Reviews for Walk the Walk
xdark.flowerx chapter 1 . 4/15/2011
Omg! This was so hot! Raoul was such a minx and I think Erik wants him lol not some girl to have him. It birtged a plot bunny of my own but I wi have to see where this goes so I'm not copying hehe this was great! :3
EnderGrievesForMe14 chapter 1 . 1/8/2011
This is probably one of my favorites. I giggled so much at the end of it. Raoul, you tease! . Very nice job. I liked how you described the soprano without even giving a name; it fit in very well, I think. Though I must ask: Didn't Raoul meet Christine when her father was still alive? I will be honest, I'm a bit sketchy on their past. I was just wondering.

Anyways, sorry for the late review and thanks again for a wonderful story! .
LePhantomessa chapter 1 . 1/2/2011
Well, well, well. And here I thought you said you retired. Guess it just goes to show that fanfiction is NEVER finished with you. EVER. Muahaha... Seriously though, you keep making me like this pairing, and it irks me to no end. Grr...

In all seriousness, everyone seems in character, the story is well-written, and frustratingly intriguing. Curses. I should stop fighting this, but I'm stubborn and like to argue with myself. Ah, well.

Happy "retirement". Muahaha.

Dysthymic Panda chapter 1 . 1/1/2011 I think this fic might've broken part of my brain with its spectacularity; you've really outdone yourself. As always, the main idea is amazing and delightfully amusing, but even more impressive, everything in this story /flows/. Starting with the opening paragraphs, a mischievous, playful tone establishes itself through the small jokes about Reyer stage-stalking Piangi and the fierceness of Madame Giry's glare, and from there it subtly shifts without changing or drastically altering the pacing, so the entire fic feels cohesive and whole. Every little detail and bit of information is carefully arranged and revealed exactly where it needs to be, so the back story is presented in a straightforward manner that adds to rather than distracts from the main plot, and the natural fluidity in Erik and Raoul's conversation is nothing short of incredible; even their movements correspond extraordinarily well with their words.

I think what I like most about this fic is how Erik and Raoul's relationship is set up. I love their easy camaraderie and just how damn well they know and understand each other; so well that even when they're arguing they both know what to do and what to say to keep the balance between them in equilibrium. So I really like the line "Their combined faults and strengths offset each other enough to create a balance less precarious than if they had been left to clash against one another.", particularly because then you /proved/ how well Erik and Raoul could be together, providing that Erik isn't in the deep end of insanity and Christine isn't in the middle to mess things up.

But the best thing about the dynamic between them is that they're only about two steps from crossing the line from friends to lovers, and that creates a staggering amount of tension during the seduction scene, which is nothing short of pure brilliance. I like the way Erik's attention is suddenly drawn to all of the changes in Raoul's appearance and demeanor and his hyper-awareness of every little move Raoul makes. It heightens the tension by making it abundantly clear to the reader that Raoul is playing some kind of seduction game while causing Erik to experience discomfort, uncertainty, and the reemergence of a lot of UST, which is emphasized by the reminder that Erik has absolutely no social skills (which, btw, I really like; he may not be crazy in this fic, but at least that part of him is still in character). And, of course, the whole thing is just funny since Raoul is ironically using his proclaimed 'innocence' to seduce Erik XD That not-so-little detail there is reminiscent of the impish tone established in the beginning, giving this fic a very 'completed' feel.

So thank you very much for writing this fic _ I don't think I know the words that can properly describe how much I like it and how well-written it is. I had a fantastic time reading it, and I look (patiently) forward to the rest of this series :)

(Oh, btw, "...dangerous in more than one count." Maybe 'on' instead of 'in'? 'In' sounds weird to me.)
minlin chapter 1 . 12/30/2010
Hee! Go Raoul! It's nice to see Raoul making the first move for a change.
tophis1 chapter 1 . 12/30/2010
Yet another great story. Well done
Kittendragon chapter 1 . 12/30/2010
I LOVE IT! I actually felt like Raoul didn't mention Christine because he was actually crushing on her. It looked more like Raoul brought up his supposed infatuation, as well as his other conquests, because he was hoping to get a reaction out of Erik. Maybe a jealous one. And when that didn't work, he went with the obvious flirting.

so2460done chapter 1 . 12/30/2010
That. Was. Fantastic. :D

guuh, this should be continued. I've always wanted to read a fic like this, with Raoul and Erik as buddies of some sort with no Christine to fight about. GAH! There's so much potential here! I can see why it should be left a oneshot though. This little glimps at their relationship was just the right amount of revealing. (haha Raoul and his little flirtation ;] now THAT was the perfect amount of revealing) Poor Erik, getting all bothered by little Raoul XD

And yes, Erik would be a lot more sane without Christine to fixate on, I totally agree.
whatevergirl chapter 1 . 12/30/2010
Haha! Poor Erik, how can he resist such a force? Christine was smething of a problem for him though! :)
The Crazed Artist chapter 1 . 12/29/2010
Oh my, Erik, we tried to warn you, but you never listen. D:

I was pleased how you balanced having Raoul be his cute charming self, and turning him around to be a seductive tease, without making his character seem bi-polar. The paragraph: "Then the hand on his thigh was gone and Raoul was walking out of Box 5 with a triumphant, if not a little flustered, smile on his face. His hands were shaking only slightly as he began rebuttoning his shirt." made the story for me, because it showed that just because he acted seductive, didn't mean he was left unaffected by his own actions.

Charming little ficlet, I hope there will be more /intentional/ tease!Raoul in the future. ;D

- The Crazed Artist