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trninjakiller chapter 15 . 3/30
Sorry but I absolutely hate cerberous. Using then I can understand. But working with them for "The betterment of all mankind" I will not stand for. If this doesn't change I am moving to a different story.
DeathmatchDrunkard chapter 71 . 2/20
Holy shit. I'd commend you on your writing if I knew anything about fictional writing. So, I'll just say that you wrote a superb story and I very much look forward to "For Tomorrow We Live" (which will hopefully include a living, breathing Kasumi in its last chapter).

Now I'll go and leave some reviews for your other stories, most of them anyway (even though they won't have more than a few different ways for saying that you did great).
Kit Williams chapter 71 . 1/16
AUGH MY HEART! I was bawling when you killed Legion and everyone however it was a satisfying ending... it still hurt it hurt so much. AUGH! However I congratulate you on finishing your story completely.
kaemsi chapter 71 . 1/16
I'm not entirely sure when or how I found this story, but I know it was fairly recently seeing that I'm very new to the world of Mass Effect, and newer still to the world of fanfiction.
After my first experience with a fanfic, which was recommended to me, I could never find anything that matched the first story's depth, thought, genius and utter enthrallment - until I stumbled onto "The Peanut Butter Principle." Those few words roused my interest enough to see what else you had written, and imagine my surprise when I found more than just a few musing pages, provoking a range of responses from me. So even though "For Tomorrow We Die" was incomplete for a long time, I read through all the chapters available in record time and added this story to my e-mail updates, hopeful that there would be chapter additions. And as luck would have it, there were.

Although I am now sad that life prevented me from keeping up with each chapter as you updated it, I am so grateful that you've taken your story to a conclusion. Thank you. It has been one fantastic journey, and it's all due to your imagination and gifted storytelling skills.
There are many questions I would love to ask, but even without asking them, the story holds a validity only a handful of writers have been able to put into their fanfictions. So I shall leave this at a very sincere 'thank you', again, with my best wishes for the writing of your own intellectual property. I hope that it will receive the attention worthy of your ability, and should you still be looking for assistance with your project, I'd love to offer whatever time I can.

For now, I will be keeping your profile under my followed authors, awaiting your alternate ending. TLDW
Guest chapter 71 . 1/7
What happened to Legion? You had never mention if his request to reconnect with the Geth Collective had succeeded or failed? Will that be in For Tomorrow We Live?
darkerego chapter 71 . 1/7
Good to see your thought process. Once again I must say you've written an incredible story.
DeltaAgent chapter 71 . 1/6
Cool! I get your reasons completely. I'm not entirely fond of "babies ever after" endings either, even if my earlier ranting suggests the opposite. I was just incredulous that you killed as many people as you did. Legion's, Jacob's, and Kasumi's deaths, while upsetting, sat completely OK with me. Hell, I was expecting some deaths at the final sequence. Say, if only Grunt and Samara died in the final lines of For Tomorrow pt. 2, I could totally see it happening because of their personalities. Grunt charges recklessly into the carnage without care. I honestly wasn't surprised went I read the "Grunt's down!" line. Samara has fulfilled pretty much all she felt obligated to do (kill Morinth, take down Collectors with Shep, etc.) so a sacrifice to keep the rest of the squad out of the rough wouldn't have shocked me either. But the Normandy and everyone except G and T really throw me for a loop because you made the final fight end so ambiguously. I had a feeling the armature that conviently blocked Shepard from view was a big 'wink wink', so the fact that you did kill him was genuinely surprising. Anyway, the alternate ending should put my misgivings to rest, if the title is any indication.
Guest chapter 71 . 1/6
Fan damn tastic story. Absolutely one of my favorites on this site or others.
Bluer Sky chapter 71 . 1/6
Your author's note was almost easily as touching as anything you wrote for the fic itself. I haven't reviewed before (which...sorry bro) but I felt compelled to, reading this. It encapsulates so much of what I feel and love about Mass Effect. Thanks for writing the story (and even more thanks for the promised happy ending! I mean, not that I didn't appreciate the broken heart...)
Mercsenary chapter 71 . 1/6
For me, the Extended Cut fixed most of my complaints.

It at least gave me something to point to that said "there. Happy ending. Ending. There."

Without it the ending was essentially "Reapers dead or Neutralized. Everything you have done and worked for was for nothing. Relays Explode/Disintegrate. Everyone dies."
R3aper chapter 71 . 1/6
I don't even know what to say. I've been with you since the beginning. I jumped on this fic in it's early stages (I wanna say in the teens or early 20s) after finishing Tomorrow's Dawn and held on tight. And now it's over.

Thank you. This has to be the best ME fic on the whole site, if not the best Game or overall fic. It's definitely my favorite fic overall. And I got the pleasure to read it and experience it.

You started this 4 years ago when I was a freshman in high school. Now I'm a senior. I feel like I've grown up with your characters. Their story has ended and so will mine in a few more months.

This sounds like a bunch a nonsense, but I just wanna thank you for such an incredible story. No, this fic wasn't just a story, it was a journey, an experience. Thank you.

Patiently waiting for "For Tomorrow We Live",
DantonWiles chapter 71 . 1/6
And I'll be waiting for it, checking my favorites every morning, for an update.
Janizary chapter 71 . 1/6
Nice 'afterword'. And I hadn't seen the 'victory cut' before. That works for me. No child/magic. Amazing the difference it makes. Some of us still remember the quote 'Vastly different endings'. Uh huh.

Looking forward to 'The space hamster saves the galaxy' rewrites for the later chapters. Because, you know, space hamsters.
RightHandOfPalpatine chapter 71 . 1/6
It's sad to see this story finally end, but great to hear that you have more in store for us! And while I see your points when it comes to the ME3 ending, I have to say that I am probably one of the few who actually likes the ending somewhat, especially in conjunction with the extended cut. For the Normandy crew, they never really said where that planet was, so I prefer to think that it's actually relatively close to earth, in the void between Relays, so that they could eventually be found. As for Kid, I thought that his reasoning was stupid too at first, until I thought about it. I realized that it sort of made sense, he saw that organica and synthetics were always locked in a vicious cycle. He wasn't completely evil, he just wanted the fighting to stop. So he figured that the best way to stop two groups from fighting was to make them one group with the best of both groups. In his own twisted way, he was trying to save them, to make sure that the organic civilizations live on( albeit in reaper form). And isn't that the best kind of villain? One that isn't black or white morality, but thinks he's doing the right thing? You probably think that's still stupid.
And that's ok.
gennai chapter 71 . 1/6
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