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CastielHasBlackWings chapter 1 . 3/25/2011
Oh my goodness.. :) I don't know what to say.. You're probably the most AMAZING writer ever, and I hope someday (-Look at that! :D Hehe) you'll have something published. Scratch that, I know you will. I've read every single one of your stories multiple times.. They're amazing. You're descriptive and detailed without being too detailed. Anywayy, you're a really amazing writer. I hope you keep on writing! :D Don't ever stop..!

[She's a writer.

He can tell, looking at her eyes.

They're the eyes of someone living in a dreamland, a fantasy.

He watches as she plays with the edge of her dress, nervous fingers twisting the deep purple fabric.

She doesn't know what she's doing here.

She's lost.

But then again, so is he.]

I love that part... Very nice.. Describes me..! Haha :D Chhyeahh.. So.. Uhmm.. Love this story.. I love all the possibilities you made for one word.. 'Someday' YEAH. Justttt.. Keep writing..! Kayybyeee(:
past decembers chapter 1 . 2/12/2011
This was beautiful; I loved it. It was just sad and sweet and...perfect :) Seriously, words can't express how I'm feeling right now, but I'll do my best.

This oneshot left me with that sad, wistful, bittersweet feeling, but it made me feel content, if you know what I mean.

One of the most beautiful pieces of writing I've ever read. Never stop writing :)

-Bridgit xx
xXGoldie12Xx chapter 1 . 1/19/2011
omg this is so sad! It made me cry. Your an amazing writer!
WhimsicalWonderland chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
Holy crap that was incredible. Incredibly sad, incredibly heartwarming, incredibly everything. I loved it, as I do most everything else you write.

AND IT WAS GREAT. Not bad, like you so feel it to be. GREAT.
lolz3 chapter 1 . 12/31/2010
This is beautiful and sad. I've been watching and reading too much depressing stuff these days... great way to end the year huh? Haha. Happy New Year!
TeddyLuver chapter 1 . 12/30/2010
I haven't reviewed this yet? What a bad super fan I am. xP

Well, thanks for your little shoutout at the beginning. :D I love reading all these stories and seeing my name at the top. ;D

The story was just... wow, as always. :) I love the two-strangers meeting and falling in love idea. :) And I love the idea of Chad being a musician. It's a bit OOC, but it's perfect for him too, y'know?

[They're the eyes of someone living in a dreamland, a fantasy.] Is that really what my eyes look like? *checks in the mirror* xD Just kidding. ;)

["It's the ocean. It can be filled with grief, or peaceful, or unknowable. It's ever-changing. It's beautiful."] I'm going to the beach today. :D I love this description. :)

LOL, I love Sonny's rambling. :) And the classic kiss to cut her off. ;) Works every time. ;)

["Are you scared?"

She turns her head to look at him, surprised by the question.

"Of what?"

"Darkness. Nighttime. Loss. Death."

His eyes meet hers, reflecting starlight.

"Or spiders."] Yay for comic relief! xD

[The salty breeze. The gentle sunshine. The ocean.

The harmony of it all sickens him.

It's perfect.

(No. No, it's not.)] This is so heartbreakingly beautiful. :) When everything is exactly how it should be, yet you're still hopelessly anguished... it's like a slap in the face from reality. :P

And the scene where he lets his music go... it's so vivid. I can just see him raising his arm, the sheet fluttering in the wind, then dancing away across the waves... you really have a wonderful gift with description. :)

[Maybe, if he stands here just a little bit longer, he'll be swept out with the waves too.]

I don't know why, but I adore this line. :) I think it's my favorite in the entire story. And trust me, there were a lot of fabulous lines to pick from. ;)

Beautiful. Angstily (is that a word?) beautiful. :)
brittanyjacqueline chapter 1 . 12/29/2010
Oh. My. Gosh! im gunna cry. thats so sad!
OneDream 2Dream chapter 1 . 12/29/2010
This reminded me of That Lullaby by Sarah Dessen (i just finished reading it. It's a great story.) and I really loved it. Too bad you didn't put anything in about a Tupperware conspiracy. Anyways, amazing work as always! Keep writing. I love these romance/angst sad stories. They console me in a way unknown. I don't know why.
inactiveuse chapter 1 . 12/29/2010
Hauntingly beautiful...I'm afraid it doesn’t even come close to describing this, Scarlett. :”)

I know it’s our human nature to some times doubt ourselves, our abilities. But, could you ever share that one secret with me? Why…why don’t you like it? Why is it so awful? It’s not awful - it’s beautiful. ;’)

If you truly think this awful…then, nothing anyone will ever write will match up to this. And by this I mean you, darling. You're talent should not be over-looked, Scar. This is random, but I hope you write a book "someday", and I expect it to be dedicated to moi! ;)

I think, whenever someone is reading something of yours, it makes them feel two things; the first is a hint discouragement (not much, really). You have so much talent…and it’s quite mind-blowing to think of ever matching yours. :P The second thing they feel is hope. Hope that there’s a girl out there who really knows what she’s doing. Your writing is amazing, Scarlett, and everyone can clearly see that. Your name should be Scarlett HOPE Cooper. I’m dead serious. XP

It’s more than just words that you use, Rainbow, but it’s the impact that they have on everyone. You make the letters and words in a sentence fade between colors. ;)

You, my daring, have a special way with words, not me. I’m just that friend that stops in every once in a while to remind you of your pure awesomeness! ;)

Love you! *Hugs*

Take care, sweetie.

~Carma ;)

P.S. I apologize for that review I just sent. :P My younger sis came in and there was confusion, slamming on keys, and wha-la! A random one-lettered review was born. XP My apologies, dear.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/29/2010
DannySamLover20 chapter 1 . 12/29/2010
aww that was very sad! still liked it though!
Carebearfrost chapter 1 . 12/29/2010
I didn't realize that I wasn't signed in until just now ;) But just know that this is Emily :D





It was such a surprise to see the whole "To Emily" under the summary of the story. Like, I think I died. ;P

I was sooo incredibly excited to see that you got me haha (: And it was WONDERFUL.

Seriously. I loved how the whole story it was kind of mysterious, soft, calm. Even with Sonny's death, it still managed to maintain that calm, almost eerie feeling.

It was beautiful. Like, after I read it I was at a loss for words and didn't know how to describe it in this review. Beautiful really is the only word to describe it. The writing style, the plot, everything. I was a bit confused at points, but thats %100 fine because I feel that when I'm confused in a book/story I enjoy it more because it makes me think more (:

Okay, now to be a bit random. ;]

""Are you scared?"

She turns her head to look at him, surprised by the question.

"Of what?"

"Darkness. Nighttime. Loss. Death."

His eyes meet hers, reflecting starlight.

"Or spiders." "

I totally laughed out loud at the "Or spiders" part, cause everything else was so deep and then the "Or spiders" was so totally random and light-hearted. (:

Okay, so you know how I said Oceans as one of my three favorite things? So, you did GREAT incorporating the ocean into this.

But something I noticed, is that the whole story reminded me of the ocean. I know that sounds weird haha, but just the calm, eerie, mysterious feel of it just described the ocean to the T haha(: And I have no idea if that was what you were aiming for, but kudos either way :)

Seriously, Danci. This was wonderul. Perfect!

. . . Wonderfuly perfect! [;

I loved it. Thanks so much, it was an honor reading this (:


P.S. I'll probably be on the forum later, so I hope to see you and talk to you for the last time! If I miss you I'll just send you a quick PM then (:
SWAC97 chapter 1 . 12/29/2010
There are no words to describe yours. That was the most romantic, upsetting, poetic thing I have ever ready. You have an amazing talent, use it. I cried and I NEVER cry at stories. GREAT job
GoldenPheasant chapter 1 . 12/29/2010
K, seriously? I just put my makeup on, and then you made me cry... Oh well, simply a testimony to your talent.

Peace and Love,

Sweet Caroline
AmyChristine08 chapter 1 . 12/29/2010
This is SOOO beautiful and amazing! You are an INCREDIBLE writer! I've read some of your stories over and over and over because they're so good.
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