped!’)


Remaining inventory of Conan’s bag-o-tricks: Super suspenders, voice changing bow tie, one hairpin, and maybe, little tracking stickers (but someone would need the spare glasses to find them). It did occur to me that while one of Conan’s super kick shoes was shot out by Irish the other side may be able to work separately… Conan may favor one side for his super soccer kicks but should be able to kick on the other side almost as well, since you need to be able to react quickly on the soccer field. Or he could switch the shoes to the wrong feet, it feels weird, but it can work.

Biggest Question: Would Irish have one of those little cases with some doses of Apotoxin in his room?
angelwingsonline chapter 5 . 1/9/2011
*Eats her cyber-cookie* Yum!

Great chapter. Kinda cool to get a look behind Vermouth's facade. But I find it a bit unbelievable that Kid would show Hattori his true face right off the bat (which seems to be the case, since he stressed the fact that he WASN'T disguised as Shinichi), before a truce is established. This is especially true since Hattori would've at least suspected the driver was Kid the moment he pullled off the mask (the two HAVE faced off before after all) because there aren't many people who can disguise like Kid can.

Just something you might want to think about.

Anyway, about the transportation questions. I went to Japan this summer and visisted both Tokyo and Osaka, and I'm sorry to say that it's VERY unliklely that Heiji would have taken a plane at all. For trips between Osaka and Tokyo the most common method of transportation is the Shinkansen, or Bullet train (the anime has even shown Heiji and Kazuha boarding it). I'm pretty sure that usually the only time Japanese fly in country to go between islands. I understand why you thought a plane would be more likely with Heiji's rush, but considering the time it takes to check into an airport, I doubt the difference wouldn't be too much. My trip between the two cities was broken up by a visit to others so I only have a rough guestimate but for a straight shot from one city to the other...I'd say...probably between 2-3 hours. And you don't need a passport for traveling on the Shinkansen, all you need is your ticket.

As for needing a passport for a flight...I'm not sure, since I only visited the main island for my trip, but I'd imagine you wouldn't need it.

Hope that helps! _
Ally Marton chapter 5 . 1/8/2011
:D Another good chapter! I liked your idea for Sharon/Vermouth, it'll be cool to see how her story comes along after this one is over. Poor Ai-chan! Conan's kinda handling this all well, but the poor girl, it's like everything around her is falling apart, and there's no way for her to keep it from crumbling...

:D Kaito Kid and Heji team up to save Conan for the WIN! I wonder how their teamwork will play out, in fact, there's about 5 different groups each working in their own way to get the kid outta there, heh, I wonder who will win out in the end?

Poor Ran, I can't even imagine; Conan's missing, Shinichi's missing, and now she has to go through the mental battle of Conan being Shinichi AGAIN? Maybe she'll figure it out this time, I mean, what if she totally sees it's Kaito again after finding the phone?

And speaking of aggrivated girlfriends, Heji is so DEAD :D in a good way, poor Kazuya!

And finally, CONAN-KUN! :D I hope he breaks free, and causes havoc, and causes MORE havoc, and almost escapes! Or just does, and one of his several declared search parties locates him and saves him and Irish will EPIC FAIL! The one thing I'm curious about though, who's the boss going to be?

Wow, that was long, but only because it means I liked the story! :D I know you said it'll be awhile, but I still can't wait!

1412 karasu chapter 5 . 1/8/2011

There's not enough Raven Chaser stories out there-~
Aeyra chapter 5 . 1/8/2011
Vermouth's childhood was a pretty good idea. I hope Irish doesn't get back before Conan escapes, but it would be very interesting. Update soon!
nobody10901 chapter 5 . 1/8/2011
Ooh, nice! I thought that the taxi driver was Vermouth at first, but now I know! Oh, and you were right! That was a pretty easy hint! I wonder who the Boss is... I hope something will happen, instead of killing him, the Boss

recognizes his ability or the Boss is someone really close to him! Oh, and about your review, thanks for all the critique. I appreciate it. I'm just not that type of logical person with all that information and stuff. So... I'll try my best. I hope you update soon! Arigato~
Mel72000 chapter 5 . 1/8/2011
Thank you for this great chapter, I love it !

But, I have a question : in the chapter three, in the room where Conan is prisonned, you discribed two computers... It isn't dangerous for the Organisation to let an ennemy stay near a computer ? If Conan is locked to the table by the chain, He can access to this computer and to find elements to escape, no ?

Sorry for spelling or grammar mistakes, but I am french and not very gifted with Sheakespeare's language...

I wait impatiently to read the next chapter !
MiaHarpy chapter 4 . 1/7/2011
This is a good story so far! I like it _. But I want to say a few things. But even with these 'bone to pick' sort of statements, I still like the story.

1. Gin HAS seen Conan. In Season 14, Ep 425. Gin ordered to kill both Kogoro and Conan. He wasn't that far away because he and the other BO members could hear Conan and Kogoro's conversation. The fact that Conan is related to "the great sleeping detective" would make Gin remember him even more.

2. BO members should be smart enough to check all equipment that their captive would have.. Bugs, transmitters, radios, etc. before letting that person into the headquarters.

3. This bugs me the most, if the cuffs had chains or anything attached to the metal table, Conan shouldn't be able to reach his badge. The reasons are 1. Conan usually put his badge in his front pocket of his shirt/jacket. 2. If the length of the chain was a 'fit all' size then being a kid would make it be harder to reach while a adult can move easily. Of course, this can be altered if the chain length could be changed, but I doubt they'll have so anyone could sit up.

Sorry if this sounds harsh or anything. I'm a big Detective Conan fan so I end up noticing these things. Though, this is a great story and should be continued. _
Dragi chapter 4 . 1/7/2011
interesting start looking forward to read more
angelwingsonline chapter 4 . 1/6/2011
Ok, I'm sorry but there is NO WAY that Kaitou Kid would be bad with computers. Not only is he a teenageer in Japan, one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world (in fact, I'm pretty sure (90%) it's THE most advanced) where I'm sure they have computer classes just like we do in America, but as a thief he would absolutely NEED to know computers (and WELL) in order to do his job due to the VERY high use of technolocigical security systems (especially in places like museums and jewelry stores).

Oh, and I'm thinking Vermouth left a hairpin which supposedly can be used to pick the lock on handcuffs - though it'll be interesting to see how Conan would maneuver to make that work - maybe you could give a bit more description of the how he's tied/chained up? (ie how long are the 'chains' and how much can he maneuver).
angelwingsonline chapter 3 . 1/6/2011
"The Detective Boys to save the day!"

Gah...whenever they say that, it makes me want to turn and run they other way...-_-;

Also, did Irish just use regular handcuffs? Cuz if so that must be a really small table...
angelwingsonline chapter 1 . 1/6/2011
Nice. I've always wanted to read something on this *reads other reviews* lol, and apparently so have alot of others.

But I noticed something that REALLY clashed with the facts of the movie: Irish had NO intention of revealing Conan's true identity to Gin. Rememember, Irish told Conan that the reason he's taking him back alive is to prove to the boss that Conan is Shinichi and thus to reveal that Gin majorly screwed up to get revenge for Gin killing Pisco. Even though he didn't TELL Gin in the end he gave him enough clues for Gin to figure it out which would ruin his plans - Gin would simply kill Conan/Shinichi (plus anyone close) to rectify his ealier mistake. He might also kill Irish to keep it quiet.

For now I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt and assume you know this (it WAS a HUGE plotpoint of the movie after all) and have made appropriate changes to the plot.

Anyway...:P thanks for the story! First chapter's good. Now on to the second.
Kittychan H chapter 4 . 1/6/2011
Hmmm... I'm thinking Vermouth left him a present, lock pick or hairpin maybe? Well it would be nice, but she's not known for nice.

She may be pointing out something on the table tho, like the broken pin from his detective badge that was just snapped and then stomped underfoot. I must admit that I didn't have a clear picture of how he was chained to the table before but now I can imagine that he's on the table top, spread out like a human sacrifice, and chained by at least 3? but possibly all 4 limbs to the table legs beneath. (ouch, gonna have some cramping there when he gets loose...)

One thing I did disagree with is that Kaito does not know computers. He seems very proficient in the Magic Kaito special... However, that's on his modern computer out in the 'public' area of his home... the 'ancient white computer' in the room sounds like the old apple II my hubby had. Truly a dinosaur... it should crash any moment or when he tries to save. But, if he can answer complicated math problems while being chased with a mop he should be know when to cut his losses and just move to the better computer.

Speculating again...

I'm still not to sure how anyone is going to 'track' where Conan is, unless Haibara knows where the HQ is accessed... she may not, or she may have only known of the one entrance at her lab that was destroyed. But, even if Conan can get out, he's still in danger from Irish and anyone else curious about the 'kid' he brought in. My only thought on that is explosives make a nice distraction and get rid of so much evidence.
42-kami chapter 4 . 1/6/2011
I really like this idea you have taken from your mind and made a story of. Usually I don't review since others sum up what I want to say anyway. Just wanted to point out that the broken promise heiji scream about can be refered to in-movie at time 59:15.

Keep up the good work and do so in your own pace. We'll still be here, waiting for the next chapter )
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