Reviews for 212st Hunger Games, Will you survie?
Integrity21 chapter 2 . 1/2/2011
Name- Alex Ringer

District- 4

Age/gender- 18, guy

Reaped or Volenteer- volunteered for his best friends little brother, they're family is really poor and needed Alex's friend.

Family/friends Background- Family, his twin sister, Kyle, she is gorgeous, she is his true best friend, they love eachother and are always there for each other no matter what, like a time when he was at a party, and Kyle's most recent boyfriend broke up with her, she found him and he took her home and comforted her for the rest of the night.

Mom,38, Elisia, caring and loving, never home though, she works in the capital,for the president. Her job makes them rich.

Dad, left when Alex and Ryan where born

Personality- is very sweet, he loves sailing, he has his own two boats, a party yaht and a sailboat, he loves to throw parties on his yaht, and loves to sail through the ocean, when things start going wrong he will just sail away, not ot be seen for up to two months. He can be kind of spacy. When someone he loves is put at stake he becomes feircly protective, he will evn kill whatever is hurting them. He has brown hair, that has golden streaks when he spends time in the sun, which is all the time, since he is always sailing. He has beautigul green eyes with flecks of gold he is 5'11, and tan and very toned. He loves to party. But will be very kind to a girl he loves. He is that guy that all the girls love, he is considered the hottest guy in D4

Stragities- make it out alive so he can get home and take to the water

Weapon- sword

Strengths- he is very strong from sailing and is fast

Weaknesses (at least 3)- he falls in love easily, he can be spacy and is very trusting

Romance?- yes, i was thinking with Ryan

Alliances prefrance?- sure

Reaping outfit- jeans and a gritty t-shirt, he had just got back from sailing for a month

Chariot outfit- i'm sorry i don't know

Interview outfit- a suit, that he looks amazing in

Interview Angle- hot

Arena Angle- tough, and not to be messed with

How to die if chose- umm, something quick but noble

Quote- "I'm not going to turn into a beast, i will kill if i have to, but not because i want to"

Anything else I need to know?- Please no bloodbath for him, and if you do put him with Ryan (please please please) could they not really like eachother in the beginning. And then fall in love?

Tizronell chapter 2 . 1/2/2011
Name- Jacqueline "Jack" Cihi

District- 5


Reaped or Volenteer- reaped

Family/friends Background- When she was 9 she stole a gun from one of the peace keepers out of curiosity and practised shooting animals,bringing home food during her friend about it who ratted her out to the peace keepers,which resulted in her being whipped on her legs and arms,she still refused to give away the gun but they let her go since she was too next day their house was set on fire,resulting in her mothers trust anyone father forbade her to do anything about it and just let it go in fear of loosing his only that she still sneaks out once in a while outside the zone.

Personality-Quiet and reserved, interested in how and why things work. Risk-taker. Loyal to her peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Usually shy around others,shows her real emotions and feelings only around family patient and this rare psychotic smile when she gets a crazy idea once in a like working with plants (such as making healing potions and poisons as well).

Stragities- observe and learn

Weapon-is good with throwing knives,poisons and guns.

Strengths- thinks fast,can hold her breath for 2 minutes and good at reading people.

Weaknesses (at least 3)-cant stand children getting hurt,is afraid of heights,has severe migraines at times

Romance?-maybe something small,but nothing serious

Alliances prefrance?- only if she believes she can trust someone for at least a while so it depends on the other tributes.

Reaping outfit- black jeans white hoodie.

Chariot outfit- something uncomfortable just to annoy her.

Interview outfit- 6 inch heels and a tight dress from which she cant breath.

Interview Angle- smiles but keeps her answers short and polite,trying to reveal as little as possible.

Arena Angle-keep a low profile until most of the tributes finish each other off.

How to die if chose- suicide if possible

Quote-We're all going to or later.

Anything else I need to know?- appearance: chin length black curly hair,long eyelashes, green eyes,height 5'7, two tiny birthmarks on both of her cheeks.
OMG iTs JeSsY chapter 1 . 1/2/2011
Name: Luella Veraguth

District: 10

Age/ Gender: 17/ female

Reaped or voulenteer: reaped

Reaction to reaping: scared at first, then had the oh crap sucks for me, oh well feeling

Family/friends backaround: Mom dad and brother. Friend named Cara

Personality: Outgoing and always on the lookout for trouble. Caring because she has to be, tomboy

Weapon: Shield and bow and arrow. (Idk if you count shield as a weapon but it's definately her first choice)

Stenghts: Defense! Bow and arrow.

Weaknesses: Sucks with a sword, but will use it if she has to. Hand to hand combat. Cares for others and might have trouble killing people, not saying she won't just will have trouble doing it.

Romance: Why not?

Alliences: Jewel Johnson if at all possible. (I know the person irl and she says it's fine)

Reaping outfit: Violet dress not too fancy but not ugly

Interview outfit:

Chariot outfit:

Interview angle: Doesn't really care about the Hunger games, is only doing it because she has to.

Arena angle: Hide, defense is always her priority.

How to die: Quick and non painful

Quote: Life is short so live everyday like it's your last.
prim4ever chapter 3 . 1/1/2011
awesome! she got D9!
AnimeBean chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
Name: Remus Hartman, 17

District: 12

Gender: Male, 6' 5", Black hair green eyes


Friends/ family: Orphaned, lives with the other street kids

Personality: Withdrawn and Mysterious

Strategies: Stick to the shadows, avoid attention, wait patiently for opportunities

Weapon: Double sword, one for each hand

Strengths: Hand to hand combat and double sword play

Weaknesses: People who can get under his shell(AKA really sweet and compassionate girls), the night sky stars, and water(can't swim)

Romance: If theirs a really sweet, loving girl on the list, she'd be great, but he liked a girl back home named Maria Lindell

Alliance preferance: Works alone to avoid emotional attachment which he is prone to

Reaping Outfit: Dirty slacks, knee high work boots, turtleneck, all of which are black

Chariot outfit: Use your imagination, i have no preferance. If the person who submitted the girl described an outfit, i'll be okay with it as long as it's not to ridiculous. Remus doesnt do ridiculous

Interview outfit: Black business suit

Interview angle: Act cool and composed, be honest but not arrogant

Arena Angle: Stick to the shadows, avoid attention

How to die: If he absolutely HAS to die, than I guess maybe during a long blade fight and he gets stabbed in the gut. If he's gonna die, I'd like him to go down fighting

Quote: "You either win it all or take the fall" -Remus

Extra: He can often be found widling wood
ScarlettB chapter 3 . 1/1/2011
Name- Mica Heron



Reaped or Volenteer-reaped

If volunteer why? And reaction to reaping- he was proud/ he was going to volunteer

Family/friends Background- his little brother- seth, his parents-hannah and Gregg, his best friend neely ambro(girl, 18), and his friend- Freska Torli(girl, 16)

Personality- he gets any girl he wants but only wants freska he had to fight for her, he has never really trained, but he is hard-working, persuasive, and mysterious

Stragities-get with the careers and kill everyone

Weapon- bow but he hides it most of the time and uses a sword

Strengths-long distance combat, flirting, climbing, and wrestling, he has a strategy mind

Weaknesses (at least 3)- he can't hide emotions, he isn't great at swiming but can handle a small currant, has a soft spot for love, and is a bit clumsy

Romance?-maybe if you want

Alliances prefrance?- careers then a pair that he breaks shortly

Reaping outfit- a silver tuxedo

Chariot outfit- a light up tux with diamond dust on his hair

Interview outfit- a white tux or a black shirt with sequined pants(sexy)

Interview Angle- strong, and likable, and mysterious

Arena Angle- badass and career also he adds a tragic angle to the games

How to die if chose- killed by an animal or eaten alive by some kind of savage tribute or animal

Quote- the games may be tough but i'm good at puzzles

Anything else I need to know?- he has tanned skin and orangy red hair he has light blue eyes(in a sexy way) he is pretty good looking
IzzyTheNinja chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
I hope you have room for one more sob story, I really think this one could win, but she comes with a sob story.

Name: Jewel Johnson

District: Any as long as it's poor:)

Age/Gender: 12 Female

Reaped or Voulenteer?: She thought about voulenteering, was about to say it as the person read the name and it was her so she didn't have a choice anymore

If voulenteer why?: She thought about voulenteering because she knew that either she would end her life, or she would come back and people would talk to her. So she was kindof on edge when the reaping was called but it was her name that was called so she didn't have much choice after that. Is doing this to make something out of herself, instead of staying the nerd she knows everyone thinks she is.

Family:Mom, Dad, and sister Chloe. Chloe is a very strong willed person, if she knew Jewel was going to voulenteer she would stop her somehow, which is why Jewel doesn't tell her.

Friends:Has one friend that cares about her. Named Evelin, but everyone calls her Effie, female, also 12.

Background:Doesn't fit in with people. Is suicidal, and doesn't really have any friends. Has clinical depression, but hasn't been tested for it, so she's kinda freaked. Absolutely hates life. Finds no reason in living anymore.

Personality:She's the 'never give up' kind of person. I could picture her dying of dehydration under a rock, but she would still get up and look for water. She never takes no for an answer. Period. She is very opositional, and makes sure she gets her way.

Stratigies:Her strategy is pretty much to find water, climb trees and hide. She believes people will over look her until they really need to find her to kill her. That is why she thinks she has a chance.

Weapon: Bow and arrows bad at hand to hand combat, and this is the only long range weapon I can think of.

Strengths: She is someone who will keep fighting over and over, even if she knows it's impossible. I could honestly see her dying of dehydration under a rock, but she would still get up and look for water. She is also really fast, and she can run long distances. Is also very good at climbing. Because she is good at climbing, she can spy on other people. Is very light and can jump from tree to tree if there are any. Also is very intelligent. The top of her class because she pays attention in class rather than listen toall the gossip abot herself...

Weakensses: Has a huge heart, will have trouble killing people, not saying she won't but it will probably give her nightmares. Fragile self esteem, no I take that back, has no self esteem, doesn't believe in herself. Very emotional, she is able to fight her emotions pretty well but when she slips up, it can be a disaster. Is not very social, so she will probably be on her own without and allience

Romance?: None.

Alliencecs Preferance?:Keeps to herself, will not join any allience unless she totally trusts the person but probably wont, is a lot like Rue from the first book in this way. She doesn't think anyone would want her so she doesn't even try to get with anyone. If asked, she will think about it for a few minutes and decide if she thinks she can trust them.

Reaoing outfit: A simple white dress, can't afford anything better.

Chariot Outfit:It depends on the district you cchose for me. Message me what district you chose and that district's specialty please

Interview outfit: See above

Interview angle:Takes the personality of a small innocent girl, but makes sure they don't forget that they shouldn't count her out, she has plenty up her sleeves.

Arena Angle:Her strategy is pretty much to find water, climb trees and hide. She believes people will over look her until they really need to find her to kill her. That is why she thinks she has a chance.

How to die if chose:If she is going to die, have her fall out of a tree or something. I don't want her killed by someone. Please use this if you have to kill her, though I'm hoping you wont... :)

Quotes from interview: I'll always have something to come back at them with, also, Everything happens for a reason.

Apearence:Apears very innocent is always smiling even though she is depressed. Her appearence is about the opposite of her real inside. On the outside, she is defiant and hates doing what other people say, on the inside, she's just a scared little girl. As you can probably imagine when going through her life.

Hair: Long dark blone, almost brown, that hit's her waist, staight

Eyes: A dull tuquoise blue

Skin tone: A bit tan, not too much though. Freckles on her face.

Height: Around 5' 1"

Build: VERY skinny, gets mistaken for being anarexic, she isn't though. She is very strong but her muscles look pretty wimpy, you would not believe how strong she is by looking at her. She doesn't weigh much, only about 85 pounds, so people will think she is easy to take out and won't even bother with her.
nikkinokko chapter 2 . 12/31/2010
Name- Aven Cross

District- 10

Age/gender- 17 year old Female

Height/Weight- 5'1", 108 pounds. Small frame and short. Delicate looking appearance.

Appearance- Silky black hair that she ties into two low pigtails. Almond shaped, light brown eyes. Tan skin from her father. Very fragile looking.

Reaped or Volenteer- Reaped

If volunteer why? And reaction to reaping- Aven was shocked, but decided to keep it to herself. She acted her usual happy self, and told her family not to worry. She decided she would try her best so she could return to her family.

Family/friends Background-

Father- (Brayden Cross) Very kind with all his family. Loves to tell crazy stories about his childhood, that may or may not have been true.

Mother- (Lauren Cross) A sickly and bedridden woman. She is a bit cranky and uptight, but no one blames her because her illness.

Older Brother- (Aaron Cross) Loves to take care of his horses and cows. Very kind and supportive to his family as well.

Personality- Aven is extremely curious, inquisitive, and impulsive. She almost always wears her famous goofy grin, that makes most people think shes the average happy and blissful girl. Really, she doesn't like to talk about herself and keeps her true feelings to herself. A HUGE tomboy.

Stragities- She plans to join a small and dependable group, until there aren't many people left in the games. She will then leave the group and settle things on her own or with one other ally.

Weapon- Throwing Knives

Strengths- Aven has extremely good aim with a knife, and is VERY fast. Quick climber.

Weaknesses (at least 3)-

- She is hopeless with ANY weapons she isn't familiar with (swords, traps, arrows).

- Aven has fevers and headaches very often.

- Gets into trouble often, by befriending the wrong people.

Romance?- Sure, but she would never pretend to love someone for sponsors. )

Alliances prefrance?- Of course! Only for a while though.

Reaping outfit- A brown tank top, black jeans, and warm brown boots. (She HATES dressing up.)

Chariot outfit- A plain white dress. Brown animal ears, brown gloves, and brown fuzzy boots. (intended to look like a sheep)

Interview outfit- A short dress that goes down until a bit above her knees. Yellow straps to represent a sun, blue all the way until the bottom of the dress, where it is green. (intended to look like a valley)

Interview Angle- A humorous, happy-go-lucky girl. Very cheerful. Poses no threat to the others.

Arena Angle- Tough fighter, calculating, and impulsive. Determined to win the game. Still almost always wears her goofy smile.

How to die if chose- Trying to protect someone she decided deserved to win more than she did.

Quote- "If I don't win this wretched game, I'll at least have the satisfaction of saying that I put up one hell of a fight."

Anything else I need to know?- She is a petite girl who closely resembles a 13 year old, rather than her actual age (17). Often underestimated because of this.
prim4ever chapter 2 . 12/31/2010
you said emma was in. how come she isn't on the list?
Apprentice Writer chapter 2 . 12/31/2010
Woot! Featherine got in!
ScarlettB chapter 2 . 12/31/2010
Name- kelleen Mastif



Reaped or Volenteer- reaped

If volunteer why? And reaction to reaping- she was surprised but not afraid and a unimpressed with the escort

Family/friends Background- her father, Miguel(61) she had 2 older brothers but they were killed by an epidemic, and her mother was killed after she smacked a peace keeper

Personality-she is usually mean and is only nice to her father and little kids

Strategies- she is going to brutally kill everyone except 12 year olds she wont kill children

Weapon- she like spears and maces

Strengths- she is strong, and fast, also she can climb

Weaknesses (at least 3)- she is impulsive, and ruthless, she has a soft spot for kids

Romance?- probably not she only likes kids and that would be a little wrong but if you want she can

Alliances prefrance?-maybe a small pack but not careers

Reaping outfit- a light purple dress that is strapless and ties at the waist

Chariot outfit- a brown dress with withered leaves on it(she hates it)

Interview outfit-a dark green velvet gown with a black bow

Interview Angle- intimidating and strong

Arena Angle- i'm going to kill everything and nobody can stop me

How to die if chose- a bloody battle

Quote- i'm going to win everyone else are just minor barriers.

Anything else I need to know?- she is going to run in at the cornucopia and kill everyone in sight
skittlepunk chapter 1 . 12/31/2010
i want too but i need you to have an account where i can contact you! VVVV to Hello
hello chapter 1 . 12/31/2010
Can you please add IvyRain? You can put her in another district, since I see you put someone for District 11 already. :) please :)
Apprentice Writer chapter 1 . 12/30/2010
Name- Featherine Relifia

District- 2

Age/gender- 14, Female

Reaped or Volunteer- Volunteer

If volunteer why? And reaction to reaping- "Wasn't being in the Hunger Games what I was raised for? My mother and father would like to live in the Victor's Village and seeing as my older sisters didn't reach the stage before their time ran out, I'm the only one left become a tribute." As for the reaction to the reaping, she climbed onto the stage instead oft going for the stairs which people are fighting over.

Family/friends Background- Mirabelle- Her mother. Mira is a tall woman with long brown hair and olive toned skin. She is not used to having a daughter and as such, raised her daughter the only way she knew how, the carrot and stick method. If her daughter was good, she rewarded her, the carrot. If she was bad, she punished her, the stick. She wanted a daughter just like herself and was strict about Featherine making friends and showing signs of making her own choices.

Lilika- Her aunt. Lilika won her round of the Hunger games when she was just fifteen and is Featherine's role model. Lilika has short black hair and olive skin. She is rude and somewhat cruel, but she gets the job done. Her relationship with Featherine has been very stressed because she doesn't want another winner in the family, and tried to drive the younger girl off. However, Featherine just thought she was being a strict trainer and started to work hard.

Yulia- Her sister. Yulia is her oldest sister and the kind one of the family. She breaks the classic stereo-type of the district by acting as if everything is so wonderful and being happy all the time. She never seriously tried to get to the stage and her 'failure' pushed Featherine to become better and better. She is currently married and expecting her first child any time now.

Mica- Her sister. Mica is the middle sister and the smart one. She makes no attempts to hide her emotions, but is always gloomy and temperamental. While she was perfectly capable of getting to the stage, she didn't, only because she didn't want to. She valued her own life too much. Featherine doesn't see it that way though and believes her favorite sister really did try. Their relationship is good.

Cratos- Her father. He is a strict man who was never able to compete it eh Hunger games. he believes this was because he was not fast enough, and not because he wasn't strong enough to win. He is not nice to his daughters and still wants to have a son because he thinks a boy would do better in the games. He stands at five foot eleven and has black hair and pale skin. he and Featherine dislike each other.

Personality- Featherine was raised in the solider like district and so, believes she must act as if she was a solider. she has always tried to seal off emotions, but the best she can do is cover them up and say they aren't there. She refuses to face the fact they are there, a punishes herself, physically, for them, normally slamming a drawer closed on her fingers or something like that. The most sensitive to emotions part of her is the fact she finds herself attracted to boys. However, these crushes she doesn't notice at first and when they rear their ugly heads, it drives her mad. She becomes obsessive and reckless, the opposite of how she normally is. If her 'love' rejects her, she is willing to strike down even them. She will not have anyone leaving her. After all, once the person is gone, she will go back to normal, right?

Strategies- Join the Career pack, the last night before we kill the last tribute, poison the rest of them. Eat some to convince them your honest, but vomit it up when you claim you need to do your business. After that, kill the last tribute.

Weapon- Poison, swords

Strengths- Her mind, her skills with different types of poisons

Weaknesses (at least 3)- Unable to deal with irrational choices, has difficulty controlling her emotions, over confident

Romance?- Open

Alliances preference?- Careers

Reaping outfit- Short green, flower print dress with black legs under is and running shoes. Chosen so she can get to the stage fast and still look good.

Chariot outfit- Peacekeeper's uniform.

Interview outfit- Long and beautiful white dress with no straps and long white gloves. She wears three inch heeled boots under the dress, seen through the slit in the front.

Interview Angle- Shy and quiet girl

Arena Angle- Quiet, calculating planner

How to die if chose- Killed by a 'weakling', one not of the career pack

Quote- "I won't... I won't be killed by some weakling. It won't- It won't happen."

Anything else I need to know?- She's a small girl with short black hair and olive skin. Not too pretty but well enough off.
prim4ever chapter 1 . 12/30/2010
Name- Emma Zerbee

District- whatever u think she works best in. :)

Age/gender- her birthday is on the reaping day, and is turning 15/girl

Reaped or Volenteer-reaped

If volunteer why? And reaction to reaping- is really nervous and scared, but tries her best not to show it.

Family/friends Background- has a dad, 6 year old sister named Lilly, 10 year old sister named juliet, a twin named brie, and an 18 year old brother named Demitri

Personality- is very kind and caring to others. is naturally very funny, and makes people laugh all the time. can get frustrated some times though.

Appearance: waist length blond hair, pale skin, blue eyes, 5'4", very thin

Stragities- first, find a good ally that she can trust. after that just try her hardest

Weapon- sword

Strengths- fast runner, can climb, is very smart. has such a bright personality, its so hard to get people to not like her

Weaknesses (at least 3)- the only weapon she can use is her sword. she is really clumsy with all the other weapons. she really hates to kill people, she's never done it before in her life, even with animals, cause it just makes her heart sink. cant swim

Romance?- yes

Alliances prefrance?- yes

Reaping outfit- a sky blue strapless dress, that is knee-length, and is very flowy, with a thin black headband, and her blond hair is curled into loose ringlets

Interview Angle- is hilarious, and the crowd is laughing the entire time

Arena Angle- she absolutely hates the arena, but she tries her hardest

How to die if chose-
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