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MysteryGirl425 chapter 23 . 4/21
So, I was re-reading this because I love this book and on the near end where the fluff and stuff is, the song 'Guys My Age' came on XD
YamiRainbow chapter 25 . 2/17
Wow! What a fantastic read! You are an exceptional author! I love how in depth and detailed you make your stories and that it is so easy to be enthralled with and makes you feel like you are actually apart of it all. The character designs and developments were brilliant. And I'm glad you didn't make Joey and Tristan snow fairies as that would have been too cliché. I was a bit apprehensive with the input of some GX characters but you pulled it off and I found their characters adorable.
Im sad that I've finished the story but it was totally unputdownable! Definitely a masterpiece! :D Standing ovation to you! _
Huppeltrut chapter 25 . 11/27/2016
This... Is... Beautiful! I'm glad I stumbled upon this fanfic and although there were a few typo's, I very much enjoyed reading it.
It's funny that you're already freaking out about uploading a story a month too late, yet here I am, and I haven't updated my story in a year or 2 xD (...;;)

But yeah, good job :D
littlemichiru chapter 25 . 10/25/2016
Wow that was a long chapter and I can't say I am not overwhelmed. I may have to come back and re-read it because the format of fanfiction net doesn't help much when it comes to such lengthy chapters.
It was overwheming as I said. So many things happened. The ending was completely unexpected. I guess it is like a circle in a way, but without wanting to be mean, to me it didn't offer much. I mean it was cute indeed and emotional and shows there is continuation, but I could do without it too. Especially after such a lengthy chapter where I get to see weddings, pregnancy, the new baby, a funeral, Yugi's friends kind of saying their goodbyes, the ending about this new girl who is to be Yusei's mate and restart the story just didn't work for me. It doesn't mean it wasn't well written, just personally it came as a rude interruption to Yami and Yugi's unique love story.

Other than that I trully believe this story was magical, wonderfully written and I can't wait to see it as an original novel, even if I will have to rearrange everything in my mind and face a heterosexual couple and many other changes. I wish you the best of luck with your stories and the novels and I guess I will see you again soon in your other stories.
littlemichiru chapter 24 . 10/25/2016
I don't get how your lovemaking scenes lack passion and heat. I felt quite a lot of heat as my cheeks turned red as well polished apples, thank you. I believe a bit more of heat there and the whole place will explode.
I am all about turning this into an original novel as I have told you.
Now about the chapter.
My only problem was that I don't think the kids were cruel or rude. They were passionate fairy kids that wanted to save their step-mother and dad and were going against two stubborn males who were Yugi's friends but also couldn't see beyond their wishes to keep Yugi human. In the end it should never be a question about race but of life and happiness. So I thought Yugi was a bit mean to the kids especially since they saved his and Yami's lives and showed how much they adore both of them.
Other than that the chapter was amazing with funny dialogues and scenes and a rollercoaster of emotions that make you feel happy, sad, happy, sad and all the way up and down you go.
One more chapter and then this fairy tale is over. *Sighs*
littlemichiru chapter 23 . 10/25/2016
Talk about emotions. The chapter was all about their love and despair, not just love making, and I loved it. I also loved how everyone was respectful and didn't interrupt them. It was a nice way to reassure each other and show each other how much they are in love.
littlemichiru chapter 22 . 10/24/2016
Forgive me for what I will say but yugi's awakening reminded me a bit of Bella's awakening. Of course this one was a thousand times better.
I liked the realism. The excitement yugi felt but also the horror. Also how the friends didn't fake happiness but rather showed how they were reluctant but happy. And yes we are expecting a wedding or yami will have his butt kicked. When he gets better
littlemichiru chapter 21 . 10/24/2016
For anyone who thought that placing Yugi in Yami's arms would solve the problem this chapter came as a shock. I can see how much research you had to go through to come up with all the rituals in this chapter. Indeed Mahado shone like a star. Joey is so hot tempered but only because he doesn't want to lose his friend. Yet he will have to let him go to his happiness or stay with him.
littlemichiru chapter 20 . 10/24/2016
Okay, this chapter was heartbreaking with moments of laughter. I believe I was right on yugi and yami being bonded and that's what affects them. There were many hints there and thinking yugi is pregnant or turning into a fairy just didn't work for me. He is just part of Yami as yami is part of Yugi.
Isn't it adorable that the children went out to get their step mother? It's sad don't get me wrong because my heart broke when I read the boys were crying and locking themselves in their room. Also the grandfather's possessive love for Yugi makes sense. He was always there for Yugi but now he needs to let him go. Only maybe he doesn't. Maybe he can stay with Yugi in the fairyland.
Each chapter is better than the previous one. You are a master of writing.
littlemichiru chapter 19 . 10/24/2016
I was a bit confused on how easily yugi revealed his secret since he promised not to tell anyone but then again he knew his friends and family wouldn't go around telling people. People may think because this story is like a fairy tale it is quite simple but actually it is quite complex with so many emotions swirling om the surface and depths of the story that you lose yourself in it.
Joey and Tristan are really worried about their friend. They are ready to defy what their mind sees as logical to help their friend. The grandfather really loves his grandchild. It shows why Yugi was so fixed on sacrificing his happiness for them.
But his heart is stolen. He is claimed. His heart is entwined with Yami's. They are bonded now and one can't live without the other. After all if just being at the fairyland wasn't enough, Yugi fell utterly and unconditionally in love with the frost king.
You can't be touched by winter in such a complete way and then walk away.
His performance was another proof of that.
littlemichiru chapter 18 . 10/24/2016
I do understand why it was so hard to write this chapter. I found myself thinking that it is quite realistic for how Yugi must felt in the anime too after Yami went to the afterlife. Disoriented and lost, even though I don't think he would have the same problem with food or getting used to the environment. However he would feel the emptiness of only having himself in his mind and also the pain of losing Yami.
I also understand how his friends and his grandfather feel. It must be so hard seeing him coming back after eight days of despair and barely being himself.
I expected yami to check on yugi somehow but being found out so quickly, no that I didn't expect. It was a good twist.
littlemichiru chapter 17 . 10/23/2016
I almost ended up crying. My reviews are no longer long ones because the feelings I described in the previous review dominate the chapters. You can't see anything else but these feelings and no words can describe how the reader feels.
littlemichiru chapter 16 . 10/23/2016
This was a chapter full of love, want, need, despair and heartache. I could feel each and every emotion gripping my heart. I know it is saddening but I also know it is necessary for the happy ending to come.
littlemichiru chapter 15 . 10/22/2016
Really there are no words to describe this chapter. Even with the ending which well...we expected it, the festival is the most magical thing I have ever read about. What I wouldn't give to be there. I don't believe there is anything else that yami can add to his side of the scale. The fairyland, the fairy magic, the festival, his love, his gorgeous body soul and mind, his beautiful family. Sold. Completely sold.
I loved the chess match. The nutcracker reference since for me Christmas means listening to the nutcracker soundtracks on repeat. And the scene from lord of the rings. Hahaha gandalf yugi stepmother got you kids.
littlemichiru chapter 14 . 10/22/2016
Mystical and beautiful, this chapter makes you lose your breath. It starts with softness and warmth yearning to wake up by your lover's side after lovemaking, it continues with energy and urgency as the couple becomes one once again, and ends with mystical powers and traditions that are too wonderful for words.
Also you get to laugh at the siblings and their spat. I would have died from embarrassment if my lover's siblings had come into the room like that. The funny thing was when yugi woke up I was wondering if another person would burst in the bedroom and find them naked. Yami must start locking the door.
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