Reviews for Secunda Fortuna
Storylover87 chapter 13 . 10/8
Hope you don't make Tom evil, way too messed up
padfootluvsmoony chapter 13 . 10/7
my gosh i love this story! are you going to be finishing it though?i re-read all the chapters twice cause i love it so much and your an amazing writer!
SnowWhiteDemon chapter 8 . 9/9
I read your authors note in ch 8 and I thought that was beautiful
batiluca27 chapter 12 . 9/6
batiluca27 chapter 13 . 9/6
bien aunque deberias de hacer que la historia tenga su parte de magos y heroes
sakurachary chapter 13 . 8/30
Update please!
SoraMalfoySlythern chapter 12 . 8/15
(This was for the last chapter as I already reviwed there but I love reading this over and over heheh) NNNOOOOO POUTS Story is so much fun :P I love it! I do hope you will continue the story on! :D Wish there was more like it. :D love this pairing. wish they did more Jason Todd (Robin) and Harry :) I love the Arkham game verson with the hood X.X His alsome! so sad what happens in the Game in Arkham Knight though :(
crazyforglitter chapter 13 . 7/11
OMG amazing! Plz update soon:)
DRINKnotTHINK13 chapter 13 . 6/3
Love it!
Cogan chapter 13 . 4/19
Is Tom's middle name still going to be Marvolo? or is it going to be something else?
SoraMalfoySlythern chapter 13 . 4/19
Yay so glad I found this one! I read the one in french! so this is alsome! I glad it got farther along then the other one so I could see tom born! yay! !And yeks! Joker and birth talk about scary time! and bat delivers! hahah! swear you have a twist sense of hummer and it creak me up! haha!
BabyGhost123 chapter 13 . 4/5
OMG...please update this story as soon as possible I loved every single aspect of this story from the first chapter to the last...I do hope that the relationship between the both of them works out and they have a happy ending...update soon again
yuki chapter 13 . 3/16
Aww man... Update soon please?
Twitch101 chapter 13 . 2/15
Great story! It wasn't until you mentioned christmas that I guessed you wanted Tom born on his birthday, hence the shorter pregnancy! Can't wait for more!
aoin88 chapter 13 . 2/9
Love the story. Hope you update soon.
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