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Carottal chapter 35 . 8/22
I just remembered what else I HAD to tell you, so I hope you'll excuse this last review, spam, whatever you consider this to be.

Something I didn't tell you is that I imagined Acroff choosing Lon Lon ranch for his fortress. I'm not sure if it's even possible for him to do so, but still. Maybe because I often wondered about what Talon and Malon became?

Maybe I could tell you more about Mordecai and my not completely convinced feelings about him, but I did tell you about Rolox and Sephora, and it may have been a choice to develop them less and make them less easy to relate with. And all those baddest characters did the job greatly in the end. I wanted him to lose and I was happy to see Link finally get rid of him.

I think I can end this now, I said all about the romance, epicness, fun, interesting characters, wonderful fights,... this fic features. Thank you again for everything (and for Fighting Fate. I don't remember whether I left a review or not, so just in case, I loved it and maybe preferred it to this one... Not sure though)
Carottal chapter 36 . 8/22
Soooo, my journey through your story finally ended. And what a journey! Action packed, full of suspense, interesting twists, interesting characters, great romance (something I didn't get to tell you in one of my previous spam, I loved the romance between Link and Zelda) and awesome universe. A really good story indeed!

I loved Ganondorf and Acroff. They were just awesome and all the scenes involving them were great. I loved Mitch and what he brought to the story. Let's face it, I knew he'd do something like that, though I hoped he would end up a little more Groose like. And I completely loved Talisman. Any new element about him made me love him more.
There was a moment, I read your chapters with pleasure, but also hoping for a moment when either of those characters would come into play (well, I have to add Mordecai to that list for this sentence to be completely true).

And I liked the other characters too! I said so before, but I'm very grateful for the number of characters you let us understand more, the characters we came to know what their motivation was, it was awesome. As well as all this web of relationships you drew between people. I particularly liked Galen and his family and Galen and Burning Joe (those two were such lovable characters too!).

I do have several points that I think may have made the story even more enjoyable for me.

First, I see this story as adrenaline in text. Which is not a bad thing per say but truth is there was really one moment your story made me go through strong emotions, and that was for Link's birthday. All the other scenes that I felt were intense were so because of the suspense, action and awesomeness they showed. But not for giving me a great joy, sadness,... And it's not bad at all, but I think you're able to do emotional scenes too, and as that birthday scene was, without a doubt, my favourite scene... Well, I did say those are points I think would have made me like this even better...

Which leads me to my second point. I loved most of your characters, but I feel I could have related with them even more.
Again, the adrenaline took over the fear I could have felt for Link and Zelda because of Rolox so I wanted their fight to happen and was happy that Link got to settle things with him (it was your best fight actually in my opinion. Better than the final boss fight or Zelda's first kills, this latter being a close second to me) but I didn't feel relieved Rolox was dead.
Better example with Isra who was witnessing the fight between Talisman and Sephora (I haven't told you before but every time I read her name, I thought about the cosmetics retailer) and her daughter's death. You haven wrote the lady felt sad at that death, but I think you focussed so much on the perceived justice behind it and how Isra accepted it that I didn't feel the sadness, neither the hard but quieting acceptance. It seemed Isra wasn't linked with her daughter at all.
In fact, I felt you were a bit unfair to Sephora and Rolox. Sephora was very interesting when she appeared, in particular when Link was in the castle at the beginning. But I would have liked to see more of her side in the war. But I'm being picky with her. It's even truer with Rolox. I loved him in the last part. We got to see more about his feelings about the war, Link... I'm still not sure I understand the reasons for his hatred towards Link. And I really liked getting into his head in the last few chapters so I wish I'd seen more.
I'd also have loved to see how a "normal character" lived through this. Someone living in the country, an inhabitant of Castle Town or a lower level in the rebellion. I liked getting into Mitch's head because he didn't know who they were. I loved seeing Megan ask Link whether he was the hero. To put it simply, your universe was wide and interesting and I would have loved to see more sides of it.

I repeat, all those points are not necessarily missing in your story for it to be cool, fun to read, and prevent me from sleeping until I get to the end. But if I was asked how to make me like it more, those are the points I'd say to work on (well, and correct the few grammar mistakes that remain...)

I fell asleep while writing so I forgot what else I had to say. Thank you for this epic journey!
Carottal chapter 16 . 8/21
End of part 2, or the part in which all the secondary characters are so badass they are the ones saving the day.

No, really, I loved how Logon helped Link, or that girl talked to Zelda. Loved Nenya, Ganondorf and Acroff too. I would love to see how they felt after what happened to Link. I also wonder what Mordecai told them. Will he tell them about the escape?
Talisman is just as cool as I expected and I can't wait for him to meet his awesome son. I wonder how Link will deal with his smell and Rolox, I hope he didn't forget. I also hope they'll manage to get enough supplies.

Hum, I forgot what else I had to say, and I am a bit too excited about what is to come. Thank you for this part too (or two, as you want :p)
RandomButLoved chapter 36 . 8/21
I think I have found my favourite AU on this site, and I've been here for many years now.

I was rereading A Love Story and found this on your page; resulting in tired eyes and a clenched stomach because I just couldn't stop reading it! The story was so well thought out, the characters and their relationships so complex and real, and Ganondorf (for once) feeling bad when Link was hurt. Mordecai was a wonderful villain - his manipulation and determination to dominate and objectify Link being both incredible and terrifying at the same time. Whenever the two of them were together you could feel the stakes getting higher - especially with the "Welcome home" part. Zelda's bitterness and Link's vulnerability blossomed into a relationship that I constantly loved; though having the bond show their pain did not make me stop fretting over each of them at all! None of the commanders or "punishments" that they dealt out felt out of place, which was great, and I could just gush on but now I wanna read it again! Not once have I laughed and flinched so much, nor enjoyed an AU quite this much. Amazing job, my dear! You deserve all the rates and reviews!

And also, dammit Mitch XD I jest; his character was awesome despite how much I could have hit him, and I was not expecting his betrayal or death.

Carottal chapter 11 . 8/21
You know what, I nearly cried at the end of the chapter... Good job!

I can't wait to see the moment Zelda forgives Link. Or at least, get to understand how things felt to him. Because I like reading her like she is now, insufferable because she never tried to see things through Link's eyes. I like it because I love she has this flow. She's a bit antisocial, isn't she? And that makes me all the more eager to see this flow thrown into her face so that she understands that even heroes are able to do mistakes. All the more when...

Well, when he left Link in the temple, Talisman told him to fight for himself, it would be his first test as a hero. Something like that. Something I haven't told you yet but thought since Link was attacked by Rolox in that temple, I think what Link is going through looks a lot more like a test than waiting things out in a temple and maybe hiding around if an opponent comes. I mean, Talisman couldn't expect a 12 year old boy with no fighting experience to win against a general, right? He didn't seem like such a fool to me. So either he didn't expect the generals to come so soon or to find Link (so he expected Link to wait... Which means he expected to be back quite fast or didn't know about that supposedly time limit that may have been invented by Sephora so that Link wouldn't have time to investigate their question or the other side's story), either he knew something like this was likely to happen. Well, or he just said so to make Link shut up, which wouldn't be stupid but unfortunately ironic with how things went by... My point being that this was perhaps supposed to happen. And maybe Talisman and Zelda should not have been as surprised as they were (and maybe Talisman wasn't).

And this will let me conclude yet another review (I'm spamming you, am I not?) with one point: I love the number of characters we can't trust completely, the number of characters hiding things and all the mysteries and potential twists this can lead to. Thank you!
Carottal chapter 10 . 8/21
Wow, what an end to the first part!

I'm really enjoying this fic, and wanted to use this review to tell you so, now that this awesome first part is finished.
I was sure Link would be somehow branded after Zelda's second dream. That scene was awesome. I really loved how you focussed more on the expectations of the torture than on the torture itself, wonderful! (if that makes sense). Now he has one more thing in common with Talisman. I wonder what is under this golden hood... And even more, why is it golden? Doesn't seems very practical a colour, does it? But yeah, it's so cool!

Speaking of wondering, I couldn't help wonder if Link's fencing teacher wanted to change the schedule because he was meeting Impa and other resistance related people that evening... I don't know, seems to me he could be interested.

There was also a son in Sephora's story. What became of him?

I wonder how Link's fighting spirit will react to Mordecai. Will Link still call him this way? Will he keep trying to understand what the hell happened between Mordecai and his family and followers before he was stuck into the realm of eternal darkness? Will he be a lot more submissive and docile until something triggers his fighting spirit back? Or will he be fighting a resilience fight, slowly waiting for his time to act? Does Mordecai want to keep him alive for obscure reasons, or is it for control? After all, I don't know how this universe works, but maybe killing Link would result in letting a new Hero of Legend rise?

And what about the triforce? When will it come fully into play? When will Link be able to use it (assuming he has it, maybe someone else does. Malon, Talisman, Acroff... I'd say Talisman if not Link)? What is the fourth general's reasons for fighting? It's one of the most interesting thing, about your story. Why the generals are doing what they are, how they are working together and what they are planning. With a team of good people, it's quite easy. They may have a common goal and they're easy to trust. But working with selfish people such as the four generals (because I don't know if they're bad, but at least for the 3 we know about, they seem quite selfish), you have to give them no interest of betraying you...
I wonder if Mordecai read Machiavel!

I forgot if I had more to say... This fic is a great read for now and I thank you for it :) On to the second part!
Carottal chapter 6 . 8/21
Seems a bit strange that Link would grow so attached to Ganondorf and Acroff. They must not have been the first adults to treat him this way, are they? That Link hugged Acroff especially surprised me, he didn't strike me as such a (what is the word when you very easily show your liking and caring for people, through words and touch?) boy...

Anyway, if I'm reviewing here, it's not to wonder about it actually. It's just to share a thought I had while reading, and see where it leads me. Beware, when I start on an idea, I can get pretty far... If Link gets the Master Sword, then he'll be able to get out of the realm of darkness easily, even if thrown in it by Mordecai. So would he have reasons to fear Mordecai even after "pledging allegiance"? Actually, wouldn't it be better for him? If Mordecai gets rid of him from afar, Link has more chance to have the sword with him. So anyway, Mordecai would need to get to Link to get his sword, wouldn't he? And what happens to a fragmented soul once you get punished and sent to the realm? Is it whole again? Then wouldn't it be possible to regain your freedom by being sent to the realm and somehow getting out? But then, is it what happened to Talisman? And if so, how did he get out? How far in the past did that happen? Did another Hero of Time free him? Because if not, then is Talisman still under Mordecai's control? Is Mordecai unable to use his sword when in the realm of darkness and couldn't get revenge on Talisman? Then was Talisman sent to the realm as soon as Mordecai was freed?

Yeah, food for my thoughts and questions I can't wait to see answered or not in the next chapters. Again, thank you for sharing your text :)
Carottal chapter 3 . 8/21
So I don't know if you're still around, it's not been that long since your last update on a story so I have hope you'll read this review. I will review the whole thing later, but for now, let me tell you the two reasons I'm interested in this story.

1. I read Fighting Fate and it was great!
2. The Master's name is Mordecai.

I won't develop the first point, it's self explanatory enough. But the second point... I'm just very curious why you chose that name. Maybe I'll discover an element of pop culture I never heard of (wouldn't be surprising), or maybe you liked the name because there's Mor in it, and it sounds like Voldemort's Mor (without the t) or maybe there's a link with the Bible character? In which case, I'll have to discover how, as from what I know, Mordecai was not a traitor at all, and is quite celebrated in the texts... I may be looking way too deep into it, but this is such a particular name, I have to wonder.

Anyway, back to the story, and I thank you deeply for the chapters I already read! They're good!
Hubbycus chapter 30 . 8/13
Sephora makes me feel uncomfortable. She is a great character and you write her so well! I am excited to see what happens next. It is getting close to the end. I wish Nintendo could see this and make it into a game.
Angel Fantasy chapter 36 . 8/2
Stories in which Zelda and Link share a telepathic connection that goes both ways are rare. Stories that have Ganondorf as a good guy are rarer. And stories that portray a strong bond between the Gerudo King and the Hero are practically nonexistent. For these three things more than anything else, you've made a happy reader out of me, and your story gets a one way ticket into my favorites!

You really did a good job writing this one. I'll be tagging you from now on to see what else you've got up your sleeves!
Scoot chapter 29 . 7/27
Being back in Hyrule is not pleasant. As much as i dislike Mordecai, I always enjoy seeing you write him. He is such a great bad guy. Mitch had what was coming to him. Sad but he did a bad thing. So close to the end I need more of the story! You are so talented.
Hubby9000 chapter 28 . 7/24
Another amazing chapter! It felt so great to be reunited with old friends! Acroff is one of my favorite characters by far. It is interesting to see Ganondorf in a friendly atmosphere. I loved this chapter!
Scottie chapter 27 . 7/24
You are amazing! This chapter made me smile knowing there is some good coming out of the fight. I totally called Galen was Isra's son. I love the twists and turns and the way you write. I alwayd feel like I am reading a New York Time best seller when I read your story.
Scooter chapter 26 . 7/7
Oh my. What a rush of emotion. Another fantastic chapter! The Realm was built up to be something scary but turned out to be a somber sounding place. Yes it was eerie but I enjoyed the descriptions and fight between the gaurdian. Excited for more! You are amazing!
Captflipflop chapter 25 . 7/6
I love this the more I read it! You are such a great writer and describe locations and characters with such passion and emotion. I can picture each area in my head. I am excited to see what the Realm of Lost Souls holds. You are amazing!
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