Reviews for Precocious Crush
BenRG chapter 6 . 8/13
Reading this through again, I think that Mindy would have loved Mulan and would have seen lots of personal parallels between the Chinese soldier's life and her own.
BenRG chapter 240 . 8/13
It's simple really, Mindy (although I bet you're not ready to hear this). There wasn't any fanfare and then 'the battle is over at last' quiet mood music because this isn't a superhero movie. This is the real world and, in the real world, you don't get a full orchestral backing. You just get a stupid, deluded teenager stabbed and then, as he's crawling away, more alive than dead, getting shot in the head by two other kids he's been stalking.

That's it. That's all there is. No credits, no triumphant music and no inter-credits scenes to tease the next movie. Just blood, suffering and death and the realisation that none of your REAL problems have gone away despite you killing a young man who has caused such endless harm in his short life because he thought that he was a comic book character.

At some point, Mindy's going to realise this and I expect the crash to be spectacular.
KingRamses chapter 33 . 8/8
This made me laugh
phantom99 chapter 240 . 8/5
I really like this story can't wait till the next chapter
SpaceUnicornXx chapter 1 . 7/31
That was amazing please, please write more!
Guest chapter 240 . 7/29
squirell - squirrel

wasn't a good idea - was a good idea

becaumse - because I'm
Guest chapter 239 . 7/29
psychos serial killers - psycho serial killers

but we spent - we spent
Ibskib chapter 238 . 7/29
People who haven't watched Princess Bride makes me sad. It is a situation that Dave MUST change.

When you're don't have a reputation of murdering people a school - When you don't have a reputation for murdering people, a school

where either dead or dying - were either dead or dying

Inside was, nowhere near as bad - The inside was nowhere near as bad
(unnecessary comma, if you wanted to create a pause ... is better)

where cunts - were cunts
Ibskib chapter 237 . 7/29
I expect it's something Mindy will be googling aggressively. :-)
I think the main thing if she wants growth in the chest area is to keep up a plentiful enough caloric intake, though chest exercises can perhaps make breasts seem a little bigger by making them perkier.
Ibskib chapter 236 . 7/29
So has Mindy been playing Starcraft with Dave?

the Cunts zurg rush tactics - the Cunts' zerg rush tactics

John want's us - John wants us
Ibskib chapter 235 . 7/29
I like the inverse Yo Momma thing going on between Mindy and Brooke, it's pretty amusing.

I'll even except - I'll even accept
Ibskib chapter 234 . 7/29
Who is Teddy?
I'm guessing he's a dog or a cat, some kind of pet, but I can't for the life of me remember him.

I hope she does find the guy.
Ibskib chapter 232 . 7/29
tow the line - toe the line
Ibskib chapter 230 . 7/29
The idea of Mindy running Cheerleading as a boot camp sounds hilarious.
It has to happen.

when Brook - when Brooke
Ibskib chapter 229 . 7/29
for awhile - for a while
(prepositions and adverbs don't mix)

dumbasses knee - dumb-ass's knee

sicking around - sticking around

cause - because
(just pains me to see, especially outside direct speech. On another note, I think you overused the word because in this chapter, at least 3-4 times too many.)
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