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yo chapter 219 . 21h
I enjoy reading this story and have been reading for a while now I don't review often but I do want to say thank you for writing and having suffered from mental health problems myself I would like to say I hope you manage to get through it and that this review helps somewhat like your story helped me get a break from life while I read it so again thank you
doc sawbones 1 chapter 165 . 5/21
but that might have just been it not being able to soak through chain mail.

Not sure if I just haven't been paying attention or you haven't described the armour but I did not think he was wearing chainmail. Image in my head was black body armourwith a bulletproof helmet. Knights armour really can't hold up to bullets.
JPElles chapter 220 . 5/20
I'm guessing this will be expanded on in a future update. I look forward to it.
doc sawbones 1 chapter 159 . 5/20
Well nice to see Mindy having a normal reaction to a horrific event. It does show that even for how she was raised and trained she is not a sociopath. Just someone a little ducked in the head. Although killing a random guy is not going to go down well.
doc sawbones 1 chapter 148 . 5/20
"I went in after her, hid in a stall, and when she was leaving, came up behind her and smashed her head into the wall"

That poor rival cheerleader :D bet she wasn't expecting it anyway.

Sort of want the Chris part of the story to get a resolution I mean he is easily big enough to have the army hunting him...
doc sawbones 1 chapter 138 . 5/20
I'm a little suprised they are not after her. I mean her kill count is probably higher than the motherfuckers and some of those while not innocent had crimes that no where near deserved the death sentance. Once they have killed Chris I expect the cops will start hunting for her.

Enjoying this story quite a lot. Mindy is great point of view to read from :D
SirenWrage chapter 220 . 5/20
I wish you well on on your journey to self- better fullfillment. Your readers aren't going anywhere. We'll be waiting patiently for your return and the comeback of this awesome story. Good luck, Hun! Take care.
doc sawbones 1 chapter 130 . 5/19
Mindy sawing off a woman's head in front of the guy you are trying to attract is not attractive. .. you need to practice your seduction techniques :D
Cant Catch This chapter 220 . 5/19
You asshole. How could you take a break after giving us this! Im already iching for the next one!
doc sawbones 1 chapter 123 . 5/19
You really didn't need to kill all of them Mindy :( your being scary
Her kill count must be over a hundred now That puts her in the list of top 5 serial killers by body count.
doc sawbones 1 chapter 122 . 5/19
"But at least I'll still be carrying a real cutlass, so hopefully we'll run into candy thieves again"

Mindy, that is not a healthy attitude. You should. Not impale trick or treaters on a cutlass :D
tekkonkinkreet chapter 220 . 5/19
Hey ma
doc sawbones 1 chapter 89 . 5/19
Riley is a bitch, I mean she doesn't know that Mindy is hit girl so she is bullying her. I like your OC especially the gentleman
Lumias chapter 220 . 5/19
That's a mean cliffhanger. So I'm thinking what could have pissed Mindy off this much. Now she gets mad easier then most, but she's really pissed.

Option 1: she made a pass at Dave. This falls in with calling her a slut, but even if she did I don't think she would have got anywhere Dave has Riley and if he were going to go for jailbait it would be Mindy.

Option 2: She revealed Mindy is Hitgirl to someone possibly in an aftersex moment again falling in with calling her a slut. Unlikely though because I think we would have heard about Mindy either killing someone or needing to kill someone other then just Angela.

Option 3: She dropped out of cheerleading which Mindy only joined to help her. Now Mindy has to deal with all the aggressive cheerleaders who will be pissed at having to work for someone younger without any friends on the team to help her out.

Option 4: Other. I wish I had more to this option, but my brain has a 1000 have formed thoughts on what it could be you have planned.
doc sawbones 1 chapter 82 . 5/19
Ouch that got to hurt. Glad Dave got a little revenge but Mindy is twisting him into a sociopath to if he is that ok with killing then :)
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