Reviews for Invisible to the Eye
Winter Midnight chapter 1 . 2/28/2011
Hi! I read this story a while ago and never reveiwed, but I just thought I'd say I loved it! And Martin :)

I also don't know if you've heard but there are plans to make a Bridgit Jones 3! Apparently the script is rumoured to include marriage and kids, as well as Bridgit meeting her ideal weight. And Daniel Cleaver is also back. I saw it in the papers today (I'm from the U.K) and thought you might like to know! :)

And as always love your work :D
Vee22 chapter 1 . 1/11/2011
Thanks for the sequel! I loved The Fox And The Rose and I was so excited to see that you'd written another story in this universe. )

Martin is adorable and endearing - and I think his parents are too. ;)

Would love to see more of them!
alix33 chapter 1 . 12/29/2010
"She had planned on making supper for them, simple baked chicken and new potatoes, but upon picking him up at school, at seeing his pursed-lipped expression, she decided instead to phone for a pizza." - Yum! for either meal, or even both (if Bridget or Martin is/was feeling especially greedy).

"That's what mums are for, to help you when you feel like you can't help yourself." - Who made THAT rule? 'Cause they neglected to ever tell it to MY mom!

"At about eight-thirty they were partaking in Christmas gingerbread biscuits and some milk" - I have never had gingerbread bscuits; I have had and totally love ginger nuts (which is what South Africans call cookies containing ginger), but have never had them with milk; the next time I visit my parents, I will be sure to try some, though (they always have milk in the house; I almost never do, and I certainly never have ginger nuts).

"Actually, if you have any pizza left I'll have some. I never got a dinner break." "How did you know—?" He grinned. "You are very predictable at times, my dear." - Hehehe.

"That's all right. Though… where will we put him?" It was an excellent question, one she didn't have an answer for. Martin, however, evidently had ideas of his own. "I'll sleep on your cool sofa." She tried not to laugh, and shot a glance to Mark, who was evidently equally surprised. "You won't put the telly on?" He shook his head. "Promise." - Hehehe.

"After they washed up for bed, Mark took her by the hand and kissed her, then closed the bedroom door behind them. "But Martin—" she began, but he kissed her again, bringing his arms around her waist, his fingers tracing up and down her spine. "Martin's asleep," he said, "and you've come to stay with us enough times. He knows we're in here together." "But he doesn't know what…" She faltered. "What we do." "Reasonable for a seven-year-old," he said. He brought his lips close to hers again then murmured, "Certainly isn't going to stop me, darling." Indeed, it did not, though she made sure she kept herself as quiet as possible." - Hehehe.

"I can guarantee whatever you give to him he will love," Mark murmured close to her ear. As he was saying this her eyes fixed on a plush… well, what appeared to be a tail. She stopped in her tracks and reached for it, then lifted it up. It was a fox. Drawing her brows together, she held it in her hand and looked to the tag… and discovered that it was an official Little Prince fox. Evidently Mark saw the label too and said, "Well. Ask and ye shall receive." "It's perfect," she said, then, cradling it under her arm, began to dig through the shelf for the rose, but one was not to be found. "Bugger." "What is it?" "It's not fair," she said. "If they're going to make the fox, they should make the rose too." "Agreed," he said sombrely. "A grave injustice." "You're patronising me," she said with a pout. "Maybe a bit," he said, leaning to peck her cheek. "Martin will be very pleased with the fox even if he doesn't have his rose." "The rose wasn't for Martin," she said with a smirk. In the end she bought the fox as well as a new Matchbox car that Mark was sure Martin did not already have and a Magic 8-Ball. "What will he do with that?" Mark asked regarding the latter. "The question should be, what won't he do with it?" she grinned. "It's great fun to have." - Yay! for the fox, the other stuff I really could not give a toss about.

"Bridget, was something wrong with the chicken?" She looked down. She'd hardly eaten. "No, it was very good," she said. "I guess my appetite has abandoned me." He furrowed his brows, his worry evident. "That's unusual." "I know," she lamented. "Can I still have some apples?" He smirked and looked to Martin. "I don't know," he said. "What do you think, Martin? Should she get some apples even though she didn't finish her chicken?" He giggled then nodded. "You know, since it's Christmas and all." - Hehehe.

I LOVE any and all kinds of apples raw, but I LOATHE cooked ones in any and all forms.

"Now no one can say you're not my mum for real," he said. "Well, it's not finished yet—" She stopped, then drew far enough back to look at him. "Martin, did someone say that to you?" He hesitated, then nodded. "I'll find 'em," she said, "and I'll kick their bums in." Martin giggled." - And I volunteer to come and help with the kicking in of those bums.

"and an on-going hurrah to finding love when you least expect to." She laughed at his use of the word 'hurrah'," - Yes, that WAS funny.

"then I want to make love to my fiancée." "Well," she said with a smile. "Twist my arm. Besides, I'll need a lot of practise with the whole 'wifely duties' thing." He drained his flute, set it down, then reached to slip his hand around her waist. "Nonsense," he said, pulling her closer. "You've got that perfected to an art form." She drained her flute, too, then proceeded to further perfect her art with his assistance." - AW!

"The tone of the drive the next day was a bit muted, and there were many instances of asking Martin to keep his voice down. Even in hushed tones, his excitement could hardly be quashed. It was Christmas Eve, after all; he had presents to look forward to (Mark had packed the boot of the car with Father Christmas' gifts while Bridget had distracted him in his room), and beyond that, he would soon get to tell his grandparents that his dad was going to be getting married, that the woman he called Mum would soon be so in more than just appellation." - Hehehe.

"Mum, Martin wants me to be there with him on Christmas morning. We've decided that I'll stay the night with the Darcys." "With Mark you mean," she snipped. "You know I adore him, but you know what I've said about—" "Mother," she interrupted again with emphasis. "Not with Mark. With…" She glanced to Mark. "With my fiancé and son." Pam knew that her daughter thought of Martin as a son, but the new term in the mix, 'fiancé', had evidently left her at a loss for words. "Your… what?" "Fiancé," Bridget repeated. "Did he… oh my godfathers, he proposed?" She thought of the rather unusual method by which he had done so. "Yes, he did. And I'll be adopting Martin officially." "So much for keeping the big secret," said Martin from behind her." - Hehehe at Martin's remark.

"I didn't really mean for it to all come out," said Bridget. "It isn't as if you're running away to join the circus," said Mark, which made Martin laugh. "But I wasn't even able to keep a secret as well as Martin did," she said sorrowfully. Mark reached and squeezed her hand. "It wasn't a secret anymore. It's news that's meant to be shared. Announced from mountaintops, et cetera." He always had a knack for making her feel better, and she smiled, squeezing his hand in return before he relinquished it for the steering wheel." - AW!

"He lowered his voice. "And besides, you could always come tuck me in." "Oh no," she said. "I don't need that getting back to my mother." "I could come tuck you in," he countered. She looked up to him, saw the devilish glint in his eye, and thought just how much he had changed since she'd met him; looser, quicker to laugh and joke. She allowed a small smile. "We'll see." - AW!

"My stocking's filled with candy and a new Matchbox car!" - Martin, a little British kid, really calls it "candy", and not "sweets"?

"What time is it?" "Too early," he said. "But not as early as he woke me." - Hehehe.

I wonder if they have a rose!" This innocent question broke the seriousness of the moment and made her chuckle. "Sorry, Martin, they don't." "Believe me," said Mark, "we looked." "I suppose it would be really hard to make a cuddly rose," Martin lamented. Bridget glanced to Mark in time to see a smile on his lips. "Not one as cuddly as some, anyway," he said quietly." - Hehehe.

"Glad your mum and dad liked what I gave them," she said. "A happy son?" he teased. She laughed. "Well, that too." - Hehehe.
mattsloved1 chapter 1 . 12/29/2010
Awww. I was surprised by the adoption present. Lucky Bridget to have a Mark Darcy proposing to her on Christmas Eve eve. Martin was adorable as always. I loved it when he was frustrated because they were celebrating without him. :) Thanks for sharing it was a pleasure as always!