Reviews for And Then You Jump
DreamOrNightmare chapter 1 . 10/30/2012
OHMAHMUTHAEFFINGOSH! I can't believe I haven't read this sooner! D: Seriously, this is simply beautiful! You have a knack for writing, and I can tell you put so much heart into this. This deserves WAY MOAR reviews! If I could, I'd review this like a bajillion times to tell you just how much I love this.

WOW. This is so moving! And it doesn't even have Altaïr or Malik, but just the mere thoughts of any typical assassin that make it so magical. :3

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the metaphors you used! They weren't cliche, so that was a bonus treat to me. But one metaphor that really got me is when you contrasted a religion's people as "sheep" and their God, as a "shepherd." THAT IS SO TRUE! This one, particular religion I'm in does often use the annoying metaphor as God's followers as sheep and God as their shepherd. :P

"It puzzled Faruq why they would choose sheep and shepherds as an allegory to their faith. Stupid, witless creatures, and all but defenseless against the "wolves" that prowled all around them. They would rely on their shepherd to protect them, trust him to the point of stupidity. Follow him blindly, happy enough for the grass and water, never questioning where or why? To do so would be sin, blasphemy. How convenient.

Wolves weren't the only dangers. After all, a shepherd didn't keep his flock of sheep as pets, but for his own gain. He stripped them of their wool, sold their lambs for bread, and slaughtered the fattest of them for their meat. No one was your ally who did not demand a price, and to a sheep, that price was often all you had to give." - What a beautifully wicked twist. I utterly loved this. I almost fell off my chair reading that the first time. c: Just reading that made my question my own faith. You have such persuasion (I forgot to how to spell that word, lol) with words, dear! 3

I liked how you spoke of how Faruq relied on the shadows as his reassurance yet he still yearned for sun. I just. I just loved how you wrote everything. It all is just. So moving and inspirtional. :'3 Blargh.

"Let me keep my fangs, and choose my own path through life, Faruq thought savagely, flicking his left wrist and feeling the hidden blade extend, taking the place where his fourth finger had once been. I follow no one blindly, my eyes are open, my mind functions, my ears distinguish truth from falsehood. I will fight, discover my own way; not be led by gentle hands that reek of the blood and gore of those before me who were too trusting." - AHHH! I CANNOT VOICE HOW BEAUTIFUL THAT IS! HIS THOUGHT PROCESS IS HDOKHNJKSLNBKJSABNHDUXH! WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL WRITING! WONDERFUL EVERYTHING! ;-; Faruq sounds like such a free spirit. Unforunately for me, 'my fangs' are as pointy as a baby's bottom.

Urgh, I just love when an assassin does 'The Leap of Faith' (of course, when they're experienced or they might break their leg... like 'that' incident. "AHHH! My leg!" XD) how graceful and pretty they look! *begins daydreaming* Like a gracious acrobatic. I especially like it when Ezio does it. o3o Nothing perverted about that. *coughs*

Anyhoo, I just LOOOOOOOVED this beautiful piece of writing! I cannot tell how much I adore this! You're SUCH an awesome, talented writer! You're gifted, m'dear, gifted! ;o; I'm definitely gonna fave this, and fave you. (Eh, looks like I already have! c;)

I'm praying you make more AC fanfics in the future! *prays, prays, prays, prays* If you ever do, I'll most certainly look forward to reading them, and reward you with the praise you completely deserve.

Your growing fan,

DreamOrNightmare 3 3 3
arrayonna chapter 1 . 8/5/2012
Interesting. The fact that Faruq was an OC did not hinder the story in any way - and I find your use of an OC to be a very smart move. Meaningful names are important, and the meaning fits. Your descriptions and beautiful use of metaphor are highly praised. Your style of writing has a certain... grace to it.
I very much enjoyed this, and hope to be able to write this well sometime in the future (near or far).
For now, farewell. I shall leave you with the knowledge that this is joining my favorites list (as well as computer bookmarks).
toeki chapter 1 . 10/25/2011
very good piece of writing, full of beautiful metaphors. im impressed. it was a joy to read this fic, and i like the meaning of the ocs name.
The-50-Name-Mage chapter 1 . 12/29/2010
An excellent piece of work. Rich in detail and descriptors that bring a clear picture to a persons mind. I eagerly await more work from such a great author and will be reading more of your work as it comes. Great job.