Reviews for Of Muggles and Magic
szabo.alexandra1991 chapter 43 . 4/7
omg this story was blood brilliant. i binged it in the last two days instead of working. i loved it very much. thank you!
BowieQueen chapter 43 . 3/14
I love Regency fics and this was no exception. Loved it.
Betty8507 chapter 43 . 2/17
Oh my goodness, this was such a well-written, exciting story, thank you so much!
CaramelMonkPA chapter 43 . 1/22
Such a great story to reread! Thank you!
beckyzoso chapter 43 . 1/2
I love this story like I've never loved any other story in my life. This was extraordinary! I admit I was torn up during the Elspeth years, such forlorn despair for our dear SS. I think this story will stick with me a long long time. Thank you so much for writing and sharing!
chizuru300 chapter 32 . 1/2
Hahaha ! I love the way it is, the jalousy ! Great work ! Love it !
chizuru300 chapter 22 . 1/2
So cooool !
chizuru300 chapter 21 . 1/2
Her wand! What is going to happened?
chizuru300 chapter 20 . 1/2
Yep i knew it sas going to happened but it s sadBut i donlove thé fact hermione is away from wizarding world.
I am excited to read the suite
chizuru300 chapter 12 . 1/1
I am Havin great fun until now! I think its a bit weird that u put Hermione un griffondor and let her being alone without friend. Should have put her in ravenclaw, i think. Wellington i continue my lecture now. Thank you for this story !
buttons1721 chapter 41 . 12/18/2021
This was the most beautiful story! I'll never get tired of rereading it! ️ It's like watching Alan Rickman in Sense and Sensibility...️️️
buttons1721 chapter 42 . 12/18/2021
"He looked at the crowd and winced. He was more or less responsible for nearly everyone present. "

This resonants with me...that this man was so utterly loyal and responsible to those he called his own...even if it's an entire village... That kind of man is hard to find...️
ISupportFanFicWriters chapter 2 . 12/4/2021

Dressagegrrrl, astopperindeath and Hebe GB Are some of the most talented betas and Brit pickers for fanfiction that the world has ever seen. Not to mention they have the most amazing unique original creative and fun fanfiction pen names!

Hebe GB; seriously?!
That pen name, will keep me smiling all week.
The Queen of All Demons chapter 43 . 11/28/2021
This was a whole work of art. I am so grateful for this story.
sofiasubmiss chapter 1 . 11/18/2021
Aaaaaah I'm back to binge on your stories again. My two favorites are this one, of muggles and magic, and the princess of gryffindor. They're such a well paced and lovely read that tugs on my heart and feels in the best of ways. I also wanted to ask if you would consider posting your stories to Ao3? (archive of our own) I tried looking you up there but I couldn't find your author name or your stories. It's a non profit project that aims for archiving fan works. I just can't imagine how sad I'd be if I came back for my yearly re-read of your stories and they'd be gone or deleted :( ofc it's 100% your choice and I don't want to be pushy but I figured I'd ask. Hope you are doing well and that life is treating you kindly! :)
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