Reviews for Precocious Crush
Diego Arrieche chapter 267 . 11/12
Hey, how are you? I'm a Latin American reader and like everyone else, I'm a big fan of the Kick ass movies and Dave and Mindy's couple. I love your story, please give it the ending it deserves, you have everything to easily turn this story into the best Dave and Mindy fic.
dragun95 chapter 23 . 10/27
Katie does not know how to measure her enemies well, she thinks that the dangerous girl is the girl from the ice cream parlor and that Mindi is just a girl who does not present competition and of course between competing with a girl and a woman prefers to have the girl, than wrong is XD
dragun95 chapter 8 . 10/26
He complains about spiderman but at least Marvel has a more stable timeline than DC, seriously, for DC you need a concept map like those big police planks
copet chapter 267 . 7/3
Those were some good chapters. I think it was a good resource the chapter before, since it really built up suspence! You really know how to keep going on interesting storylines. I feel bad for the story having a IRL background. But art keeps touching real life. Hope you have a nice day!
sol y luna 0428 chapter 40 . 5/29
Oh rayos! Ahora todo tiene sentido jejeje voy a empezar a sentirme menos enojada ahora
Issei ODR chapter 267 . 4/21
Tengo muchas ganas de leer lo que pasará a continuación con Mindy y su embarazo
Gia's Soul chapter 267 . 4/4
Oohff. This hits hard. The situation is already painful but to Mindy's own history would just compound the trauma. Really good chapter. I'm glad you took the time to get it right, because I think you really did.
Guest chapter 267 . 2/25
Sounds interesting, I'll take a look over there, this site is getting a bit dry.

Good developments so far, I see how Mindy would be upset by that.
Dumby95 chapter 267 . 2/18
good chapter!
Dan Riddle chapter 267 . 2/8
I'm sure that Mindy is doing the right thing. Can't wait for more!
Mystic4 Gohan chapter 267 . 2/5
So, I'm confused. Where did we learn that the husband was abusive? From what I read, they got a request to kill someone that the requestor could not verify but they felt it to be so. Then Mindy, rightly, went to make sure this wasn't just bullshit. Then during the stakeout nothing happens and it's mostly boring. Then the woman throws herself down the stairs and we don't really see why. Then it's just decided that the husband dies. Is it just assumed that he's the reason why she threw herself down the stairs? I just want to see the reason why this is a thing because so far throughout this story, which is great by the way, we've always seen the reason behind the actions and I am fine with everything that has happened, but this particular episode I just don't understand I guess.

Anyways keep up the good work can't wait for more, and sorry I don't review every chapter. I do love this story, but I'm mostly just a lurker on this site.
Marx810 chapter 267 . 2/5
I definitely think that Mindy not knowing how to react and needing time was the right decision. It just makes her come across as a real person, because she would logically be confused or just angry and confused and I like that Dave and Marcus helped her sort that out. You did a really got job with this one. With the bluntness of the previous chapter and angry confusion in this one it all comes across really powerfully.
The Dark Eccentric chapter 267 . 2/4
So I'm guessing the daughter died from throwing herself down the stairs, since she wasn't mentioned here.
Surprised Mindy even needed to debate whether the husband dies. Whether the wife dies was a bit more of a question though yeah.
Morbious20 chapter 267 . 2/4
Good chapter.
Alex chapter 266 . 2/3
Wow that is a real cliffhanger
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