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Shield10 chapter 120 . 9/25
"I got kick" - "I got to kick" Normally I don't do this, but your fix has very few syntax flaws... And I like it. I hope I help someone else's immersion.
Shield10 chapter 8 . 9/25
I didn't say I would save myself for Hit Girl. But I would. I so would.
zen-aku the spirit of the wolf chapter 5 . 9/7
So here's a good name for the biker knight , the knight rider
MagnusVolcanus chapter 224 . 9/2
So I only began reading this about a week ago. That week was spent on very little else. I do think I agree with a number of your fans that I prefer this over the canon, either the movies or the comics. How ever I was wondering how many, if any, of the side stories you released are supposed to be canon for this story? Because I get the feeling other than maybe a couple chapters of the holiday specials, none of them are supposed to be taken as snippets of the future.
Guest chapter 224 . 9/1
Where are you. Comeback. Mako Pls
Damian Arballo chapter 224 . 7/25
So...first thing: LOVE this fanfiction story, second...are you dead or something? and third: if you are not dead...PLEASE MAKE DAVE AND HIT GIRL LOVE EACH OTHER PLEAAASEEEEE
Lee Kyle chapter 224 . 7/13
That essay would rock
Lee Kyle chapter 223 . 7/13
So really, 200k pages later, what *does* Mindy have to do to get out of the friend zone?
Lee Kyle chapter 222 . 7/13
Mindy needs a vacation - or something to keep her focused on the real enemy.
guest chapter 1 . 7/2
S/he is not going to finish this story, why should I read on...
CHAPTERS 224 ! and last update 29 Feb 2016!
I am going to save myself the heart break and not even begin.
shadow1real chapter 224 . 6/24
I love this story it's just so good and I'm still rooting for mindy
Amon Kashino chapter 169 . 6/18
Is Being Hit Girl a real story it sounds really good this story is losing its zing
TwiggySamp chapter 1 . 6/15
I started reading this Fic about a month ago, and have finally caught up. and thought I'd say some of my overall thought's. I don't know if you'll ever come back to this Fic, or even read this comment, but I feel I need to make this post anyway. Also, hope IRL get's better for you mate, thing's can be tough, which sucks.

The first act was slow, it setup what you were after for the long run though. TBH, I was close to stopping reading through this act, but I wanted to see what it would turn into.

Act two and onward was MUCH better though. I never liked Justice forever in the Film, I've not read the comic's, but what you did here was really good. though it was minimal for a long time, they were still very well written, I enjoyed their development.

Your interpretation of Chris was great, really made me hate him more than I already did, which was a lot lol. he truly is insane. I felt really sorry for that girl he abused during the Rainbow Factory arc.

The Vampire cult arc was very weird, it showed the power cult's can have over people.

The Cheerleading was good, the competitions were really good, Mindy's competitive side really shone through, and made them even more enjoyable. though I think maybe there should have been more of Mindy in school in her cheerleading uniform, not being a perv, but it would have added more fun to the fic, and could have help Mindy with her quest.

Biker Knight was great, sad she died though, and in NO way did I think she was female till that chapter, I know I'm not the only one who thought so too from the comments.

White Mage, Alice is a great character, really glad you have developed her, she's a very nice person, always happy to try and help anyone she can in any way she can. it would be nice to see more of her as Alice, not just her persona.

Katie, I wasn't like most people in the beginning, I've always like the character, and was sad to see the hate she got. the Pedo arc did make me hate her for a while, I get it why she would think it, and do what she did, but it was still a shitty thing to do to someone. but then she come back as a Hero and I was rather happy. it was nice seeing Mindy train her and Angela, though I feel maybe there could have been more training scene's of them, so Mindy could be more evil to her lol. And it's sad to see her leave again.

Riley is probably my second favorite character that you have created, she seems to me like a more likable version of Katie, I do wish there was more of her though.

Angela is another great character, she's third for me, her worship of Katie was great, but her turning on her when she and Dave broke up showed she's not a one dimensional character, she wouldn't just go with it just because of her idol. I do feel that, like Riley, she needed some more development, but I'm just not sure in what way...

Jessi. what can I say about Jessi. she was be far my favorite character, she started out a bit weird, at least that's how she felt to me, but as time went on, she got much better, she developed so much that she almost instantly become my favorite in this Fic.
The Jessi Goodbye arc was epic... and heart breaking all at the same time. I'm not a crying person, but this arc had me SOO close to. It put her into perspective as to who she is, everything come to light, and it just made her so great, some of the thing's we knew about her up till then, make complete sense after it. I don't like relationship's in Fiction just for the fun of it, I feel they need to be developed, but Jessi's crush on Mindy, just seemed right, her crush on Hit Girl, seemed to resonate in Mindy, deep down she seemed to know that she was Hit Girl. The scene at the mall, where she was holding hand's with Mindy, she seemed a little weird, and I wasnt sure what it was, but this solved it. I wasn't a big fan of 'A Night Alone', having read it before this, but this arc, really made me understand it much better. I still feel that it doesn't work for Mindy, but it does for Jessi. The whole wanting to kiss her savior was a little weird(not that it's bad or wrong), it's not normally two female's and I didn't see it coming, but it worked so amazingly, really made me think about a lot of thing's, and I do plan to reread this Arc soon.

sorry to gush so much, especially about Jessi, but it's how I feel, and Jessi deserves it, I love character her so much. most of my 'wishes' don't work considering the writing style, so I won't go into them.

But, I do have some idea's and possibly suggestion's if your interested.
Trent chapter 224 . 6/13
It's been A while since I wrote a review, just wanted to say that's this fits still one of the best that I've every read, plz keep it up
rakaduani chapter 224 . 4/27
Well holy crap. I just read this over the past 2.5 days. Sometimes you miisspell a word or use the wrong "your" but you make up for it by knowing how to tell a story. Heck I find myself rooting for the 13 year old almost 14 to get the 18 year old guy and then I find myself going HOLD UP! That is CREEPY. So darn you to heck cause I do not condone that kind of relationship. But it is still a good story. Thank you for the confusion.
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