Reviews for The Ring that Binds Thee
Suzululu4moe chapter 10 . 10/7/2016
Rini your mother and father are alive as well... That doesn't make you the last one alive! Never specified which of her parents she got it from.

As for Hotaru ... How can she be sailor Saturn if she isn't from Saturn... Unless the planet they are on is actually Saturn of the past given that it has been a loooong time since the Silver Millennium fell and the senshi were all reborn on earth.
Suzululu4moe chapter 7 . 10/7/2016
hotaru has issues . In the manga version as well as the remake of the series Sailor Moon Crystal , Hotaru was even more a science experiment than in the original anime.
Suzululu4moe chapter 4 . 10/7/2016
The power of pink.
Suzululu4moe chapter 3 . 10/7/2016
jumpy Hotaru . Twenty minutes is long enough for Elrond to tell Gandalf about their names and statuses the two girls them selves gave to elrond.
Suzululu4moe chapter 2 . 10/7/2016
Are they like weaker because their plant /moon doesn't exist in this dimension?
Suzululu4moe chapter 1 . 10/7/2016
Oh Pluto.
usagi chapter 12 . 5/13/2016
give me my cookies you promised
usagi chapter 11 . 5/12/2016
(beeging likea dog)
Cookies now please?
Usagi chapter 8 . 5/11/2016
can i have my cookies now?
(stopped crying)
usagi chapter 7 . 5/11/2016
umm where's my cookies?
usagi chapter 5 . 5/10/2016
great story now give me my cookies
WyldwoodFaye chapter 1 . 8/4/2014
This makes me think that Helios wanted Chibimoon to come over for a little romance ;)...
he asked her to come alone.. & SOMEHOW youma got into Elysion hahah
LissyCreator chapter 16 . 3/2/2013
Please please please please PLEASE UPDATE!
Monokli chapter 16 . 12/30/2012
So now they are some descendants of elves, or equivalents. I spent hours on your crap trying, hoping that it will make sense eventually, but you fucked up beyond any recognition.

Bad sue fic is bad. Lotr isn't about princes, princesses, kings of the old, and the stewards who govern the lands of long-dead ancestors. Lord of the Rings is about everything. Stealing the spotlight with the sue-ified characters, who know everything they have to do, their mistakes are excuses to be comforted by Aragorn and Legolas, are secretly elves or something, I'm not even reading at this point. FUCK! Even Gandalf came back to HER! Not for his task, not for defeating sauron, not for continued advising the fellowship, as his quest as an Istari began ages ago. No. He came back to Rini, Mini-moon, a princess, and he has to mention it. I'm greatly offended by the fanfic you wrote, as is almost anyone who's a Tolkien fan.

You took one of the most influential, most well-written, well-constructed work in the history of fiction, you took the work of Tolkien's life, filled with languages he crafted, cultures he detailed, filled with so many poems and songs that you couldn't memorize it if you were a literature major and your life depended on it, and gutted it like a fish for WHY? Cause a silly anime from your childhood apparently looked better to you, and you decided to throw everything aside from the movie plot away, insert the characters you took from Sailor Moon, and make them the best things ever.

Sauron's corruption in Hotaru is conceptually interesting. It could be explored well, but not at the cost of making the whole story revolve around them. But there is a difference between showing things from another point of view, and making the characters of the setting, heck the entire plot depend on them to do the right thing.

And they steal lines from the characters to make themselves more relevant. It's fucking disgusting that you can't come up with your own, that you either lack even the grasp on the characters you use to act on their own in a situation, or are willfully defying Lord of the Rings. Either way it's bad. I'm grievously offended.
Monokli chapter 9 . 12/30/2012
I don't even know where to begin on this one. You're trying, I see that, although the natural ones on your research rolls aren't helping much. Thranduil, Legolas' father is alive and kicking, and actually helps restoration after the war of the ring. He played a pretty big role in The Hobbit, as he was the elven king who captured Thorin's party, and had a bit of an argument with them about some jewels that some dwarves took. It took Bilbo a liberal use of the ring to get the party out.

The mere implication that elven songs are actually some weaboo crap that you pulled out of some anime you watched, which when translated lose all rythm and form, that to quote Treebeard: "There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of men for this treachery!"

Ahh... Finally, elven magic out of nowhere. Magical plants are okay, suddenly wizard Legolas is NOT! Even worse Legolas did not need to be called over, cause you already estabilished that he was RIGHT THERE BESIDE RINI, as he helped pull Hotaru out of Nimrodel.
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