Reviews for Affiliation
P.T. Piranha chapter 1 . 3/11/2012
Interesting story. Darker than in the games.

But what's this with Team Rocket? The only games with Koga and Sabrina I've played is HeartGold. Were they with Team Rocket in Red/Blue/FireRed/LeafGreen?
yairm210 chapter 1 . 8/22/2011
I feel that Koga seconds my analysis of Sabrina in "Cages", but adds to it the control-freak-esqe fear that Sabrina has of not being in absolute control, something that is seen throughout both the manga and your stories.

The problem with writing a perfectly coordinated fic that makes sense on all levels is that reviewers have very little to add besides "you're right and you're awesome". D
Meneldur chapter 1 . 12/30/2010
Excellent. I quite enjoyed this story, and felt it revealed a lot about the characters, even if (or perhaps because) it was mostly dialogue.

To begin with: what did the training consist of?

When Sabrina asks Koga if he doesn't think this is fun for her, is she serious? Does she know the meaning of 'fun'? You can see it from the hesitant way she says it.

I found it very interesting Sabrina tried to compare Koga's family to hers, and found no corollary. But then again, Koga's family is one he chose, while Sabrina's family is one she was born. His emotions were developed by choice and will. Hers were inborn, in a way - it is expected of us to love out family. She certainly does seem to care for them, or at least is interested in them and tolerates more from then than she would from others. If she doesn't believe in having emotions, why is this?

I enjoyed Sabrina's dig about Koga being a 'perfect romantic' like Erica, especially considering Patchouli (although, of course, I enjoyed all the digs in this story). But to what does Sabrina refer when you write 'he'd not addressed the real question she'd hidden'? Was the real issue the fact that Koga hides his work with Team Rocket from his wife?

I don't understand why Koga claims he's won the argument because Sabrina turned 'prickly'. Her claim about the time spent with people you have a relationship in is valid. i quite love my cousins and have a good relationship with her, despite only getting e-mails from her about once-twice a month, and seeing her once in two-three years or so.

It was probably a mistake on Koga's part to turn his back on a fuming Sabrina. Why did he disregard this?

Sabrina's attack was beautifully crafted, meant to deal the most damage (and it did). Moreover, it validates Sabrina's claim in a way. She doesn't want to deal with that kind of problem - nor is she equipped to do so. And from those she trusts who have experience with such matters, Giovanni told her (in Patchouli, again) that 'it's not worth it; it doesn't last'. From all available knowledge she has, she's justified.

That is not to say she is right. What she should do is gain experience for herself and check whether it's worth it for her. In this sense, both Koga and Sabrina are right in their claims of fear. Sabrina isn't afraid - she's simply weighed it rationally, according to what she knows, and decided it can't be worth it. Koga is right in that she's afraid, because she's unwilling to take the risk of trying it for herself.

The conclusion is interesting. Again, I think Koga's wrong - Sabrina does have capacity for love, she simply sees no reason to risk it for anything beyond the ideal of Team Rocket. From Sabrina's thoughts, moreover, it seems Sabrina does love (or at least is invested emotionally) in other things besides the team - Mewtwo (or maybe the concept of him?), Giovanni, and of course, her power.

The last part was simply inexplicable to me. What does the stuffy air mean/imply?

Thanks again for creating another masterpiece, Meneldur.