Reviews for Cost of Revenge: Lost
LaPatz283495 chapter 12 . 4/7
What a great way to end the second part! Can't wait for the next one! Hope you update soon!
Guest chapter 12 . 3/15
This story is fantastic. I can't want for the next part
LunaReader6127 chapter 12 . 3/9
That was great. So glad you came back to this. I hope that Tommy and Kim can find some kind of happiness together in the end cause no relationship is 100% perfect.
tanithlipsky chapter 12 . 3/6
whoa... this was... crazy.
Kam chapter 10 . 3/2
So happy that you came back to this story. It's so great.
ToxicWednesday chapter 12 . 2/25
Awesome chapter! It definitely has me excited for the next part of the series! Can't wait to see what you post next!
Guest chapter 12 . 2/25
But...Scorpina... aw.
Rose chapter 12 . 2/20
OMG! Amazing!
Young at Heart21 chapter 12 . 2/20
I just love this series and think its fantastic and I do agree with you that he needed more than just the baby to change him. I hope that he can prove himself but it will take a lot for Kim to trust him again either of them. But mostly I hope he gets the Psychological help he needs
brankel1 chapter 12 . 2/20
Ev3rly89 chapter 12 . 2/19
What a great chapter! Anxious to see what is going to happen to Zack! So glad Tommy is now taking a stand and I'm excited to see what will come next!
Brian Awesome chapter 12 . 2/18
tanithlipsky chapter 11 . 1/31
Good chapter.
I was also thinking of Ao3 but some of the tags frighten me...
Rose chapter 11 . 1/23
Amazing! Thank you so much for this chapter!
zila12000 chapter 11 . 1/23
Great chapter as always. I love everyone of your stories. Great job.
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